JAFZA Free Zone

JAFZA is one of the major free zones in the United Arab Emirates. It is the largest free zone and has over 8,700 companies in Jebel Ali. It is a logistical and commerce center in the area, located near key trans-emirate road networks in the UAE. JAFZA's infrastructure comprises pre-built warehouses, factories, and light industrial units and long-term leasing property for companies looking to construct their facilities.

The Jebel Ali free zone company setup is famous for its strategic location, multimodal connectivity, and closeness to the Al Maktoum International Airport. In addition, vital regional highways have proven to be a major attraction for businesses. Furthermore, Jebel Ali Port and JAFZA's combined capabilities and engagement with Expo 2020 Dubai have contributed to the increase in business. The Jebel Ali hub ensured that all Expo-related freight arrived in Dubai securely and on time.

Characteristics of JAFZA Free Zone

Characteristic Type Characteristic Trait
Company Type Free Zone Company (FZCO) & Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
Governing Body Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Managers 1
Accounting and Book Keeping Requirements No
Renewal Date Annual Date of Incorporation
Corporate Taxation 0%
Visa Type Employment Visa Only
Ownership 100 Percent Foreign Ownership
Type of Activities Commercial/Service/Industrial/Logistics
VAT Percentage 0%
Duty for Import and Export 0%
Duration For Company Formation 4-7 Days
Paid Up Capital No Paid Up Capital
Local Partner Required No

Documents Required

  • Color Passport Copy
  • Visa status copy / Entry stamp copy
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Other documents depending on the business activity

Banking Partners

Advantages of The Free Zone

No minimum capital investment

No currency restrictions

Exempted from corporate tax

No personal income taxes.

Ready-made factories and warehouses


JAFZA is the first free zone to obtain an ISO certification. Jebel Ali Free Zone is a hub for many world's reputed companies consisting of global fortune enterprises. It has international investors for providing dominant infrastructure and base, facilitating the customers to build businesses, incorporating Dubai trade, advisory, business matching/support, and updating.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) is designed to provide a nominal cost for all SMEs (small to medium enterprises). It is purely customer-driven dynamic management that thrives on investing in its efficiency and services according to market/investor demands. Jebel Ali Free ZoneAuthority company formation successfully attracts investors and customers worldwide by exposing them as significant commercial and industrial hubs. JAFZA is the world's most customer-driven and service-driven free zones.

A Detailed description of the JAFZA free zone is enlisted in the form of tabula ar representation

Founded 1985
GDP contribution JAFZA contributes 23.8% of Dubai’s GDP
Government Authority JAFZA Free Zone Authority
Industries thrive in JAFZA Logistics, Food and Agriculture, Automotive and Spare Parts, Petrochemicals, Transport, and Hospitality Services
Prohibited activities Banking business, Financial/Investment activities, Consultancy (subject to approval by Registrar)
Time to incorporate 20-30 working days
Possibility of Migration Yes
Tax rate VAT at 5%
Shareholders 1-50
Availability of Shelf Companies No
Annual accounts Yes
Registered office required Yes
Audit requirement Yes
Legal entities Free Zone Establishment, Free Zone Company, Branch of a Company
Business license Trading license, General trading license, Logistics license, Service license and Industrial license
Types of visas Employment visa, Dependents Resident Visa and Business Visit Visa
Activities performed under one license Up to six similar activities
Minimum number of company directors 1-6
Office Requirements in DMCC Flexi Desk, Onsite residence, Retail outlets and spaces, Business Park, Work stations, Warehouses, Showrooms, Offices
Annual trade value in JAFZA $104.2 billion

While considering the significant growth of trading in the JAFZA free zone, it would be prudent to explore Dubai free zone company formation.

Company Formation in Free zones Ideal for

Nearby Port Service

Free Custom Duty

General Trading

Registration Process

Complete the Application Form

Complete the Application Form

Submit Your Documents to the Authority

Submit Your Documents to the Authority

Obtain Your License

Obtain Your License

Obtain Your Residency Visa

Obtain Your Residency Visa

Open Your Bank Account

Open Your Bank Account

Terms and Conditions

*Duration is subject to the constraints of the due diligence procedure.

**This would refer to the corporate tax of the company, wherein the operation of the company would take place outside the country of incorporation.

***The required documents must be provided for every individual related to the company.

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How many days does it take to issue a license in JAFZA?

It takes around 3-5 working days to issue a license in JAFZA.

Can a foreigner own a business in Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai?

Yes, a foreigner can own 100% foreign ownership in JAFZA.

What documents are required for company formation in JAFZA?

The documents required for setting up a free zone company in JAFZA are,

  • Application form for free zone company setup
  • Passport of the selected manager, plus a copy
  • Passports of all the individual shareholders, with copies
  • No-objection letter from the current sponsor of each UAE resident shareholder
  • Summary of the project
  • Application form and letter of undertaking for Environment Health and Safety (EHS)

What are the documents required for an individual shareholder in JAFZA?

 The documents required for an individual shareholder in JAFZA are,

  • Additional Documents Required for Individual Shareholders
  • Business profile of each shareholder
  • Board resolution to set up a company
  • Manager’s specimen signature

Who issues licenses in the JAFZA free zone?

The respective free zone authority issues license in the JAFZA free zone.