Business Setup Services in UAE

Business setup in UAE, in the last few decades, has become an important point of international trade. UAE has one of the highest numbers of investments regarding business setup. UAE offers all incoming businesses the advantages of a highly developed economy along with a competitive business environment. 

At the same time, it is easier for international investors to benefit from services provided by consultants for their Business Setup in UAE. As time is an important instrument along with money, it is favourable for the business owner to utilise their time in building up the client relationship rather than get stuck in operational issues.

Types of Business Setup in UAE

Company Formation in UAE has a very structured procedure, starting with the kind of business setup suitable for the firm. The following are the types of business setups the UAE offers:

UAE has seven Emirates, and the mainland consists of all the business entities that are directly registered under each Emirates government and its authorities.  

The commercial activities are restricted to the geographical areas. Each of these regions is a representation of the local government policies and the legal structure of its most developed economy.

Commercial area permitted by the DED (Dubai Economic Department) to foreign entities to operate business functions.

To enhance the private sector business, the Sharjah Economic Department created this open trade market for international companies.

Abu Dhabi Economic Department actively participates in the formation of business registration of the most commercialised areas other than the Free Zone.

Free Zones are commercialised areas to support economic reform. These economic zones are created to attract foreign investors to invest and set up businesses, have no taxes, and can have 100% of the firm, unlike mainland areas.  

To start a business in the UAE.  Business Setup Worldwide provides assistance in all the below listed free zones:

Offshore company formation in the UAE provides the privilege of creating companies for foreign business owners. Incorporation of an offshore company for a foreign investor can be used for various purposes. 

Offshore companies are used as a holding company to hold interests in other firms in different jurisdictions, to hold trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights, as well as for licensing of franchises. Income tax is not levied on the gain from an offshore company formation in the UAE.

Advantages of Registering a Company in UAE

UAE opens great prospects and opportunities for the establishment of business. The minimal crime rate, no taxation, the stability of the current national currency, proposals for residential and commercial properties for their purchasing and renting, and the perfectly organised infrastructure are some of the benefits that make it attractive to set up business in UAE or expand the existing one.

  • No corporate taxes on the gained profits for legal entities;
  • No income taxation for business owners and employees.
  • Simplified financial reporting system.
  • Interest protection of the foreign business owners.
  • UAE LLC offers unrivalled access to the wider UAE economy
  • The investor becomes a partner in the company
  • The entrepreneur or an investor gets an investor visa to enjoy the investor’s status in the Emirates along with the dependents
  • Business owners can expand their branches in the UAE
  • It is easy to open global /local corporate bank accounts and avail of credit facilities.

How Can Business Setup Worldwide Help?

We at Business Setup Worldwide provide you with the most efficient and appropriate solution for your business establishment. Our presence in UAE for many years has made us specialists in the area of business setup. Our connections go beyond the boundaries of the UAE to establish a profitable venture; in short, we are a one-stop shop for your operational requirements. 

Our knowledgeable team and experts come with decades of experience and proper connections, thus reducing your overall time from approaching us to starting up your venture in this region. If you would like to know more about Business Setup in UAE, kindly write to us at [email protected]; we will be happy to support/ take any of your queries.

1. Is it possible to open a branch office of a local company (UAE) in any other Emirate or the same Emirate?

The same is possible, but the different location will be a leading company branch in a different Emirate. The activities in the license are subject to approval from the Economic Development Office. For setting up a unit, incorporation documents of the parent company will be required.

2. What is the minimum required share capital for forming an LLC in UAE?

The minimum capital of an LLC company will be AED 300,000 (each share is AED 1). If the worth is AED 1,000,000 or more, then proof of money is required.

3. How long does the registration and licensing process take?

The process depends on the jurisdiction of each emirate where the business is being set up. However, the security checks have been cleared, and the application fee and all supporting documentation are present and correct. In that case, the registration and licensing process can be completed within as little as one day.

4. Who shall be appointed a local service agent for a branch of a foreign company in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?

UAE nationals/ Emiratis or companies owned by UAE nationals (100% ownership) are appointed as local service agents.