Import and Export License in Dubai

Dubai serves as a centre for trade in the UAE because it has some of the world’s finest ports. A wide range of goods such as crude oil, sulphur, luxury goods, automobiles and refined petroleum are being traded to and from Dubai. Keeping this in mind, business formation in Dubai in the import-export sector can be a profitable venture. Obtaining an import-export licence in Dubai is imperative for carrying out trade in this sector. Read more to understand this license better. 

Import Licence in Dubai - A Brief Understanding

An import licence allows products from other countries to enter the Dubai market. The commodities can be imported into Dubai mainland or freezones. The important documents required for an import licence include import permission and the legal documentation of the company.

Dubai Export Licence - An Overview

The export licence in Dubai allows entrepreneurs to carry out trade by exporting goods and commodities from Dubai. However, if goods need to be re-exported after importing from another country, a separate licence must be acquired. 

How to Obtain an Import Export Licence in Dubai?

 For a business formation in Dubai focussing on import-export business, the steps are - 

Visit the website of The Department of Economic Development, Dubai which contains a list of business activities to choose from if you have not decided on a business activity. If your business activity belongs to the category of general trading, it will be approved. 

A trade name must be chosen keeping in mind the local laws and regulations. It must be an appropriate reflection of the business activity. 

The import-export business formation in Dubai can happen in the Dubai mainland or in any of the free zones. Depending on the jurisdiction, you have to approach the relevant authorities to incorporate your company. For further information on which jurisdiction will be suitable for the business, reach out to the consultants at Business Setup Worldwide

An office space or a warehouse must be rented for logistical and legal purposes. This is a mandatory requirement which is to be followed by all businesses.

The final stage is to acquire the permission of Dubai Trade and Customs by visiting the website. If you are selling restricted products, you must obtain specific clearance from the appropriate authorities. In case you do not comply then your trade licence will be suspended.

Once the above-mentioned 5 steps are completed, a licence will be issued. The licence must be used to open a corporate bank account.

Documents Required For Applying for an Import Export Licence in Dubai

During business formation in Dubai, the import-export trade business must submit the following documents during registration-

  • A filled application form which highlights the business activity and materials to be imported and exported. 
  • Emirates ID copy (In case of a mainland company formation)
  • A copy of the Residence Visa (if applicable)
  • Duly attested copy of the company’s MOA
  • Passport copies of shareholders

Import Export Licence Cost in Dubai

 Various factors such as business activity, number of visas and jurisdiction of operation affect the cost of acquiring a licence. Moreover, there is fluctuation in the prices due to decisions by the administration. Before setting up a company in Dubai, an entrepreneur must consider all the costs. 

To understand the complete process of company setup in Dubai, it is advised to take the assistance of a Business Setup Consultant. One such consultancy is Business Setup Worldwide which not only will help in choosing the right jurisdiction but will also act as a liaison between the government and the business. Contact us today.



1. What is the import-export license cost in UAE?

The cost of an Import Export License in the UAE is AED 24,683 on the mainland.

2. To whom did you get to register to obtain an import and export license?

To obtain an import and export license, you need to register with the Customs Office in Dubai.

3. What type of license does an import and export business need?

Commercial license

4. Do I need an import license in Dubai?


5. How long does it bear to get an import and export license in Dubai?

It talks around 2-3 working to obtain an import and export license in Dubai.