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Is Dubai secure for investment and living?

Dubai is a secure place for investment and living. Expatriates constitute a majority of the population.

If I set up company in Dubai and obtain residence permit can I travel other emirates freely?

Yes, travel to other Emirates is unrestricted as you hold a residence permit valid for UAE.

How can I obtain my visa to stay in Dubai?

After a trade license is obtained for setting up your business after completing the immigration formalities, resident visa issued by the authorities.

As a foreigner, do I have to pay taxes during my stay in Dubai?

Currently there is negligible corporate or business tax applicable to business organisations or employees in Dubai.

What is minimum capital to form an LLC in Dubai?

A minimum capital of AED 300000 (USD 81,810) is required in Dubai.

What are the requisites for registering a business in Dubai?

 a) Ascertaining the category/categories (Trade, industrial and/or professional) and type of business activity/activities to be practiced.

 b) Register the trade name of the business.  

c) Submit the company registration application and the proposed company name to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for an initial approval.

d) Notarize the company’s Memorandum of Association.

e) Leasing premises and contact the counter of the Planning Department of Dubai Municipality in order to verify that the said premise is suitable for the business.  

f) File company documents with the Department for Economic  Development (DED) and obtain trade license and the Chamber of  Commerce and Industry  

g) Creation of a name board.

h) Apply for establishment card at the Ministry of Labor

i) Register native workers with the Ministry of Labor

j) Register native workers with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security

In order to have an office in Dubai is it mandatory to live in Dubai?

No, 100% foreign ownership is allowed in the Free Zones. However, most Free Zones require that the General Manager is a resident of the U.A.E. We are happy to assist you with a resident visa post application for setting up a business in Dubai.

Do I have to rent an office or warehouse in Dubai?

In most cases to qualify for and to hold a license, the company must be in possession of a valid lease for office space, warehouse space, or development land. Most Free Zones require businesses to operate from the Free Zone and have a physical presence. Dubai is an attractive place to live due to its tax reforms.

What kind of business can I set up in Dubai?

In Dubai either you can set up a business in mainland or offshore jurisdiction. For a company in Dubai region, a local sponsor/ UAE national is required to own a part of your business. In the case of a free zone, the business owner can hold 100% of the company shares but can operate in the limited geographical region. An offshore business, on the other hand, will allow you to safeguard your wealth and assets. However, trade is restricted, and you can only receive a certificate of incorporation and not a trade license.

How much time is required to setup a business in Dubai?

Company formation in Free Zones can take anywhere between 3-10 days, where as an offshore company can be established within 48 hours if the right documentation and resources are available. Mainland company formation, business license and registration depend on the necessary paperwork and documentation requirement.