Company Secretarial Services in the UAE

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a professional company providing business set up services in the heart of UAE, Dubai. We offer a broad range of services to help foreign investors and international companies establish their presence in the region. We understand the local market, technical expertise, requirement and knowledge to start your business cost effectively and in appropriate time. From determining the right kind of company, trade license to hiring personnel for your free zone, offshore or LLC, ensuring efficient utilization of your resources, assets, time and money.

Why does a business need Company Secretarial Services?

UAE has more than 40 free zones areas set up for general or industry-specific activities. The location is lucrative for any investor, but it can be a challenge to establish a business here. For Example Dubai, itself has more than 20 Free Zones, with its laws and regulations, making it a complicated situation for a foreign business to know and operate under such circumstance. Once your business starts working in any of the areas of UAE, operations and daily functions related to regulatory compliance and checks with the local authority can become a bottleneck. Corporate Secretarial Services fill this void which helps a business to operate smoothly at the same time without missing out on important activities such as annual license renewal, coordination of AGM, etc.

How does the process work?

Our team in UAE include consultants, specialist, and experts in a broad range of services. Corporate Secretarial service is one of our expertises, and we help you to stay on top your business by providing corporate governance information, incorporation and directorship services.

Our corporate secretarial services to companies are cost effective and include:

  • Directors’ and officers’ appointment formalities;
  • Communicating and arranging meetings with the authority;
  • Trade licence amendment renewal;
  • Directors and shareholders’ signatory arrangements;
  • Amendment of capital structures and shareholders;
  • Liaising with insurance companies in sourcing relevant insurance covers;
  • Submission of the audited financial statement;
  • Communicating and arranging meetings with the authority;
  • Recording and filing annual shareholders’ meetings;
  • Drafting of standard minutes;
  • Drafting of shareholders and/or board resolution;
  • Filing minutes and audited accounts within the relevant authority;
  • Additional business activities filings

Benefits of having Company Secretarial Services in UAE


Company Secretary will maintain the company’s statutory registers including the register of members. This document ultimately determines who owns the company. In a competitive business environment, such as UAE, the responsibilities above are not only important, but records are crucial for the operation of the firm.

Company Law

A company secretary will be there to advise the directors on the key aspects of business law. It will also include the requirements for declaring a dividend; issuing new shares or taking different decisions. This advice is crucial, as the actions of the directors may be invalid.

Corporate Governance

The key to ensuring that the company runs as it should, and the interest of the shareholder is good corporate governance. At Business Setup Worldwide we provide professional company secretarial services to ensure best practice implementation in regards to director’s decisions and their engagement with the shareholders.

Company Records

A company secretary is also responsible for the records of the company. 

Some other benefits of the secretarial services in UAE are:

  • Reduced risk through outsourcing this service to professionals knowledgeable about the industry
  • Business owners can focus on the other aspect of their business.
  • Efficient use of time
  • Cost effective management solution
  • Single point of contact

Why us?

At Business Setup Worldwide we provide full spectrum assistance about client’s incorporation and company secretarial services in UAE. We offer unparalleled experience in incorporating your business in UAE and rest of the world as well as managing regional office set up and licensing. Our consultants provide all the help to ensure successful incorporation and integration with your corporate business strategy.