Grocery License in Dubai

Dubai has become a booming business hub in the Middle Eastern area. The significant developments in infrastructure, technology, government subsidies, and favourable economic policies attract entrepreneurs and business people to set up a business in Dubai.

Getting a licence is essential to starting up a grocery business in Dubai. If you do not have a proper license, the company may face additional fines, penalties, operational restrictions, and even closure. Therefore, it is better to know everything about the grocery license before getting into trouble.

Benefits of Obtaining Dubai’s Grocery License

It is important to know about the benefits before starting a business or obtaining a license. The following advantages should be gained by having a grocery license in Dubai.

  • Assist in business expansion
  • Create consumer awareness
  • Helps regulate the manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of imported goods
  • Ensure food safety
  • Allows to sell specified groceries with ease

How to Obtain a Grocery Store License in Dubai?

Licensing is the essential thing required to start a grocery store in Dubai. Therefore, it is important to know and follow the procedure thoroughly. You need a commercial license to open a grocery store in Dubai.

Making the Right Decision

The first step is to make all the important decisions regarding your business formation according to your investment. For example, it is important to decide your apt location, where to start on the mainland, freezone or offshore. The secondary thing is to know about the funds and company structure. 

Submit an Application

The next step is to submit the application and all-important documents to the relevant departments. After submitting documents, DED will grant initial approval; if there is no flaw in the documents.

Choosing Trade Name

You have to select a and submit a trading name of your business. This trade name must comply with all the requirements of DED. It is also necessary to use the same name on the signboard of your grocery store.

Submit the Tenancy Contract

You should submit the tenancy contract and your finalised location before initial approval. But if you cannot do so, then it is mandatory to fulfil these requirements at this stage.

Obtain Your Visa

The last step is to apply for visa services. You can obtain your investor visa to start your businesses. In addition, you can apply for an employment visa and family visa according to your requirements and regulations.

Documents Needed to Open a Grocery Store in Dubai

If you have the following documents, you may begin the process of opening a grocery store in Dubai:

  • A properly completed application in English and Arabic must be submitted to the authorities.
  • Copies of the stockholders' passports and visas
  • A copy of the business plan
  • A copy of the leasing contract

What are the Requirements for Obtaining a Grocery Licence in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) must be fully aware of supplies or products in the local market.

  • If the store's location is altered, prior clearance is required.
  • The consumer must acquire an invoice for the purchased products.
  • The coin-operating machine must be installed only once the permit has been obtained.
  • Prohibition on the selling of items with a forged trademark
  • Any change cannot be implemented without the authority's consent.
  • The commercial name on the licence and the signboard must be the same.
  • Promotion and sale of counterfeit goods are prohibited.
  • Every product must have a production and expiration date.
  • All products must have readily apparent prices.

Cost of Grocery License in Dubai

There are several costs involved in establishing a grocery store in Dubai, so it isn't easy to estimate a total. However, the grocery license fee in Dubai expects to pay in the region of AED 10,000 to AED 40,000, depending on your business's exact size and nature.

While seeing the beneficiaries of getting a grocery license, it would be great to start a grocery shop in Dubai. However, if you like to set up a grocery business in Dubai, various legal procedures must be followed, and as a foreigner, navigating these procedures alone would be difficult. So, you can move forward with the business incorporation process under our expert guidance.

Our Role

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1. Is a local sponsor required or starting a grocery shop in Dubai?


2. Can a foreigner own 100% ownership in starting a grocery business in Dubai?


3. How long does it take to apply for a license for a grocery store in Dubai?

It requires 3-4 working days to get a grocery shop license in Dubai.

4. What steps are required for starting a grocery shop in Dubai?

The steps required for starting a grocery shop in Dubai are,
● Decision Making
● Documentation
● Initial Approval
● Trade Name
● Location
● License Issuance
● Visa Processing