Freelancer License in Dubai

One of the core steps that is looked as a source of income to earn a living is a 9 to 5 job. As we know that technology has infused in every corner of the human lives, the ultimate use of smart gadgets and the internet gave birth to freelancing, that became a challenge for the job sector. The working professionals have widely accepted the concept of freelancing as it provides them with an opportunity to earn as and when they want. The flexibility of earning has provoked working professionals to convert themselves as a freelancer. According to a report, by 2020 almost 50% of the working professionals will be looked as freelancers on their respective fields.

Dubai is well-known as a plethora of business opportunities. Be it a new business, or an existing one it has a ground for business persons as well as entrepreneurs. The land has extended its reach and also has a ground for freelancers to enter into the region and start a business in Dubai. If you are working as a freelancer, and looking for a platform, or willing to start freelancing as your career, then Dubai is the perfect ground for you.

Freelancing in Dubai

The concept of freelancing has been widely accepted in the land of business, Dubai. Employees working in different organizations are extensively choosing the option to freelance as it provides a sideline of income. When it comes to UAE, the land provides a variety of options to start a freelance career with. To figure out the options available, click here.

Now, moving on to the respective locations, it is seen that the freelancers choose free zones as an excellent location backed by two reasons. First, each of the free zones is dedicated to a particular profession, which turns out an easy option for a freelancer to choose one based on the industry he’s dealing with. Second, the free zones provide a secure gateway to obtain a license once the documents are presented.

Documents Required to Obtain a Freelancer License

If you want to start your freelancing career in Dubai, the following essentials are to be provided:

  • A completely filled freelancer license application form
  • Copy of business plan
  • Copy of passport
  • Recommendation Letter from the previous employees
  • Updated resume along with attached certificates
  • NOC signed by the sponsor to transfer residence visa to freelance visa
  • A statement from the bank stating that you have a good banking record
  • Samples of your work

What is the Process to Acquire a Freelancer License?

Once you have gathered the documents mentioned above, a series of steps are to be followed to obtain the license.

1.Choose the Appropriate Location

The first and foremost step is to choose the best location according to the needs of your business. As it has been stated earlier, that each free zone is dedicated to a particular sector, analyze the complete free zones and choose the best option

2.Application Submission

The next step is to fill the application required to obtain a freelance license and interim business approval. Apply along with the relevant documents which you have gathered

3.Gather the Required Approvals

Once the application has been submitted, the next move is to gather the required approvals from the respective authorities. You will be issued a confirmation letter by the respective Free Zone Authority

4.Submission of the Confirmation Letter

The confirmation letter needs to be signed along with the other documents and respond them back for the final approval

5.Clear the Necessary Payments

Each free zone has got own fees that need to be paid to establish your company there. You need to clear the freelance permit, license, visa, sponsorship fee. You can find the respective fee details after the process.

6.Collect the Freelancer Visa

In the next move, you need to sign the free zone sponsorship and collect the freelancer visa

7.Obtain the License

Finally, once the above steps have been completed, you will be issued the freelancer license by the respective authority within a period of 7-10 days.

Fee Required to Obtain a Freelancing License

The fee required to obtain a freelancing license are stated below:


Fee in AED





Address Services


Benefactor Fees





After working as a freelancer, your next move should be to establish your own business in the zone. Working without any hindrance is what makes the work more interesting. Being able to serve as a freelancer after obtaining the compatible license paves out numerous ways for you even to start your own company in Dubai. Be it acquiring a freelancing permit, or even setting up a company in UAE, both the process involves huge legal processes and documentation work. Now, to carry forward the process in an easy manner, a large number of freelancers opt for business consultants who can help them in carrying out the processes in an easy way. If you wish to avail the services, do reach out to us- we’d be glad to assist.