Checklist for Dubai Free Zone Company Formation Documents

Dubai is known for its business-friendly environment, strategic location and presence of free zones which create an ideal business environment. Free Zones are special economic zones designed for business operations and allow tax exemptions from personal and corporate taxes. 

Each free zone has a set of mandatory documents to meet its specific requirements. Possessing these documents will allow the businessman for hassle-free company formation.

Why are Documents necessary for Business Setup in Dubai?

The documents are the primary source, serve as legal proof, and are very important for maintaining the company's financial health. The preparation of documents is necessary due to the following reasons:

  1. Establish Credibility 

By possessing the documents, the business can foster trust among the investors and the authorities.

  1. Maintain Transparency

The documents help in maintaining a record of the transactions and other important activities of the business.

  1. Facilitate legal compliance

having all the documents will ensure that all the rules and regulations are being followed by the business. 

Essential Documents for Dubai Free Zone Company Formation 

There are 30+ free zones available in Dubai. Each free zone caters to a different sector, but the procedures for setting up a business in Dubai are similar. Contact a business setup consultant in Dubai to learn more about the documentation process required for company formation.

Here are a few standard documents one should know when opting for the company formation in Dubai. 

  • A well-drafted business plan
  • Letter of Intent
  • Complete Application form
  • Existing company brochure 
  • Copy of the manager's passport and CV
  • Copy of shareholder(s)' passport and CV
  • Original bank reference letter (for each shareholder)
  • Annual financial report or shareholder(s) 6 months bank statement
  • No Objection letter by the current sponsor for the manager 
  • Initial approval(s) from third-party authorities is required if your business requires such approval. Example: Media, IT, Pharmaceutical sectors 

In short, companies need documents because they record all the terms and agreements between the parties involved in business transactions. To finish the documentation process on time, seek assistance from the business setup consultants in Dubai.

One such business consultant is Business Setup Worldwide which offers various services, ranging from company setup in Dubai to bank account assistance. You can contact us without hesitation if you need assistance with our services.


How many days does it take to incorporate a company in Dubai free zone?

It takes around two to six weeks to start a company in Dubai free zone.

What are the steps for company registration in Dubai free zone?

One should follow the following steps to start a business in Dubai free zone.
Choose a business entity
Select a company structure
Find a trading name
Obtain a company license
Open a corporate bank account

Who issues a business license in Dubai free zone?

The respective authority issues the business license in the Dubai free zone.

List out the types of legal entities in the Dubai free zone.

The types of legal entities in the Dubai free zone are,
Free zone company
Free zone establishment