Dubai Flower Centre Free Zone

Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) free zone has been developed to handle flower imports and exports, and is one of the major flower handling hubs in the world.

Dubai Flower Centre (DFC), strategically located at the Dubai International Airport, has been developed to handle flower imports and exports, as one of the major flower handling hubs in the world. The zone is specially built to handle air cargo shipment of flowers as these products need special conditions to transport them effectively. As the centre of growth for the floriculture industry in the 21st century, Dubai Flower centre has been designed with forethought of the fast-paced growth in the global trade of flowers, perishables materials offering a world-class freight handling facility. Creation of this zone enhances the quality of services offered by modern logistics services and contribute viable solutions to the transport of goods produced by the floriculture industry with faster transit times, improved handling capacities and high degree of efficiency.

Advantages of Setting up a Business in Dubai Flower Centre (DFC)

  • Strategic location within Dubai International Airport
  • Unprecedented opportunities in logistics and trans-shipping
  • World’s best cool chain management
  • Rapid consolidation and trans-shipment
  • Large temperature controlled operating area
  • Computerized tracking system
  • Handling diverse product ranges
  • Tax exemption for imports and exports
  • Facilitates and supports efficient commercial transactions
  • High quality and standards maintained by the authority
  • Easy access to European and Asian markets by flights that take less than 8 hours

Exclusive DFC Cool Chain

The vital role for success in handling perishables logistics is high-quality, effective and unbroken cool chain. The Dubai Flower Centre understands the needs of the business and global trends in cold chain logistics, hence the Dubai Cool Chain facility is designed extensively while still being attached to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Flower Centre and Dubai Cargo Village maintaining an effective and robust cooling chain system in place.

Why Set Up Your Business in Dubai Flower Centre?

The Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) located within Dubai International Airport and directed by the Dubai Cargo Village, the Middle East’s esteemed and dedicated airport cargo operations centre. While thinking about operating logistics from Dubai, wide-range of carriers are keen in doing trade with your business as Dubai is the home base of the largest carrier group in the Middle East “The Emirates” and the main centre of operations for various other carriers. As an emerging destination to start business The Emirate of Dubai has devised plans and built world-class infrastructure to accommodate international business by providing them with facilities and freedom of operation in imports/exports.

Innovative logistics, enhanced automated freight-handling, rapid transit times, improved product quality temperature controlled operational area and specialist facilities have encouraged global traders, logistics companies, and service provides to set up business in Dubai Flower Centre with various incentives from the government of UAE as this zone is designated as the free zone in Dubai.

At present, the Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) is prepared to handle up to 300,000 metric tons of perishable products and flowers throughput per each year. The DFC has fully-furnished, well-equipped, automated phase floor area of about 100,000 sq. meters provides chambers for export, and office spaces in addition to trans-shipment area, product break down station, build-up stations, automated sorting areas, and dispatch centres. Furthermore, the DFC is exclusively equipped with state-of-the-art cold storage facility which when fully bonded and measured gives an operations area of 34,000 sq. meters. Once fully operational, DFC has been designed to serve the international market with more than 2 billion consumers worldwide acting as a major hub of handling flowers and perishables.

With strong strategic advantage, the Dubai Flower Centre has rapid connections and reach with European markets at 6-hour flight time, Asian markets at less than 8-hour flight time. By combining the vantage point in the Middle East, and benefits of DFC free zone provided to exporters, wholesalers and logistics companies can have a perfect logistical base, well-trained labour and gain the edge in business by operating out of Dubai Flower Centre.

Procedure for Setting up a Business in DFC

1. Application

Organizations and businesses planning to set up operations in DFC should submit the following documents to the Dubai Flower Centre Authority for review and consideration:

  • Completed Dubai Flower Centre Application Form
  • Company brochure, if available
  • Annual financial report of Company in the last 3 years
  • Business plan (for at least 3 years)

2. Application Review

After the application has been received and reviewed by the Dubai Flower Centre based on the company’s background, proposed business activity, space and service requirements, it shall contact the applicant for any additional information required. The DFC will issue a Preliminary Letter of Approval within 30 days of receiving the application, or else one can consider that the application has been rejected by the authority.

3. Memorandum of Understanding

The applicants will be sent a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the DFC Authority stating their outline on the terms and requirements of operation in the Dubai Flower Centre. The applicant shall understand the terms set by the authority and fax back the MOU informing their acceptance of the rules and regulations hence put-forth. The MOU acts as an initial agreement between the business owner and the Dubai Flower Centre Authority.

4. Submission and Verification of Legal Documents

The applicants upon receiving the Provisional Letter of Approval, the applicant is required to submit all the legal documents to the DFC Authority within 30 days along with the proposal to reserve the required space for of operation such as office, warehouses, etc.

5. Final Acceptance, Lease Agreement and License Issuance

The applicant must send back the final approval letter to DFC Authority, ensuring the acceptance of your application. Then the applicants and authorized signatory involved must sign the lease agreement and obtain the trade license, payment invoice of trade license registration fee and the rental for the first year must be paid and receipt must be obtained prior or in parallel to licensing activities.

Aim of the Dubai Free Zone Authority

To boost the development of businesses and trade links, Dubai Free Zone Authority, directed by the Dubai Cargo Village, encourages floriculturists, wholesalers, exporters, and importers to establish trading companies in DFC to operate in a control-free environment without tax, duty and exchange regulations. A range of commercial and technical services are provided by DFC to companies operating in logistics, trans-shipment, and trading within the facility:

  • Trading, settlement and credit management
  • Marketing support
  • Marketing information and branding
  • Technical services

The Dubai Free Zone Flower Centre is inclined to deliver excellent opportunities to companies and businesses operating in the field of floriculture, food industry, logistics, and service sector. The first phase of Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) was completed in 2004. Since then there have been constant range developments in the technology, business structure, and facilities according to the latest trends and ever-growing requirements.

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