Import and Export License in Dubai

Dubai is one of the leading and fastest-growing business hubs in the seven emirates. Its world-class infrastructure, manufacturing of various commodities and exporting and importing goods demonstrate its productivity.

Many business executives and investors like doing in Dubai. However, as we all know, some requirements must be met while beginning a business. The biggest issue for attaining it was obtaining a license.

Obtaining a license is not an easy and straightforward process. However, you may hire or contact a business consultant to make your licensing procedure uncomplicated and straightforward.

To know more about licensing and the requirements needed for licensing, you can read this blog to get a clear idea.

Dubai Import License

Dubai import license is necessary if you like to import your products from other countries. You can import commodities into the UAE mainland from your partners in other countries or free zones by obtaining an import licence.

In addition to the import licence, you must meet all legal criteria before bringing products or commodities onto the mainland.

Typically, the importer will be needed to produce the customs department with a lawful trade licence, import permission, and documentation.

Export License in Dubai

The export licence allows you to export products and commodities from the UAE's mainland to any other international partner or any country's free zones. However, a separate licence is required to import products or things into the UAE mainland and re-export them after processing or keeping them in warehouses.

As a result, the methods and conditions for obtaining export and re-export permits varied significantly.

Benefits of Obtaining an Import and Export License in Dubai

People will be benefited by getting whatever they want. Likewise, businesses will be helped by knowing their benefits by choosing the business activity. After choosing the business activity and setting everything, a major issue arises.

Can you guess what's that? You are right. It's nothing but a license.

So, it's better to have thorough business research about the license you need to get for your required business.

Let's see what the advantages of getting a business license for import and export businesses in Dubai are

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Low taxation
  • Advanced logistics support
  • Easy transport of goods

Why are Import and Export Business Licenses Necessary?

Have you ever imagined your goods got stuck in between without the license? If it should not happen to you, continue reading the blog to overcome the hurdles. 

Suppose you need to explicitly import and export with foreign partners in various countries. In that case, you must seek import and export permits from the government since commercial areas are controlled, and one must obtain business licences in Dubai to begin any legitimate company activity.  

If you export or import any of the commodities listed as special or restricted, you must get special permission from the customs office.

Both import and export businesses are given a licence that describes how the activity will be carried out. If you are not strictly obeying the rules, you might undergo penalties or loss of goods.

How to Obtain an Import-Export License in Dubai?

The following steps should be followed before getting an import-export license in Dubai.

1. Register Your Business

The first step is to register your business in the UAE before applying for a licence. Registering your business will help government officials determine that the company is actual and active.

2. Choose Your Business Activity

The second step is choosing the respective business activity from the Department of Economic Development lists. Also, makes sure that your activities come with a general trading license.

If your business activities come under proper general trading, the particular government authority will further move with the following process.

3. Finding Trade Name

The third step is finding a suitable name for your business. You had the chance to see three alternative names for your business. The choice was given because if one of the names gets rejected at the last stage, the entrepreneur should be ready with the alternatives.

4. Obtain a Suitable Office Space

The next step is to rent an appropriate office or warehouse. Leasing or renting an office space in Dubai is necessary to obtain a business licence. Businesses are not permitted to trade or engage in any commercial activity unless they rent an office space.

5. Getting the Memorandum of Association's approval (MOA)

After you have finished registering your business, the following step is to acquire permission from the Memorandum of Association.

Furthermore, every company must have a Memorandum of Association that describes its operations. Once produced, the company cannot function outside the agreement's boundaries. If the corporation goes beyond the range, the action will be null and invalid.

6. Registration with Dubai Trade & Customs

The final stage is to acquire Dubai Trade and Customs permission. If you are selling restricted products, you must obtain specific clearance from the appropriate authorities. If you do not comply, your general trade licence will be cancelled.

Documents Required for Applying for Import and Export Licence

The following documents are submitted for applying for an import and export business licence.

  • Alternative trade names
  • Commercial activity
  • All stockholders' passport copies
  • Copy of entry stamp or visa page to be submitted if the partner is on a visit visa

What is the Import-Export License Cost in Dubai?

The cost of an import-export licence in Dubai is about AED 25,232. However, prices may vary in real-time; please feel free to Business Setup Worldwide for additional information on the precise cost of an import-export business licence in Dubai.

The general trade licence charge, virtual office contract, application form, and import-export code fee are all included in the Import-Export License Cost in Dubai. For investors who want a physical office setup, a one-year lease contract should be written based on the yearly rent for the requested office space.

As a result, the cost of an import-export licence includes everything from getting a general trade licence to applying for an import-export code and renting office space to execute worldwide import-export activities from Dubai effectively.

The cost of an import-export business licence is broken down as follows.

Import Export License in Dubai Cost of Import Export License in Dubai
Trade License Cost Mainland AED 13,000
Virtual Office with Ejari (For one year) AED 10,000
Tradename submission, application form, Agreement, etc. AED 1,732
Import Export Code Fee AED 500

The goods and commodities imported and exported into the mainland have processes and procedures different from those followed when importing and exporting the goods and items into the UAE free zones. This is due to the UAE legal structure that recognises the Free zone as a legal entity separate from the UAE Mainland.

Getting an Import/Export License is an elaborate process which requires approvals, permits and unique licensing before starting your business operations. Contact us; we can help you get a valid trade license for various trading activities in Dubai.



1. What is the import-export license cost in UAE?

The cost of an Import Export License in the UAE is AED 24,683 on the mainland.

2. To whom did you get to register to obtain an import and export license?

To obtain an import and export license, you need to register with the Customs Office in Dubai.

3. What type of license does an import and export business need?

Commercial license

4. Do I need an import license in Dubai?


5. How long does it bear to get an import and export license in Dubai?

It talks around 2-3 working to obtain an import and export license in Dubai.