Cleaning Company License in Dubai

The Dubai region is home to numerous businesses and industries which play a significant role in the economic growth of the country. With a large domestic market, Dubai has numerous business opportunities for international investors and foreign entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic in offering new products and services by starting their company. By starting a cleaning company in Dubai allows you to reach and capture your place in the massive market by offering reliable, high-quality and professional cleaning services.

Setting up a Cleaning Company in Dubai

Cleaning and maintenance profession is usually seen as one of the least preferred types of jobs, in the recent times operating a cleaning service company has become a lucrative business throughout the world due to the ever-increasing demand and constant need of services. Setting up a cleaning services company based on the prospective market in Dubai is considered very cost-effective. A moderate investment into the cleaning services venture apart from licensing requirements is sufficient for commencing the business operations and fetches significant return of investment if the activities managed properly.

There is a vast potential for companies offering organised cleaning services to businesses, shops, malls and other industries which regularly need them. By aiming to provide reliable services at reasonable prices, you can create a market demand for your services from both individuals and companies. Besides, there are wide-range of sub-business activities that can be performed by setting up a cleaning services company in Dubai.

What is a Cleaning License?

The Cleaning license authorises an individual or a business registered in Dubai to perform cleaning and maintenance services for any client or customer in UAE. Due to the regulated market conditions in Dubai, it is necessary to acquire appropriate licensing before starting any business activities in the country. While considering the licenses, there are three main types of business licenses in Dubai which serves as the essential requirement for commencing any business operations furthermore, if you are planning to do speciality business operations or offer specialised services as a company you might need to apply and obtain business-specific licenses from the government authorities.

The Dubai authorities in the past few years have issued a high number of licenses for cleaning services based companies for operating in Dubai; this shows the demand for services in the market. Even with existing companies offering similar services, there is extensive scope for a new business to thrive in this sector.

How to Obtain a Cleaning License in Dubai?

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) issues the Cleaning License along with the Dubai Municipality for businesses who have applied for the license to operate a cleaning services company in Dubai. To acquire the business license for performing cleaning related services first, you need to set up a company registered in Dubai.

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Steps to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai

Step 1: Choose the Region of Operation

There are three primary sectors for setting up a cleaning company in Dubai

●Residential Sector Cleaning

The Residential cleaning sector is perfect for undertaking cleaning contracts from residential properties such as houses, apartments, villas, gated-community houses, and flat structures. Choosing this area of operation, you need to have a small team of helpers who can assist you in offering cleaning services to your clients.

●Industrial Sector Cleaning

Choosing an industrial cleaning operation is considerably more prominent as the sector is massive while it requires more labour and powerful machinery for high-performance cleaning. While operating in this sector, you need to have a significant workforce to handle large-scale cleaning contracts which include cleaning of factory floors, warehouses, complex machinery areas, and other essential paths.

●Commercial Sector Cleaning

Commercial cleaning sector includes undertaking cleaning contracts for particular places and commercial locations such as shopping centres, malls, business centres and other vital facilities. Getting into this sector is considerably difficult as it has heavy competition and requires your business to have experience.

Step 2: Research and Analyse the Market

Understand the market which you are planning to enter by analysing the prospective customers, finding the competitors, and prepare the list of services that you can offer to prospective customers. Have a solid plan for operating your cleaning company as it can significantly assist you in further developing your business in gaining a foothold in the market.

Step 3: Acquire the Professional License

Get a professional license from the DED mentioning the type of activity that your company wish to deliver as a service. There are different types of professional licensing based on the kind of activity such as;

  • Cleaning Services
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Sewage and Cleaning Services
  • Motor Vehicle Repairing
  • Laundry

Step 4: Buy Cleaning Equipment and Systems

After acquiring the license, you need to hire employees for commencing your business operations. As a next step, you need to buy all the necessary equipment for cleaning such as mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners, specialised cleaning liquid solutions, supporting materials and other speciality equipment according to your operational requirements.

Step 5: Prepare a Business Plan and Market Entry Strategy

Prepare a solid business plan which helps you give an outline of your cleaning business by offering you a clear picture of the kind of services that you can offer, supporting team you need, types of equipment the business needs and the expenses that incur for setting up such an operation. The business plan can assist you in getting the licensing faster as the government authorities understand and value an effective business plan. Finally, figure out a market entry strategy which gives you a competitive edge over other players in the industry.

Step 6: Design your Marketing Scheme

Prepare an effective marketing scheme for advertising your cleaning services to the right target customers. Creating a marketing strategy seems like a simple thing, but it can do wonders for your business as it expands your market reach to new locations while increasing the prospect of getting new customers.

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Step 7: Create a System and Train your Employees

Creating a System for your Cleaning Operations

Create a system for your cleaning operations based on the type of location, mode of cleaning and other activities. By creating a system for working, you can efficiently train your employees in the cleaning activities and other related tasks such as dusting, running cleaning equipment, working in well- planned shifts. Above all, establishing a system takes time as you need to understand the customer requirement and market scenario.  On the contrary, your business and operations team needs to be flexible enough to handle multiple tasks and modularly trained to cross-work across domains if necessary.

Train your Employees to be effective

Finally, you need to train your employees to undergo cleaning and related procedures to maintain the standards of the company. A well-trained team can perform efficiently and increase productiveness while enhancing customer satisfaction, which is the main thing to capture in this type of business. Moreover, a trained team offers you flexibility in operations and reduces your stress as the team can be relied upon to carry out the task in an orderly manner.

Different Types of Activities under Cleaning License in Dubai

Name of License

Activity Code

Activity Group

License Type

Building Cleaning Services


Cleaning Services


Aircraft Cleaning Services


Aircraft Cleaning


Tank Cleaning Services


Cleaning Services


Yacht Cleaning Services


Cleaning Services


Sea and Shore Cleaning Services


Sewage and Cleaning Services


Car Washing & Cleaning Services


Motor Vehicle Repairing


Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services


Cleaning Services


Runways & Roadways Cleaning Services


Cleaning Services


Streets Cleaning Services


Sewage and Cleaning Services


Carpets Cleaning Services




Dry Cleaning Services




Registering Your Cleaning Company in Dubai

As a word of wisdom, multiple cleaning businesses are currently operating in the Dubai region to succeed in your business ventures in the region as a cleaning services company you have to prove that you offer better services, with higher-quality at relatively cheaper pricing. Notably, it is vital for the cleaning business to effectively market itself as it is a necessity to stand out from the competition as a newcomer to the industry.

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