Professional Company Formation in Dubai

The importance of protecting intellectual rights is necessary, and there is a separate business entity that handles artistic or professional activities.

Dubai, the city of opportunities, is no exception in this matter. Setting up a professional company in Dubai can be beneficial for several reasons.

So if you want to set up a one, read the treatise to get the details about the same. 

Professional Company in Dubai

A reputable business in Dubai runs by offering intellectual services to the general population. A professional firm's partners are qualified and engage in occupations that, according to the professional company, are geared toward providing the needed answer.

Examples include law firms, hospitals, accounting businesses, architectural firms, and consulting services companies.

To use the services offered by a professional firm in Dubai, a shareholder must meet specific requirements.

Due to the sensitivity of the service, Dubai and other UAE emirates have a clear set of guidelines for operating professional businesses. For the designation of professional company ownership, there are specialized tests. The government also closely monitors expert resources, websites, marketing tools, and other publicly accessible services.

Characteristics of Professional Company

The features of a professional company are as follows:

  • Expatriate shareholders can own 100% shares of a professional company
  • A UAE national is required as a service agent in the professional company
  • UAE national does not supposedly hold any stake in the company
  • As a service agent, the UAE national receives fixed annual charges
  • There is no requirement for minimum share capital
  • For proof of qualification and position; a degree, experience, and relevant certificates are mandatory for shareholders of a professional company in Dubai
  • A civil company is formed with more than one shareholder in professional companies.
  • It is mandatory to rent an office and obtain Ejari
  • Professional companies can also serve as limited liability legal structures by adding a UAE national as a 51% shareholder. Here, the company will be designated as LLC, and the expatriate investor can hold a maximum of 49% of shares only. Learn more about the Limited Liability Company formation in Dubai

Advantages of Professional Company Formation in Dubai

One can enjoy various benefits of a professional company formation in Dubai, which are as follows:

  • There are no personal income taxes or capital gains taxes due.
  • There are no corporate taxes to pay
  • 100% of earnings and capital are repatriated
  • There are no restrictions on the capital
  •  There is a sufficient supply of labor and energy, and 
  • The hiring procedure is straightforward.

How to Start a Professional Company in Dubai

You must go through a step-by-step process to form a professional company in Dubai, which is as follows:

1. Decide a Name for the Company

Finalize a trading name by following all the rules and regulations of the UAE government. 

2. Finalize the Business Activity

Select the activities you will perform for the business.

3. Obtain the Initial Approval

Get primary approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

4. Submit the Documents

Once you get the initial approval, it is time to apply for the license. First, submit all the required documents to the concerned authority for the business license. Learn more about professional licenses in Dubai. 

5. Pay the Fees

Clear the prescribed fees for business registration and license.

6. Obtain the Business License

Once you complete all the steps mentioned, you can collect the license for your business. 

Documents Required for Professional Company Formation

There are some documents required to be submitted for the professional company formation in Dubai, which include the following:

  • DED’s application form to obtain the professional trading license
  • Passport copy of owners or partners
  • The naturalization book copy of local partners’ (Jinsiya)
  • No-Objection Certificate from sponsors for foreign investors if the ex-pat is already on an employment visa
  •  UID number of a shareholder is required if on a visit visa
  • A copy of the visa of foreign partners
  • Initial approval from the relevant authorities, based on the type of activity to be undertaken (e.g., the Municipality, RTA, National Media Council, etc.)

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1. What is the cost of a professional trading license in Dubai?

It starts from AED 11,900.

2. What is the annual sponsorship rate?

AED 8000.

3. What is the annual sponsorship fee?

AED 10,000 approximately.