Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

Who we are?

We at Business Setup Worldwide take pride in offering the entire range of bookkeeping and accounting services as per the regulatory requirements. Our registered accountants are well aware of the functionality of the financial services industry and adhere to the International Standards of Accounting and Finance issued by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).

Why does a business need accounting and bookkeeping service in Dubai?

Dubai has been a premium destination for business owners for many years. Dubai in UAE offers the right kind of business and corporate platform for new ventures, start-ups, and owners who are looking to expand their business activities to the Middle East. Now to stay focused on the business numbers and to improve the efficiency of the overall business, it’s important for the owners/founders/management to give priority to the development of the venture, which means that operations become an important aspect. Hence it is recommended to hire accounting and bookkeeping consultants or outsource this particular task to specialists. The process will give more freedom to concentrate on the core activity of the business. Outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping services gives a boost to the overall performance of the organization for any business as well.

Business Setup Worldwide have been long serving this need of providing consulting services on accounting and bookkeeping services to organizations and business owners. While hiring a firm to do these specific services, a lot of the expenses are indirectly taken care of along with the administration cost.  Hence the expenses are saved without cutting down on the overall productivity. The real estate, office space and furniture costs also account for a significant cost in a place like Dubai.

How does the process work?

Once you sign up with us for the accounting and bookkeeping consulting services, our consultants understand the requirement and provide impactful solutions. We use the latest technology and therefore provide you with constant access to accounting information. With the help of latest technology, you can receive accounts related information anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of taking bookkeeping and accounting service. Why Business Setup ?

We have a broad range of services that we offer international organizations, which are looking to set up their business in Dubai. Local knowledge and the best practices are a concern and a challenge for organizations and business owners. Business Setup Worldwide takes up this aspect and provide the best possible solution, giving you a competitive edge. If your business is relatively new and in Dubai, Business Setup Worldwide can help in compliance and local regulatory requirements along with accounting and bookkeeping services.

Business Setup Worldwide has a reputation for speed, access, and accuracy. As a new business owner or organization, you don’t have to waste time in looking for experts and hiring professionals in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-related field. We work on tight deadlines and targets and provide you with information and advices that can not only help you stay out of tax-related penalties and operational issues allowing you to save time and stay viable.