PRO Services in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates with its business-friendly environment, safety, security, and connectivity to 180 countries makes it one of the top preferences of investors to settle here and make it their second home. Now, setting up a business in any of the Emirates like Dubai has a list of procedures and formalities to be carried out. It also requires proper documentation and approvals. But, following all these procedures in a foreign land can be a daunting task. And the solution is getting PRO services for your business.

What are PRO Services in Dubai?

Every company in the UAE requires the services of a Government Liaison Officer, also known as a Public Relation Officer or PRO. The services refer to all the activities related to processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa application, labor cards, and company trade licensing documentation and approvals. There are several legal procedures from the Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) for registration and setting up a company. And PRO services can help you in speeding up the process.

Benefits of PRO Services in Dubai

Having PRO services in Dubai offers numerous advantages for any individual in starting a new company in a foreign land. With an abundance of PRO companies in Dubai also capable of accommodating your needs wherever you are in the UAE, you can have yourself enjoying these benefits:

  1.  Compliance- One can face difficulty in understanding the legal procedures for company set up in Dubai. The Emirates holds stringent policies which can seem unfavorable for the expats. Hence having PRO services will help in due compliance of the legal proceedings.
  2. Time Saving- You time can be saved from all the hustle-bustle of following the documentation procedure, and you can completely concentrate on the business activities by hiring PRO services for your business.
  3. Expenses- If it isn’t for PRO services, you will be looking at budget deficits which could eat at your wallet more than what you had planned for. If you are looking to cut out the losses, having a trusted PRO companion will provide you with professional advice's on how to best utilize your resources in the early phases.
  4. Long Lasting- If there is a trusted officer to assist you and your business in the country, your personal stay will be safeguarded in the long run. UAE is known for its yearly improvisations of its local policies and regulations. You will need sound advice and up-to-date information on these aspects for you to continue on your endeavors within the country, especially in Dubai.
  5. Professionalism- PRO services provide you with a trained and experienced team of professionals in the UAE to process and handle all of your paperwork and transactions with no hassle.

Types of PRO Services in Dubai

PRO services depend on the type of activity that you want to get done for the business. There are various types of documents clearing services in Dubai. They are,

PRO Services for Business Setup in Dubai

It includes,

  • Company registration
  • Visa and immigration clearance
  • Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Increasing or Decreasing of paid up capital
  • Employee visa and labor card arrangement
  • Opening a business bank account
  • Trade name changes
  • Physical and/or virtual office set up in the Emirates

PRO Services for Company Liquidation

It includes,

  • Liquidating existing company
  • License termination
  • Closing of corporate bank accounts
  • Preparation of final audit report

PRO Services for Consultation

It includes,

  • Address change
  • NRI Certificate
  • ECNR name change
  • Servant travel document
  • Spouse name endorsement
  • Renewal of passport

PRO Services for Verification of Certificates

It includes,

  • Birth Certificates
  • Degree Certificates
  • Affidavits
  • Power of Attorney
  • Provisional Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Why Does Your Company in Dubai Need PRO Services?

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, having PRO services will help you in navigating the linguistic and cultural barriers when establishing           a business in a foreign country. You can take advantage of the time, money, and effort saved in the research and paperwork by letting a consultant help you in every step of the way. You might not know few of the legal formalities which can further land you in trouble. For instance, in order to legally work in the UAE, every employee must obtain a resident visa and a work permit, which is also required in order to open a bank account, sign a residential lease, connect to utilities such as electricity, and obtain an Emirates ID and you might not be aware of this. Hence, despite the obvious legal consequences, failure to carry out these activities can also have an unfavorable impact on a number of different factors outside of the business too.

Our PRO Services

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you start a business in the UAE. Our advisors have years of experience in this field and can help you right from company formation to visa processing in the UAE. We also provide PRO services for our customers. Our range of PRO services include,

  • Resident and Employee Visa
  • Labor and Immigration Card
  • Labor Quota applications
  • Investor Visas
  • Family Visas
  • Emirates ID Cards
  • Company and Branch formation
  • Annual License renewals and updates
  • Changes to Trade Licenses
  • Notarization of Legal Documents

Contact us today- we’d be glad to help you.


What is PRO service Dubai?

All procedures involved in processing legal papers, such as visas, business documentation, labor cards, and approvals, are considered PRO services in Dubai.

What is PRO service responsible for?

The PRO service in UAE is responsible for all official paperwork and documentation processes, such as registration and submitting documents. In addition, they are responsible for supporting businesses at their backend.

What does a PRO do in UAE?

A PRO handles the legal aspects of your company.