Intellectual Property Services in the UAE

Why a Business Needs Intellectual Property Services?

UAE attracts start-ups, 1000s of businesses and investors from across the world to own, operate and establish a business in this region. The primary purpose is for economic development and also for the growth of the newly setup business or business investment. In a world where business existence is crucial for the economic development, Intellectual property safeguard has become an important aspect for the survival of the firm. Today companies face the challenge of copyright infringement, patent and trademark infringement, etc. Brand and reputation of a business are necessary to protect to differentiate. Hence, it is a need to take legal expertise in protecting your business by registering your trademark, assets and intellectual property.   

List of Intellectual Property Services Offered by BSW

At Business Setup Worldwide, we offer a complete range of Intellectual property services that aims to tackle possible infringement and protect your creative work. The services we provide are,

  • Copyright Registration and Protection
  • Trademark & Logo Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • Trade Secret Protection

Once you assign to your business, we understand your business and specific requirement. Our intellectual property consultant with the domain expertise then takes over the project and provides the solution based on your need.

Benefits of Taking Intellectual Property Services in the UAE

  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights give your business significant advantages and incentives. Trademarks allow you to build your brand and create a stronger company. It applies to all the companies. In the case of Copyright registration, it ensures that a creator continues to own his or her artistic creation (books, artwork, graphic design work, etc.). Patents foster invention and innovation. Hence protections of these are equally important as building your business.
  • Companies must protect their logos and trademarks that identify and strengthen their brands. These aspects are the differentiating factors for your businesses success.
  • Registration of Intellectual Property is a quick way to prove ownership and to facilitate speedy enforcement against infringers. Copyright is protected for the duration of the author’s life plus 25 years. For companies: 50 years from the date of publication.

Limitations of Taking Intellectual Property Services in the UAE

  • In UAE, to protect a trademark it needs to be registered with the UAE’s Trade Mark Office. UAE is not part of the Nice Agreement which governs the international classification of goods and services. Registration of trade marks in the UAE is essential since they do not recognize prior user rights.
  • Multi-class registrations are not possible, so application is a method of protection which needs to be filed separately for each class of goods or services.

Why to Choose Business Setup Worldwide?

We at Business Setup Worldwide carefully monitor the global IP movements. Our competent Intellectual Property Consultants leverage their knowledge to provide the direction and assistance to our clients. We have a formidable network of international registrations, enforcements and monitoring mechanism which helps us to support our client in the best possible way. We have a strategic edge over our competition, and hence our consultants provide a cutting-edge solution when it comes to Intellectual Property services.