Dubai International Academic City Free Zone

Education is the key to the future, and Dubai is your destination for education and business opportunities.

Dubai is the city of opportunities, business, and growth. The emirate is the right place to start and build your education business.

Dubai International Academic City is one free zone that serves only this purpose.

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DIAC - Dubai International Academic City

A free trade zone for businesses engaged in the education industry is called Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). It is the world’s largest free zone dedicated to higher education. To support the diverse and growing academic community in the area, DIAC was founded in 2007. 

It now hosts multiple national and foreign colleges and offers around 400 undergraduate and graduate programs, serving about 24,000 students worldwide. Within Dubai Academic City, which spans a 12-square-kilometer region, DIAC was constructed next to Al Ruwayyah along the Dubai-Al Ain Road. 

The main objective of DIAC is to keep expanding and growing to meet the demands of its thriving and brilliant academic community.

Legal Business Entities in DIAC Free Zone

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)
  • Branch of a Foreign Company
  • Branch of a UAE Company
  • Freelancer

Key Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai International Academic City Dubai

The advantages of company setup in DIAC free zone are the following:

  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Exemption from customs duty for goods and services
  • Unique cluster environment
  • State-of-the-art technology and community infrastructure
  • Ideal academic and business-friendly environment
  • Flexible solutions for business partners
  • Simple and streamlined company registration
  • One-stop shop for government services
  • 24-hour visa service
  • Quick immigration process

Available Business Amenities in DIAC Free Zone

Prospective businesspeople can take advantage of several amenities at DIAC:


  • Educational – These plots are meant for building educational institutions.
  • Mixed-use – These plots are meant for building residential apartments or any mixed-use applications.
  • Student Accommodation – These plots are for building accommodation and dormitory facilities for universities and colleges.
  • Retail – These plots are meant for shopping centers, supermarkets, etc.
  • Hotel – These plots are meant for building hotels.

Commercial Floor Space

  • Hot desk – A hot desk is a shared office desk that one or more clients can use. Hot desk clients are eligible for one visa per freelancer.
  • Executive desk – Executive desks are furnished with one desk and chair, a storage pedestal, and a cabinet with a key. Executive desk clients are eligible for 2 visas per desk.
  • Executive office – There are two types of administrative offices. One offers a furnished office with one executive desk, chair, visitor chairs, storage cabinet, and pedestal. In contrast, the other type offers a full-fledged furnished office environment within the business center.
  • Fitted-out commercial space - From open areas fitted with desks, chairs, and tables to projectors and audiovisual systems, retail space offers the upper end of a business environment.
  • Retail – Retail spacing is provided for companies offering support services such as clinics, pharmacies, courier services, beauty salons, money exchanges, restaurants, etc.
  • Kiosk – Kiosks are small retail outlets for the above-mentioned retail providers.
  • ATM Machines – Cash machines to serve the DIAC community.

The Procedure for Setting up a Business in DIAC

The steps for company setup regarding the educational purpose are as follows:

1. Apply for the Initial Approval

Fill out the business application form and submit the document for primary approval. 

2. Register the Company

Submit the legal documents for company registration. 

3. Submit the Documents

Submit the required documents mentioned in the next section to the concerned governing authority. 

4. Apply for the License

Once you are done with document submission, it is time to apply for the license according to your business activity. 

5. Pay the Fees

Deposit the share capital amount. 

6. Sign the Lease Agreement

Lastly, sign the lease agreement and make the personnel sponsorship agreement. 

Required Documents for Company Incorporation in DIAC Free Zone

The documents required are as follows for company incorporation:

  • Company registration application
  • Personal details of the shareholder
  • Original Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Board Resolution
  • Passport copies of the shareholder, manager, and director
  • Specimen signature of the manager and director
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the residency visa sponsor
  • Proof of share capital
  • Registration and license fee

Our Role

By inviting academic institutions and organizations that share the goal of promoting research and education, DIAC is attempting to broaden its sphere of influence. As a trusted partner in providing the finest in international education, DIAC has years of expertise and a solid dedication to improving the UAE's educational system. 

Therefore, if you are interested in starting a business, you are on the right track since our consultants at Business Setup Worldwide are here to assist you with the process. We promise to handle all the procedures involved in forming your firm, and we'll be more than delighted to help you and share in your success. 

Contact us if you have any questions about establishing a business in the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) free zone; we would be pleased to assist.


1. How many universities are registered under the DIAC free zone?

27 universities.

2. How many academic programs and e-learning courses does the DIAC offer?

More than 500.

3. How many students can the DIAC serve?


4. What are the facilities available in the DIAC?

Hot desk
Executive desk
Executive office
Fitted-out commercial space.