Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

The importance of the healthcare sector has increased due to the Corona virus outbreak in 2020. Therefore, the world is now providing its utmost care in strengthening the healthcare system.

Dubai is not also an exception in this scenario. For various factors, including its advantageous location and business-friendly environment, Dubai is a desirable site for investments in the healthcare sector. 

There are several investment opportunities in the UAE's expanding health industry, which is anticipated to reach US$19.5 billion (AED 71.56 billion) in 2020.

So if you are willing to start your healthcare business in Dubai, then it has a separate free zone named Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone.

Find out more about the same on this page. 

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Free Zone 

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is among the wealthiest free zones in Dubai. It is close to the Wafi Mall and Garhoud Bridge in the city's center. It is a group of experts from approximately 90 nations who work with patients under the guidance of global quality standards.

Additionally, DHCC is home to an academic institution with cutting-edge teaching tools and a team of highly qualified employees. The Healthcare Accreditation Council (HCAC), a Jordanian consulting organization, and the Dubai Healthcare City Authority-Regulatory (DHCR), the city's governing body, have signed a financial and environmentally sustainable contract. 

DHCC, located in the center of Dubai, comprises 2 phases: the first spanning over 90 acres in Oud Metha, for healthcare and medical education, and the second over 500 acres in Al Jadaf, dedicated to wellness services.

Advantages of Dubai Healthcare City Company Setup

There are several benefits one can enjoy from their companies in Dubai Healthcare City in DHCC, which are as follows:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Exemption from customs duty
  • No income or corporate tax
  • Administrative assistance from Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA)
  • Home of many national and international healthcare brands
  • Availability of energy resources at a low cost
  • Quick and easy access to healthcare expertise
  • Option to purchase or lease land
  • The possibility of capital and profit repatriation
  • No trade barriers or quotas

Types of Business License in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

One needs to have a business license to perform any business in Dubai. DHCC provides several types of permits for particular business activities, which are the following:

  • Industrial License
  • Service License
  • Trading License 

The procedure of Company Setup in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

A minimum of one shareholder and two directors are required for a business to get off the ground. Additionally, the shareholder must reside in the Dubai Free Zone, and shareholders' meetings must be held yearly.  Check out the guide to business setup in Dubai Healthcare City free zone. The steps are stated below:

1. Obtain the Initial Approval

Apply for provisional approval from the governing free zone authority.

2. Make a Business Plan

Submit a business plan to the free zone authority mentioning how your company will function in a detailed manner. 

3. Submit the Documents

After making the business plan, in the next step, business registration is essential. Submit all the required documents that are mentioned in the next portion and get your business registered. 

4. Apply for the Business License

Apply for a commercial license, and provide a leasing agreement (if any). 

5. Pay the Fees

Pay the required fees for business registration and bank account opening and sign the lease agreement. After signing the lease agreement, the license can be collected within 2-4 weeks.

Documents Required for Company Setup in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

A few mandatory documents must be submitted to Dubai Healthcare City free zone authority to start your business.

For New Company Setup

  • Initial approval for the activities
  • Colored passport copies of the shareholders
  • CV and passport copy of the manager/director
  • Personal details of the manager and shareholders
  • Copy of existing license/certificate of registration
  • Power of attorney given to the managers/directors (attested and notarized)
  • Documents for lease agreement [it is mandatory to have a physical office in Dubai]

For Branch Company

  • Personal information sheet and passport copies of managers and shareholders
  • CV of the manager (they must have a university degree)
  • Initial approval for the activities to be performed in the new branch
  • Trade name reservation proof and initial approval sheet for the activities performed by each manager and shareholder
  • The lease agreement for the new branch
  • Company registration copy of the existing branch, duly attested or notarized by the UAE Embassy
  • Existing Company brochure
  • Your physical business address
  • The board resolution of the directors of your existing company shows interest in establishing a branch of the current entity in DHCC (applicable for corporate shareholders).

Reasons for Company Incorporation in Dubai Healthcare City

The DHCC offers healthcare facilities of international quality and staff with highly qualified specialists. In addition, numerous healthcare brands are based in Dubai Healthcare City. As a result, the city is known for its high-quality medical facilities, and patient satisfaction scores steadily rise.

A viable option for investors wishing to enter the healthcare industry, DHCC offers a wide range of healthcare facilities, including surgical clinics, cutting-edge surgery suites, diagnostic laboratories, and commercial offices. In addition to these, there are several more reasons why you may open a healthcare enterprise in Dubai Healthcare City, some of which include:

  • Availability of expertise in healthcare,
  • A place for education and research work,
  • Connected to national and international markets
  • Incorporated healthcare community providing first-class medical care
  • Access to the best quality medical equipment
  • Low operational charge
  • Highly developed healthcare facilities
  • Situated at the heart of the city
  • Authority is flexible in adapting to new technologies

Our Role

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Mandatory rules and regulations must be followed to set up a business in DHCC. We can help you in following the laws about leasing, employment, licensing, business registration, legal procedures, accounting, etc. If you want to start your business in Dubai Healthcare City, contact us – we’d be glad to help you in your company formation journey.


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2. How many healthcare professionals are active in DHCC free zone?


3. What are the main concentrations in DHCC?

Patient Care
Business Hub

4. What are the different commercial spaces available in DHCC?

Leasing options
Clinical spaces
Non-clinical spaces (retail).