Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad) Free Zone

Khalifa Industrial Zone, popularly known as Kizad, is located midway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City, a global hub for clean technologies and renewable energy, is a 6 sq.

twofour54 Free Zone

twofour54, set up by the Media Zone Authority (MZA), is a free zone whose offices and facilities are locate

Abu Dhabi is the federal capital and the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (the most populous one being Dubai). Abu Dhabi is the largest of the 7 emirates of the UAE, with a coastline stretching over 700 km. Free zones in Abu Dhabi have been established with a view to boost the economy and promote foreign investment, and are ideal for setting up companies in logistics, media and manufacturing sectors.

Free zones in Abu Dhabi have been established to boost the economy and promote foreign
investment. Abu Dhabi's free zones are planned, financially self-reliant, and geographically defined
areas established for special economic and trade purposes. They host industries, business sectors, or
activities that laws and regulations have specifically attracted.
In addition to that, Abu Dhabi free zones are ideal for setting up logistics, media, and manufacturing

A Glance at Abu Dhabi Free zone List

Abu Dhabi is a vast place suitable for many business activities. Following are the free zones available
in Abu Dhabi.
⮚ Abu Dhabi Airport Freezone
⮚ TwoFour54
⮚ Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone
⮚ Abu Dhabi Global Market Square
⮚ Industrial City of Abu Dhabi
⮚ Higher Corporation of Specialised Economic Zones
⮚ Masdar Free City Zone
⮚ Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi
Note: Each free zone varies from one another. As a result, choose the best business activity and do
your business in any of the preferred free zones.

Benefits of Company Setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Setting up a company in the Abu Dhabi free zone offers various advantages for companies willing to
expand overseas.
⮚ 100% import and export tax
⮚ Exempted from customs duty
⮚ 100% company ownership
⮚ 100% privacy with limited financial reporting

After reading the benefits, if you are interested in establishing a business, know the 7 things to
consider before starting a business in Abu Dhabi.
Different Types of Business Entities Used for Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company
The types of legal entities used for the Abu Dhabi free zone company setup are
⮚ Free Zone Establishment
⮚ Free Zone Company
⮚ Branch Office of a Foreign Company
⮚ Branch Office of a Local Company

Procedure for Setting up a Business in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone

The government supports business establishment in the free zones of Abu Dhabi to facilitate and
promote international investment. As a result, free zone company setup in Abu Dhabi is simple,
quick, less time-consuming, and without any administrative barriers.

a) Determine the Type of Business Activity

You must decide which business activity you will do before moving forward since each activity has its
laws and regulations.

b) Register the Trade Name

The second step for starting an Abu Dhabi free zone company is registering your company's trade
name. For that, you must submit a list of your recommended names to the Abu Dhabi Free Zone

c) Obtain Approvals from the Free Zone Authority

After getting initial approval for your trade name and fulfilling all the requirements, an investor must
obtain permission to issue the business license.

d) Issuance of License

The investor may go on to meet the legal criteria to receive an Abu Dhabi free zone license from the
free zone authority after the permission of the relevant authorities is attained.
Along with issuing a license, learn how to get a trade license in Abu Dhabi.

Documents Required for Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation

The following documents are required for free zone business setup in Abu Dhabi.
⮚ Company Application Form
⮚ Copy of the shareholder's passports
⮚ Passport-size photographs with white background
⮚ 2-3 suggested names for the new company
⮚ Details of the business activity
⮚ Number of visas required
⮚ Two separate address proofs (dated within three months)
⮚ Professional or Financial Reference Letter
⮚ Curriculum Vitae
⮚ Copy of a proper business plan

While reading the above details, if you want to start a business, learn about the company formation
in Abu Dhabi.

Our Role

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Why set up a firm in Abu Dhabi free zone?

  There are several factors for establishing a business in Abu Dhabi, and a few are listed below.

  • Business-friendly legal framework and company laws
  • Pre-built advanced infrastructure
  • Fast immigration process
  • Quick access to skilled professionals

When was the Masdar City free zone established?

   Masdar city free zone was established in 2006.

Who issues licenses in Abu Dhabi free zone?

The license in Abu Dhabi free zone was issued by the respective free zone authority.

Can a foreigner begin a business in Abu Dhabi free zone?

 Yes, a foreigner can begin a business in Abu Dhabi free zone.

What are the thriving business sectors in Abu Dhabi?

The thriving business sectors in Abu Dhabi are
⮚ Real Estate
⮚ Healthcare
⮚ E-Commerce
⮚ Accounting & Book Keeping