Business Setup Services in Dubai

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a professional company providing business set up services in the heart of UAE, Dubai. We offer a broad range of services to help foreign investors and international companies establish their presence in the region. We understand the local market, technical expertise, requirement and knowledge to start your business cost effectively and in appropriate time. From determining the right kind of company, trade license to hiring personnel for your free zone, offshore or LLC, ensuring efficient utilisation of your resources, assets, time and money.

Why Does a Business Need Business Setup Services in Dubai?

Setting up a business in Dubai is tough, time-consuming and expensive. At Business Setup Worldwide we have the right connections and the team to make this entire process hassle free and efficient. We help you set up Mainland, Offshore or Free Zone companies depending on the need and requirement of the business. Dubai is one of the least tedious places to start a business. The competitive ranking of UAE stands at the 16th position according to World Economic Forum’s competitive ranking makes it one of the sought-after destinations. Hence starting a business is difficult due to stringent measures to qualify for a business standing in the city.

How does the process work?

We are a team of highly efficient Business Setup Worldwide consultants and specialize in all forms of company setup procedures. We offer an end to end business setup service that involves serving you with well-researched information on installation procedures. Our knowledge, accuracy and overall execution will lead you to make the best decision for your business.

There are different types of companies which you can set up in Dubai:

Joint Partnership

In a Joint Partnership company, there is no minimum capital requirement for the establishment. A UAE national owns minimum 51% of the business and foreign equity partnership does not exceed 49%. A Joint Partnership is considered to be one of the best and easiest forms of companies to establish in Dubai. 

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC can be established by a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty shareholders whose liability is limited to the value of their share in the company’s capital. The company must have 51% participation from a UAE national while the rest 49% can remain with the investor. The minimum capital required to set up LLC is 300,000 dirham in Dubai. In this type of company, either the UAE national or the foreign partner must operate as an active member in managing the operations of the organization. The Companies Law prohibits the LLC’s engagement into businesses such as insurance, banking and investment of money for others.

Free Zone Company

A Free Zone company formation in dubai is one of the most popular types of business structure encouraged in Dubai. Free zone allows business set up in Dubai with 100% foreign ownership. Companies in a free zone have the leverage of conducting all kinds of businesses such as trading, service and industrial activities. Here are some of the benefits of operating in a Free Zone:

  • 100% Ownership
  • Can be formed by only one individual
  • You can open bank account in Dubai
  • 100% Secrecy maintained
  • Less Renewal Charges
  • Can be liquidated anytime
  • You can do international business
  • Can do multiple activities
  • Can hold Properties

Offshore Company

This type of company refers to conducting business operations outside the geographical boundaries of its native nation. As an example a person living and operating a business in the UK can open an offshore account Dubai for the benefit of the firm. Dubai offers a business-friendly environment, state-of-art infrastructure and simple registration process for offshore companies. Dubai is one of the well-known nations in the world for establishing an offshore company.


  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Legal Framework
  • Availability of Manpower and talent
  • Investment Support and promotion by the government.
  • Free Zones to own and operate 100% of the business.
  • Quality Lifestyle and Culture of Excellence
  • Trading Hub
  • Very low import duty.
  • Double Taxation Agreements
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Strategic Location and Competitive Economy 


  • Foreign ownership restriction.
  • As per UAE jurisdictions, the Local partner has the right to claim 51% ownership of the company’s shares
  • Companies set up inside Free Zones must confine business activities to these zones only.
  • Each Free Zone is designated for a particular type of business 

Some of the most commonly used Free Zones in Dubai

Why us?

Business Setup Worldwide is a business advisory firm that provides expert guidance on starting a new venture in any part of the world. We help our clients to identify new business opportunities, understanding legal procedures, networking with local authorities, identifying the right type of free zone to suit the business model. As different options are available for company formation, it is crucial to have the right kind of business knowledge in Dubai business environment. We at Business Setup Worldwide save your time as we take care of the lengthy procedures and guide you step by step throughout the process.