Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

No matter the firm's size, accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai are crucial and required for all enterprises in the UAE.

According to the UAE government, keeping excellent and standardized books of accounts is a requirement for all firms operating in the country. Moreover, the company's financial transactions must be meticulously and methodically documented.

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What is Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Dubai?

The daily economic activities of the business are recorded and maintained with the aid of accounting and bookkeeping. Before making any financial decisions, the firm's management can readily comprehend and track the flow of money with the help of accounting and bookkeeping.

Accounting assesses financial data and creates financial statements, such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit and loss accounts. Bookkeeping is the process of logging and arranging all financial data.

So why does a Business need Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Dubai?

For many years, Dubai has been a sought-after location for entrepreneurs. For new businesses, start-ups, and owners wishing to extend their commercial operations into the Middle East, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates provides the ideal business and corporate platform. However, now it's critical for the owners, founders, and management to prioritize the development of the venture, which means that operations become a crucial part of maintaining attention on the company metrics and increasing the efficiency of the whole firm. 

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Therefore, hiring accounting and bookkeeping professionals or delegating this specific duty to experts is advised. The procedure will allow greater freedom to focus on the business's primary operation. In addition, the firm's performance is improved by outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services for any business.

Several accounting and bookkeeping companies in Dubai provide business owners consultation services on accounting and bookkeeping needs. Therefore, a large portion of the costs is indirectly covered along with the administrative fee when contracting a company to do these services. 

As a result, expenditures are reduced without lowering overall output. In a country like Dubai, the price of real estate, office space, and furnishings also contribute significantly to overall expenditures.

Services Offered by the Bookkeeping and Accounting Firms in Dubai

As part of accounting and bookkeeping services, Business Setup Worldwide offers the following solutions to enhance your company's performance by concentrating on the essential areas and saving administrative costs. Read more on accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Accounting/ Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Consolidation
  • Accounts Payable Outsourcing
  • Conversion, Installation, Selection, and Support of Software
  • Fixed Assets Compilation, Maintenance, and Verification.
  • Forecasting and Projections
  • Preparation and Mapping of Chart of Accounts
  • Verification and Valuations of Inventory

Our Role

Business Setup Worldwide is proud to provide the full range of bookkeeping and accounting services following legal standards. Our licensed accountants follow IFAC's International Standards of Accounting and Finance and are well-versed in the financial sector.

We provide services to multinational businesses wishing to establish operations in Dubai. Organizations and company owners need help with local expertise. Business Setup Worldwide may assist with compliance and regional regulatory needs, as well as accounting and bookkeeping services. Contact us for further inquiries. 

So how does the Process Work?

Once you sign up with us for accounting and bookkeeping consulting services, our consultants understand the requirement and provide impactful solutions. We use the latest technology and provide you with constant access to accounting information. With the help of the newest technology, you can receive accounts-related information anytime and anywhere.


Is it mandatory to have an accountant in Dubai?

It is not compulsory, but keeping an accountant will benefit the firms.

What is Dubai’s accounting regulating bodies?

  • UAE Ministry of Economy
  • The UAE National Accountants
  • Auditors Association and 
  • UAE AAA.

What is the financial year in Dubai?

1st January to 31st December.