Business License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai has continuously been one of the most active Arab markets for businesses and investment. But, sometimes, having a business or starting a new business in Dubai is not that simple. This is because there are so many hurdles you have to go through to achieve the goal of starting your business. 

The dealing process is not that easy sometimes regarding licenses, permits, and all the other formalities. So that is why many companies and entrepreneurs look for a business consultant to make their work easier.

A Glance at Dubai Business License

A business license is an authorized permit issued by government authorities to business entities, allowing them to carry out their company operations without any hindrance. 

While issuing a license, several parameters are considered, like the location of the business, core activities, and the business industry. 

Advantages of Obtaining Industrial License Dubai

To do business in Dubai, one must know the benefits of obtaining a business license in Dubai. 

  • Boost Local and International Trade
  • Improve Credibility
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits
  • Few Trades Restrictions
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Sponsor Opportunities 

Types of Licenses in Dubai

Business licenses are issued upon the corporations' requests filed to Dubai Company Registrar. There are several types of business licenses issued in Dubai. Explore the below tabular column to get a clear idea.

 Types of Business Licenses in Dubai

  • Private Clinic License
  • Guide License
  • Dubai Import and Export Business License
  • Cafeteria License
  • Cleaning Company License
  • E-Commerce License
  • General Trading License
  • Commercial License
  • Consulting License
  • Construction License
  • Restaurant License
  • Food Truck License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License
  • Event Management License
  • Dubai Tour E-Commerce License
  • Freelancer License
  • Manpower License
  • Limousine License
  • Grocery License
  • Travel Agency License
  • Advertising License
  • Sa License
  • Dental Clinic License
  • Pharmacy License

Procedure to Obtain a Dubai Industrial License

Started a business in Dubai and need to get a license for it? 

Learn about the complete process in our step-by-step guide. 

  • Select a Business Name

The first step to getting your business license is to choose a suitable trade name. Your business name must stick to UAE guidelines. Additionally, it must be a name that no other active entity is currently using. 

  • Define Your Legal Structure

You must choose your company's legal structure to continue your business permit application. The legal framework will decide who is responsible for the company's actions and how your business is run. 

  • Define Your Business Activities

After deciding on your company's name and legal form, you must specify the commercial activities you intend to carry out. Each license enables a maximum of 10 activities, so be sure to mention all of your activities on the license. 

  • Complete the Application Form

The next step of the procedure is to fill out your application form. After filling out the form, send it to the DED for your first approval. 

  • Get Additional Approvals

Some business activities may need you to get outward approvals. Make sure to do your analysis before meeting the company formation process. Otherwise, your license may be rejected. 

  • Submit Your Application

You are prepared to submit your trade license application once you have all the necessary materials. Send all the materials to the DED to receive your trade license. 

  • Pay Your Fees

Applying for a trade license is not free. You'll need to pay the issuance and license fees to receive your license. 

Along with the above steps, knowing about the corporate bank account opening in Dubai will help you make the bank account process straightforward. 

Documents Required to Acquire Dubai’s Business License

To obtain the respective license, a set of documents are to be presented to the governed authorities, which include: 

  • A duly filled standard application form
  • Copy of memorandum and articles of association
  • Copy of the tenancy contract
  • Passport and visa of the shareholder copies
  • Copy of the DED's company name approval letter 

Moreover, while reading the above steps, if you are interested in starting a business in Dubai, then learn about company formation in Dubai. Knowing about it would help you in setting up your business easier. 

Our Role

Business Setup World Wide is a consulting company that would help you out by making your business incorporation process easier. Along with your business incorporation, you can get additional services with the help of professional experts. If you want to explore more, then contact us. We would be delighted to assist you.


Who issues a business license in Dubai mainland?

The Department of Economic Development issues business licenses in Dubai.

What are the various types of industry licenses in Dubai?

The different types of business licenses in Dubai are,
Commercial license
Professional license
Industrial license
Tourism license

How to start a business in Dubai?

The following are the procedure one should follow to start a business in Dubai
Select a business activity
Choose a business name
Select a relevant location
Obtain a business license
Open a bank account

What are the classifications of business structures in the Dubai free zone?

The types of business entities in the Dubai free zone are
Free zone establishment
Free zone company