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Abu Dhabi

What is the cost of living in Abu Dhabi?

An individual’s cost of living is all dependent on their particular lifestyle and family situation. However, the cost of living in Abu Dhabi is relatively high. Expat salaries for highly skilled and senior-level management jobs are usually high, and it’s worth noting that salaries are tax-free. Accommodation and education will be the two most prominent monthly expenses for expats living in Abu Dhabi.

How many directors are required to register a new business in Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi, at least 2 directors are needed for company registration. A Free Zone company can have 1 director.

How many shareholders are required to register a company in Abu Dhabi?

Only 1 shareholder is required to register a business in Abu Dhabi.

What is minimum capital requirement for establishing a company in Free Zone of Abu Dhabi?

There is no minimum capital requirement.

Is employing UAE national mandatory for establishing a business in Free Zones?

There is no compulsion to hire a UAE National or a local in a Free Zone.

When do I need a dissemination license?

A dissemination license is required if a business intends to publish a print book, print magazine, newspaper or broadcast a satellite or terrestrial television channel or radio station. Please contact our team for further information on a dissemination license.

Which is the best free zone for incorporation in Abu Dhabi?

This depends on the type of business activity and logistics requirement to support the business. We at Business Setup Worldwide understand the client requirement and accordingly suggest the Free Trade Zone for business setup.

What are the Free Zones of Abu Dhabi?

  1. Masdar City
  2. Abu Dhabi Ports Company
  3. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
  4. Khalifa  Industrial Zone
  5. Zones Corp
  6. Twofour54

What is the minimum capital required to establish in a free zone?

There is no minimum capital requirement if you are merely setting up a branch of your company. However, for establishing an LLC, the minimum capital requirement is AED 50,000.

What will be the benefit if I start a free zone company in Abu Dhabi?

  1. 100% foreign ownership
  2. Lower government fees
  3. No custom duties on goods entering / leaving the zone
  4. No corporate taxes.