Free Zones in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) was established to monitor and cumulate the free zones and clients of

Ras Al Khaimah Media City Free Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Media City free zone was launched in 2006 as an alternative to Dubai Media City, offering in

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone

Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone was established in the year 2000, and is growing as one of the leading busin

Ras Al Khaimah Maritime City

Free Zone Business Parks in RAK


This park is dedicated to businesses and corporates to invest in


This area is designated to accommodate heavy manufacturing industries


This section has companies involved in trade as well as light manufacturers


RAK free trade zone aims to be a premier education destination by demarcating an area for the world’s best educational institutions

Types of Licenses in Ras-Al-Khaimah Free Zone

In order to start a business in this free zone, a businessman must select an appropriate business license. There are four main types of licenses that can be obtained in this free zone;

  1. Commercial License
  2. General Trading License
  3. Industrial License
  4. Consultancy or Service License

The business license is issued for one year and can be renewed after the completion of one year.

Benefits of Setting up a Company in RAK Free Zone

  • Provision of 100% foreign ownership
  • No restriction on repatriation of capital or profits
  • Exemption from import and export duties
  • Speedy immigration process
  • Competitive real estate price, with properties being available on lease
  • Liberal economic policies favorable to business
  • Access to all large airports and seaports in the UAE
  • A clear regulatory legal framework
  • No corporate tax
  • Easy and quick incorporation process

RAK Free Zone – Legal Entities

Two types of companies or legal entities can be formed by corporates in RAK Free Zones based on the type of shareholding. These are:

1.Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

It is a single shareholder limited liability company

2.Free Zone Company (FZC)

It is multiple shareholder limited liability company that can be set up with a maximum of 2 to 5 shareholders

Process of Setting up a Business in RAK Free Zone

Setting up a company in RAK free zone takes a pretty systematic route, being guided by the laws of the Emirates. The process of business formation follows these steps:

  1. Determining Business Activity Type- It is important for an investor to decide the type of business activity before initiating business license issuance procedures. Each activity has its own unique legal regulations and fees according to its nature
  2. Determining the Legal Category- Legal category is the business structure. It can either FZ-LLC or FZC
  3. Selecting a Name for the Company- Post determining the type of business activity and legal status of the business, it is important to choose a unique and appropriate business name for the establishment.  The investor may obtain initial approval before obtaining the trade name certificate from the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone Authority
  4. Obtaining Initial Approval- The initial approval allows the investor to continue with the business license issuance procedure and address the concerned authorities to obtain their approval to conduct the business activity
  5. Obtaining Approvals from the Concerned Authority- After you get the initial approval from the FZ Authority and fulfilling the legal requirements, the investor should visit the other concerned authorities to obtain their approval. These authorities are defined according to the required activity, although some types of activities may require the sole approval of the Department of Economic Development. 
  6. Issuance of Business License- Once you get approval from all the concerned authorities, the investor can proceed to the stage of fulfilling all the legal requirements for issuance of business license from FZ Authority
  7. Obtaining the shareholder(s)’ signatures on the company formation documents, with completion of other business setup formalities in the presence of RAK free zone authorities

Documents Required for Company Formation in RAK Free Zone

  • Proof of trade name reservation
  • Proof of initial approval for business activities
  • Passport copies for the shareholders
  • Passport copy and CV of the manager
  • Personal Information sheet for each shareholder & manager
  • Lease agreement [possessing a physical address for one’s office is mandatory in the UAE]
  • Third party/authority approval for activities, where applicable

There are a lot to choose from UAE free trade zones and a lot to know about RAK free zone company setup. When you have the right people, you can be ensured to have a good start. Since company formation in UAE should not be taken lightly and be done hastily, people who are specialized in this field are needed to advise you further.

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Ras Al Khaimah free zones are the preferred destinations for company formation due to their cost-effectiveness, tax free status, and liberal government policies. The government body responsible for registering and issuing business licenses to non-resident or foreign companies is the Ras-Al-Khaimah Free Zone Authority.

Understanding that investor requirements for offices, warehouses & land facilities are diverse, unique Free Zone Parks have been setup by the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority. These free zones are setup at different locations across the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and include Technology Park, Business Park, Industrial Park, and Al Ghail Park. Each RAK free zone caters to the specific business interests and is fully equipped to meet the investors’ requirements.

Free Zones in RAK

There are four free zones in Ras-al-Khaimah. They are:

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) was established to monitor and cumulate the free zones and clients of the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA) and Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ). By dint of its strategic geography, RAKEZ connects businesspeople to expanding markets of the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and South & Central Asia.

Ras Al Khaimah Media City

Ras Al Khaimah Media City free zone was launched in 2006 as an alternative to Dubai Media City, offering investment opportunities and benefits in the media sector, in a relatively cost-effective environment.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone

Ras Al Khaimah FTZ was established in the year 2000 as one of the leading business destinations to set up a business in. It offers exceptional facilities for business with sophisticated business parks, shopping, and entertainment mall

Ras Al Khaimah Maritime City

Ras Al Khaimah Maritime City was established in the year 2009 offering excellent sea access with international sea port facility and special zones for companies that combine the port facilities with an inherent business edge