Business License Services in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates holds the record of a massive transformation from a land of the desert to a land of business. Holding the 7 Emirates in its arena, the nation has become a favourable choice in the eyes of the established businessperson as well as entrepreneurs. The nation has placed its name in the minds of businesspersons to such an extent that now setting up of business reflects UAE as the ultimate destination. Ranging from multinational to small business industries, Dubai, the heart of UAE, spreads its arm for all. According to a recent report published by the World Bank, Dubai has been ranked 11th in the ease of doing business leading the Arab region to the next level. The Emirati Government takes equal effort to lift the business sectors and invites more foreign investors to incorporate a business in the UAE.

Apart from the initiatives, the government also demands the business entities to hold specific licenses based on the business activities they carry out in the premises.

What is a Business License?

A business license can be referred to as an official permit issued by the Government Authorities to business entities, allowing them to carry out the business operations without any hindrance. While issuing a license, several parameters are taken into consideration like the location of the business, core activities, business industry etc. and is issued accordingly.

What are the Different Types of Business License in Dubai?

By now we have known that each company set up in Dubai needs to obtain a specific license based on the core business activities performed in the company premises. Below listed are the different types of business licenses that are available in Dubai.

  1. Private Clinic License
  2. E-commerce License
  3. Restaurant License
  4. Dubai Tour E-Commerce License
  5. Guide License
  6. General Trading License
  7. Food Truck License
  8. Freelancer License
  9. Dubai Import and Export Business License
  10. Commercial License
  11. Professional License
  12. Manpower License
  13. Cafeteria License
  14. Consulting License
  15. Industrial License
  16. Limousine License
  17. Cleaning Company License
  18. Construction License
  19. Event Management License
  20. Grocery License
  21. Travel Agency License
  22. Advertising License
  23. Spa License
  24. Recruitment Consultancy License
  25. Dental Clinic License
  26. Pharmacy License 

How to Obtain a Business License in Dubai?

When it comes to obtaining a business license in Dubai, different authorities get involved in the process. Well, the permissions that need to be obtained by different industries are outlined below:

Business Industry

Approvals Required From

Banks or Financial Institutions

UAE Central Bank

Manufacturing Companies

Finance and Industry Ministry

Insurance Firms

Economy and Commerce Ministry

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Health Ministry

Gas and Oil Industry

Several Government Agencies

Business Registration

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


What are the Documents Required to Obtain a Business License in Dubai?

To obtain the respective license, a set of documents are to be presented to the governed authorities which includes:

  • A duly filled standard application form signed by the company’s legal representatives
  • Copy of passport and visa of the shareholder
  • Copy of memorandum and articles of association
  • Copy of the DED’s company name approval letter
  • Copy of the DED’s letter attesting the approval of business setup
  • Copy of the tenancy contract

Why Us?

By submitting the documents stated above, you can initiate the process of obtaining a business license for your business entity. Now, getting involved in the process could be tedious and risky. Any error figured out in the process might lead to cancellation of the license, which will ultimately affect the incorporation process. To ease the same, we at Business Setup Worldwide offer a one-stop business solution to our clients that makes us one of the top business consultants in the UAE. If you are looking for a general or specific business license, we can help you in the process of obtaining it. To know more, contact us-we’d be glad to assist.