Dubai Academic City Free Zone

Education is the first step that gives a shape to an individual’s life. An educated economy involves the brightest mind and helps in polishing a country towards a better future.

Education is the first step that gives a shape to an individual’s life. An educated economy involves the brightest mind and helps in polishing a country towards a better future. The UAE is focusing towards an overall development and its next milestone is ‘UAE Vision 2021’, which includes education as one of the key sectors.

Dubai Academic City, situated in Dubai Internet City, and is near Palm Jumeirah, was established in the year 2006 by TECOM Investments, with an aim of developing an excellent education system in the UAE. Knowledge Village and Dubai Academic City have joined hands to bring a positive growth in the educational sector. Dubai Academic City (DAC), acts as a platform for the development of schools and colleges, and covers an area of almost 129 million square feet. DAC also includes Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). It comprises of 28 international universities, covers more than 400 programs and holds a strength of 24,000 students worldwide. It serves as a free zone for tertiary institutes.

DIAC Career Fair

DIAC often conducts career fairs for graduates and post-graduates, organized by the Student Hub of DIAC. This brings together the students and the recruiters under the same platform and helps them to get exposure to industry insights. It also provides an opportunity to students for internships and full-time job opportunities.

Industry Insights

Gulf Region needs Graduates (10th June 2018)

A booming change in digital transformation and entrepreneurship has increased the demand for graduates and post-graduates in the Gulf region. The Gulf market is looking out for graduates with rich knowledge and excellence to work for their region and to expand it internationally. An entrepreneurship mindset and culture has been set that provokes young students to think out of the box and to become an entrepreneur with high leadership skills.

University of Birmingham – Global Ranking (18th June 2018)

The University of Birmingham, which connects with DIAC holds a global ranking and is considered as one of the best research universities in the world. The university has also announced fully-funded scholarships for deserving students, with a prize of AED 3,00,000.

Best CEO in the World (16th May 2018)

Prof. Christopher Abraham, head of Dubai Campus, was regarded as the world’s best CEO at World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders Asia and GCC 2017-18.

The Myriad, Student Housing Community in DIAC by 2020 (25th April 2018)

DIAC has taken an initiative to build ‘The Myriad’, a student housing community on a single plot, to be completed by 2020.

Business Opportunities in Dubai Academic City

DIAC provides business opportunities to foreign investors for the welfare and development of the economy. They offer:

1. Land

DIAC provides land options and offers a partnership for businesses including education, retail outlets, etc. Plots have been designed accordingly to suit the needs of educational institutions, apartments, shopping malls and markets.

2. Commercial Floor Space

Commercial Floor Space is being provided by DIAC to foreign entities whose business requirements match with DIAC and are comfortable enough to partner with them.

3. Business Center

Different business space zones are provided targeting different businesses, such as:

(i) Hot Desk

Provided for start-ups and entrepreneurs, wherein the office is shared by more than one client.

(ii) Executive Desk

These are furnished desks and chair and occupies an area of 100 square feet.

(iii) Fitted-Out Commercial Space

This comprises a vast area space setup for businesses. Open area with desks, chair, and table, projectors, etc. facilities are provided for the businesses to run smoothly.

(iv) Retail and Kiosk Space

Sufficient space is equally provided for retail outlets to carry out their business activities in DIAC campus.

So, we can see that Dubai Academic City is not only focusing towards educational development but it also provides a platform for investors to invest in DIAC and carry out their business activities. This adds a value to their brand and also increases the scope of business. The business activities that are carried out works as a live example for students of DIAC and they provoke them to become the future entrepreneurs.

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