International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) Free Zone

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a growing economy. It focuses on enhancing the different sectors to bring an overall development.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a growing economy. It focuses on enhancing the different sectors to bring an overall development. Dubai is the most vibrant city and is often termed as “Dynamic Dubai”. It focuses on making the economy as an innovation centre in all aspects. The Emirate focuses on developing the media industry. Dubai Media City, formerly known as International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), is a project initiated by the Government of Dubai and TECOM Investments in the year 2005, aimed at pushing the limits of creativity in television and media industry.

International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

The IMPZ, located adjacent to Dubai Investment Park and Dubai Sports City, has contributed a lot in developing the other sectors of the UAE. The hub mainly focuses on advertising, communication and media, and marketing companies, which are widely used for any industry be it a start-up or a full-fledged enterprise as a major marketing tool. Dubai Media City is considered important even by both Bollywood and Hollywood industries. Dubai is Bollywood’s second home. On one hand, the craze for Bollywood movies has been increasing in the dynamic city. On the other hand, Dubai Studio City provides world-class movie production facilities. Similarly, it provides the services to other nations.

International Media Production Zone Companies

The IMPZ zone acts as a landscape and gives shelter to businesses communities such as broadcasting, filmmaking, and media production. Altogether, it comprises 1500 companies from 142 nationalities, and has a workforce of 25,000+. The core industries in IMPZ include:

  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Graphic Design

Dubai Studio City also acts as a home for gigantic powerhouses, and supports industry activities. Moreover, it also acts as a training hub to increase knowledge in the entertainment industry.

Services Provided by International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

  • Locating films
  • Production rebate (30%)
  • Production planning
  • Location scouting
  • Crewing
  • Equipment rentals
  • Sound stages
  • Set construction
  • Catering
  • Travel, transport, accommodation
  • GFX and post-production

Media Industry in Dubai Joins Hands with AI

According to a recent news report, the media industry in Dubai would be adopting artificial intelligence (AI). Content creation is termed as one of the most important aspects when it comes to any industry. Omar Bin Al Obama, the Minister of State for AI states that the merging of these two industries would open new doors of opportunities for both the sectors. AI has been penetrating in all the available sectors and even the media industry gives a try, realizing the potential of job opportunities that it carries for the future. Dubai media industry, backed by AI, opens new markets for research. This media industry is trying to bring a change in the existing industries.

Dubai Media City or IMPZ has brought a remarkable change in the media and film industry. It has changed the way of doing business by clubbing itself with multiple sectors. DSC has also brought numerous business opportunities for both small and large-scale businesses. It establishes itself as a platform for many business sectors dealing in media and film production industry. Are you planning to take a deep dive into this dynamic industry? Do you have plans for building your own production house abroad? Yes? That sounds great. All you need at this peak moment is an ice-breaker that lets you establish your business successful in the Dubai Media City (DMC) or International Media Production Zone (IMPZ). Business Setup Worldwide provides you a helping hand in carrying out your business in Dubai Media Zone. We have our business experts located in every corner of the world who help you in setting out the legal procedures and the basics required to build your business pillars. To be a part of our network, do contact us. We would be glad to assist you in establishing your business in Dubai.