Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup

Fujairah free zone offers an excellent base for industrial, manufacturing, and mining sectors operating in Fujairah, along with the tax and ease-of-business perks of a free zone.

Fujairah free zone offers an ideal base for industrial, manufacturing, and mining sectors operating in Fujairah. In addition, this free zone is tax-free for companies seeking to operate in Fujairah to strengthen the UAE business and trade sector. 

A business setup in the Fujairah freezone is a good option for those planning to start a business inside the emirate of Fujairah. 

A Gist of Fujairah Free Trade Zone

Since Fujairah Free Zone Authority manages Fujairah free zone, this zone provides quick access to the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.  

In addition, Fujairah port and the international airport are near the Fujairah free zone, and the accessibility and connectivity to the global markets are relatively high with lesser delivery time. So, this is the most attractive free zone for foreign investors. Moreover, Fujairah free zone is considered a cost-effective free zone with minimum company formation time. 

Benefits of Starting a Business in Fujairah FZE

Fujairah free zone company formation will benefit entrepreneur startups with flexible government policies and exceptional infrastructure.

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Great accessibility and connectivity
  • Efficient immigration process
  • Low infrastructure cost
  • Availability of virtual office space
  • Amazing geographical location

Along with the benefits, if you want to know about the other free zone in Fujairah, then explore the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

What Are the Business Activities Held in the Fujairah International Free Zone?

The following are the business activities held in the Fujairah free zone.

  • General Trading
  • Logistics
  • Global Container and Oil Shipping
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Cement Production
  • Information Technology
  • Textiles
  • Recycling
  • Gold
  • Heating and Cooling Units
  • Plastics and Perfumes
  • Services

What are the Facilities in Free Zone Companies in Fujairah?

The facilities in Fujairah free zone are as follows

  • Flexi-desk or virtual office options are available
  • Representative and branch offices can be operated with free zone status
  • Custom-built units for industries as per requirement
  • Warehouse facilities (open and enclosed)
  • Open land lease for industrial usage

What are the Significant Services Would Fujairah Free Zone Offer?

The Fujairah Free Zone Authority offers prompt support to those seeking services from related ministries. It ensures

  • Timely issuance of the licence and NOC Certificates
  • Registration of cars
  • Notarisation of legal documents and entry permits
  • Provision of Residence visas, transit and visit visas for investors and employees
  • Recruitment for personnel at all levels
  • NOC/Certificates

Types of Business Licenses in the Fujairah Free Zone?

The different types of licenses in the Fujairah free zone are,

  • Trading license
  • General trading license
  • Professional/Service/Consultancy license
  • Industrial license
  • Ecommerce license

Procedure for Fujairah Free zone Company Formation

Below are the guidelines for setting up a company in Fujairah free zone.

 1. Choose a Business Activity

While wishing to start a business in Fujairah free zone, you should conduct thorough market research about the various business activities. After conducting the complete research, select an activity that suits you.

 2. Select a Legal Entity

After selecting the business activity, finalise the legal entity that would be relevant to your business.

One can choose the below legal business entities for your business

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free Zone Company (FZC)
  • Branch of a Local UAE Company
  • Branch of a Foreign Company, including subsidiaries
  • Offshore companies

 3. Finalise a Trading Name

The third step is to finalise the trade name. Once you are ready with the business activity and the legal entity, choose the relevant trade name.

 4. Obtain a License

After giving a proper naming for the company, then the next step is to obtain a license. Then finally, submit the relevant documents to the respective authority and get your business license.

 5. Open a Corporate Bank Account

The final step in company incorporation is open a bank account. Unfortunately, opening a corporate bank account seems to be slightly complicated. To make the process easier, you can seek help from our business experts. Also, know about the corporate bank account opening in Dubai-UAE.

If you feel the points mentioned earlier reached your criteria, then without a doubt, you can start your company in Fujairah. Moreover, knowing about Fujairah's company formation would help you succeed in your business.

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Who issues a license in Fujairah free zone?

In Fujairah free zone, the license is issued by the respective free zone authority.

How many free zones are in Fujairah?

There are two free zones in Fujairah.

List out the names of free zones in Fujairah?

The free zones in Fujairah are 

  • Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ)
  • Fujairah Creative City Free Zone (FCC-FZ)

How many days does it take for Fujairah free zone company setup?

Starting a business in Fujairah free zone takes around 4-5 working days.