Dubai Logistics City Free Zone (DLC) Free Zone

Dubai Logistics City (DLC) is the first fully integrated logistics zone supported by all transport media, logistics, and value-added services, including light manufacturing and assembly in a single custom-bonded facility.

This carefully planned free zone, located near Jebel Ali Sea Port, is recognised as one of the most ambitious projects of its kind in the world.

Company setup in Dubai Logistics City comes with a unique ecosystem that supports a plethora of  activities such as:

  • Logistics, 
  • Aviation, 
  • Exhibitions, 
  • Recreational,
  • Residential.

DLC holds the capacity of turning over 12 million tonnes of air cargo annually. In addition check out the landscaped surroundings with the following facilities for setting up a business in the Dubai free zone:

  • Shops,
  • Restaurants, 
  • Sports and leisure facilities, 
  • Services spreading the urban aviation community centred on what is to become the world’s fourth-largest international airport. 

The free zone consists of warehouses and plots of land for the industry, trade, and distributors' logistics business making it an appropriate destination for a company formation in Dubai Logistic City. A company formation in Dubai Logistic City  The free zone is a part of the government’s overall strategy to improve Dubai’s transport and logistics services and capitalize on its geographical location to make the Emirate a global hub for logistics.

Benefits of Company Setup in Dubai Logistics City

  • Liberal visa regulations
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Easily available workforce
  • Exemption from income tax
  • Pre-built warehousing facility
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Custom-built units for freight forwarders
  • Commercial independence and flexibility
  • Separate lane for heavy vehicle movement
  • Visa services for labour, transportation, and other purposes
  • Comprehensive tax arrangements for the UAE, African and North Asian countries
  • A free zone was established specially to cater to the huge requirements of logistics
  • Well-defined distribution channel catering to Africa, Southeast Europe, Middle-East, and SAARC

Types of Licenses in DLC

  • Trading license
  • Service license
  • Logistics license
  • Industrial license
  • Education license

Legal Entities in DLC

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Branch of a UAE company

Scope for Company Setup in Dubai Logistics City

DLC comes with the following business opportunities for you to explore:

  • Corporates seeking professional logistics environments and free trade facilities
  • A range of innovative, value-added logistics services
  • Companies with multi-modal transportation needs
  • Businesses requiring speedy air freight

Destined to become an outstanding landmark of Dubai, DLC serves the growing needs of multinational companies involved in different fields, such as:

  • Consumer goods and fashion
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Spare parts and after-sales
  • Relief aid and NGOs
  • Electronics

Services Offered by DLC

Doing business in DLC is smooth due to the services provided by the authority. Here are some of the services listed down:

  • Air transport to connect even remote sources with core world markets
  • Sea-air transport to ensure on-time delivery within intercontinental supply chains
  • The option to combine transit with customization, packaging or labelling of goods and other value-added services

Key features of DLC

  • Companies can establish distribution centers, replenish them via land, air, or sea, and deliver to customers using the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods.
  • It provides an office park and land along the DLC access road that can be developed to host a wide range of service businesses.
  • The office park provides more than 400,000 sq. m. of rental office space.
  • It supplies modular space to allow maximum flexibility.
  • It allows companies to easily establish their local operations, administrative offices, showrooms, customer-facing facilities, or entire head offices.
  • Multi-level car parking, which ensures easy access to all 18 office blocks.
  • A dedicated road network that links the DLC office park to the Emirate’s road.

All these lucrative benefits and excellent key features make Dubai Logistics City a key platform for logistics-based companies that contribute to the import-export trade of a country. So, if you are looking forward to a company setup in Dubai for logistics or trading business, there’s no better place than Dubai Logistics City free zone to establish a company. 

If you have already decided to give DLC a shot, look no further. Our advisors at Business Setup Worldwide are here for business setup services in Dubai. We commit to taking care of all the hurdles lying in your way while forming your business and will be more than happy to assist you and be a part of your success journey. 

For any queries on setting up a company in Dubai Logistics City (DLC) Free Zone, do contact us—we’d be happy to help.


1. What are the different tax structures in DLC?

No corporate tax
No income tax
No custom studies

What is the procedure for a company setup in Dubai Logistics City?

Finalize the business activity
Determine the trading name
Get an initial approval
Apply for a business license
Open a bank account
Obtain the employee visa

What are the different business licenses available in DLC?

Industrial license
Service license
Trading license
Logistics license

What are the different company structures in DLC?

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Branch office