Cleaning Company License in Dubai

Cleaning and maintenance are usually seen as one of the least preferred jobs. Recently, a cleaning service company has become a lucrative business worldwide due to the ever-increasing demand and constant need for services. 

Setting up a cleaning services company based on the prospective market in Dubai is considered very cost-effective. 

A moderate investment into the cleaning services venture apart from licensing requirements is sufficient for commencing the business operations and fetches a significant return on investment if the activities are managed adequately.

Starting a cleaning company in Dubai allows you to reach and capture your place in the massive market by offering reliable, high-quality, professional cleaning services.

There are some best cleaning companies in Dubai.

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What is a Cleaning License?

An individual or a company registered in Dubai may provide cleaning and maintenance services to any client or customer in the UAE with the help of a cleaning license. Before beginning any company activity in Dubai, it is vital to obtain the proper permit due to the tightly controlled market circumstances there. 

When considering licenses, three primary categories are the prerequisite for starting any company activity in Dubai. Additionally, you might need to apply for and get business-specific permits from the government authorities if your firm plans to conduct specialty business activities or provide specialized services.

The amount of licenses the Dubai authorities have granted for cleaning service-based businesses to operate in Dubai over the last several years demonstrates the market's desire for services. There is much room for a new firm to succeed in this industry, even with established businesses providing comparable services. Learn more about business license services in Dubai.

Types of Cleaning Services Dubai

There are three primary sectors for setting up a cleaning company in Dubai, which are as follows:

Residential Sector Cleaning

The Residential cleaning sector is perfect for undertaking cleaning contracts for residential properties such as houses, apartments, villas, gated-community houses, and flat structures. In choosing this area of operation, you need to have a small team of helpers who can assist you in offering cleaning services to your clients.

Industrial Sector Planning

Choosing an industrial cleaning operation is considerably more prominent as the sector is massive and requires more labor and powerful machinery for high-performance cleaning. While operating in this sector, you need a significant workforce to handle large-scale cleaning contracts, including cleaning factory floors, warehouses, complex machinery areas, and other essential paths.

Commercial Sector Planning

Commercial cleaning sector includes undertaking cleaning contracts for particular places and commercial locations such as shopping centers, malls, business centers, and other vital facilities.

Getting into this sector is difficult as it has heavy competition and requires your business to have experience.

How to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai

The following steps need to be followed for starting a cleaning company in Dubai:

1. Choose the Appropriate Operation Region

There are three primary sectors for setting up a cleaning company in Dubai. Finalize the appropriate one for your business. 

2. Research and Analyze the Market

Knowing the market, you intend to join can help you identify rivals, analyze potential clients, and create a list of services you can provide to them. Have a sound business strategy for your cleaning company since it will help you grow it and establish yourself in the market.

3. Acquire the Professional License

Get a professional license from the DED, mentioning the type of activity your company wishes to deliver as a service. There are different types of experienced licensing based on the kind of activity, such as;

  • Cleaning Services
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Sewage and Cleaning Services
  • Motor vehicles Repairing
  • Laundry

4. Buy Cleaning Equipment

You must hire staff to start running your firm after getting the license. The next step is to purchase all the cleaning supplies you'll need, including mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners, specialty cleaning liquid solutions, auxiliary materials, and other specialized equipment following your operational needs.

5. Prepare a Business Plan, and Market Entry Strategy

Create a strong business plan that will aid you in providing an overview of your cleaning company by giving you a clear image of the services you can provide, the team you need to assist you, the equipment the company requires, and the costs associated with establishing such a venture. 

Your business plan can help you obtain licensure more quickly since government officials appreciate and comprehend well-written business plans. Determine a market entry plan to give you a competitive advantage over other industry participants.

6. Design Your Marketing Scheme

Prepare an effective marketing scheme for advertising your cleaning services to the right target customers. Creating a marketing strategy seems simple, but it can do wonders for your business as it expands your market reach to new locations while increasing the prospect of getting new customers.

7. Create a System 

Create a system for your cleaning operations based on the type of location, mode of cleaning, and other activities. Creating a work plan can efficiently train your employees in cleaning activities and other related tasks such as dusting, running cleaning equipment, and working in well-planned shifts. Above all, establishing a system takes time as you need to understand the customer requirement and market scenario.

On the contrary, your business and operations team needs to be flexible enough to handle multiple tasks and modularly trained to cross-work across domains if necessary.

8. Train Your Employee

Finally, to uphold the standards of the business, you must teach your staff to do cleaning and associated operations. The primary goal in this kind of business is to maximize client happiness, and a well-trained crew can work effectively and boost productivity. A skilled staff also gives you flexibility in operations and lowers stress levels because you can rely on them to do the assignment promptly.

Different Types of Activities under Cleaning License in Dubai


Name of License Activity Code Activity Group License Type
Building Cleaning Services 749301 Cleaning Services Professional
Aircraft Cleaning Services 749305 Aircraft Cleaning Professional
Tank Cleaning Services 749306 Cleaning Services Professional
Yacht Cleaning Services 749308 Cleaning Services Professional
Sea and Shore Cleaning Services 900005 Sewage and Cleaning Services Professional
Car Washing & Cleaning Services 502007 Motor Vehicle Repairing Professional
Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services 749307 Cleaning Services Professional
Runways & Roadways Cleaning Services 749309 Cleaning Services Professional
Streets Cleaning Services 900002 Sewage and Cleaning Services Professional
Carpets Cleaning Services 930106 Laundry Professional
Dry Cleaning Services 930103 Laundry Professional

The Cost of Cleaning License

The size of your company and the type of license you apply for significantly impact how much a cleaning business license will cost. However, start-up expenses are often minimal.

Our Role

To thrive in your business endeavors in the region as a cleaning services firm, you must demonstrate that you offer superior services with higher quality at a comparatively lower price. There are already many cleaning organizations operating in the Dubai region.

Notably, it is vital for the cleaning business to effectively market itself as it is necessary to stand out from the competition as a newcomer to the industry.

For setting up a Cleaning & Maintenance Services Company in Dubai, we at Business Setup Worldwide have professional business setup consultants who excel in catering to all your business requirements. We can help you acquire a cleaning license with suitable business activities according to your company's needs. Contact us for any query on business setup today - we would be glad to assist!


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Completed application form.
Passport copy of the proposed owner or owners.
Two color passport size photos

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