Restaurant License in Dubai

One of the most thriving businesses that capture the attention of business investors in Dubai is a restaurant business. The UAE is termed as the land of entrepreneurs and Dubai, the heart of UAE is home to millions of expats from all around the world, which makes the restaurant business as one of the most prominent businesses in the region. The Arabian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in the region, but apart from that it covers ranging from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Continental, etc. The restaurant business serves as one of the best businesses, most entrepreneurs, business investors opt it. If you have an interest in the same and want to set up a business in Dubai, then this is the right time to implement your business idea.

How to Open a Restaurant Business in Dubai?

Once you have decided to implement your business idea, the entire process of setting up a restaurant involves a few steps.

Step 1: Obtaining the Food and Restaurant License

The first and foremost step is to obtain a food and restaurant license in Dubai, that gives you the authority to carry out the business operations.

Trade License

The license is to be obtained from Department of Economic Development (DED) which can be availed by paying a sum of AED 30, 000- 40,000 and also the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Food License

The Food Safety Department is responsible for issuing the Food License in Dubai, and for obtaining it the copy of trade license needs to be produced, along with the interior decoration plan. Once you are done with the license procedures, you can successfully head towards the next step.

Apart from the above-stated licenses, you might also require to obtain:

Food Consignment License

Vehicle Permit License

Liquor License

Step 2: Choose a Strategic Location

The next step involves choosing a strategic location. A business location is an essential factor that drives a business. Dubai is home to millions of tourists, and while setting up the business, this factor is t be kept in kind. If you open a restaurant that doesn’t capture the audience, your business won’t grow. The ideal option is to analyze and then fix a strategic location that has got the targeted audience, as it will help to drive the business.

When it comes to Dubai, it provides multiple options to business investors and entrepreneurs to start the business with. The available options include Mainland, Free Zones, Offshore where each one has got their criteria to start a business. You need to analyze and choose a suitable location for your business, and it should be based on:



Customer Base


Ease of Suppliers

Step 3: Outline the Business Plan

Once the site is fixed, the business plan needs to be outlined. In this step, a rough sketch s to be prepared to state the business plan and then analyzing the plan whether it will get implemented or not. The outlining process will help you to understand the steps and initiative that is to be taken to drive the business. Every single actor in this process will contribute greatly to your business.

Step 4: Determine the Business Cost

The last step involves the determination of the business cost. This step is directly linked to the previous one. Once you have built the outline, you can determine the business cost according to the location as well as the size of the business you are planning to set up. While dealing it practically you will end up questioning, ‘How much will it cost?’. An estimated count for fixed and variable costs are to be made accordingly. Now, some of the known cost that will be involved includes:

Local Sponsor Fee- AED 10, 000 per year

Trade License Fee- AED 30,000-40,000

Labour and Immigration Fee-AED 8,000

Rent of the Restaurant- AED 60,000 and above.

Step 5: Invest in the Right Technology

The technology has infused into the hospitality industry as well. Advance equipment are available that helps the staff to deal with various processes starting from cooking, maintaining, still billing the products and services. While incorporating the restaurant business, it is to be kept in mind that feasible investment is also required in the right kind of technology t be used.

Step 6: Hire Qualified Staff

Last but not least, experienced and qualified staff is required. In the business world, it is said that the employees represent the organization. If your staff is well-organized, the growth chances of your business accelerate at a faster pace. On the other hand, if they are not well-experienced or trained, your business will get affected.

Documents Required to Set Up a Business in Dubai

Now, in order to set up a restaurant business, certain essential is to be provided to the Government Authorities that includes:

Trading License

Food and Safety License

No-Objection Certificate from the Municipality of Dubai

Some of the other permits include:

Ramadan Permit

Liquor Permit

Pork Permit

Delivery Permit

All the aforementioned documents are required to submit to the government authorities. The criteria remain the same for new as well as an established business. To carry on the process in a smooth way, the business investors and entrepreneurs choose to join hands with business consultants who are well versed with the business corporation procedures as well as the legal laws. At Business Setup Worldwide, we are destined to provide the same. Our business consultants are well-versed with the business and legal processes. We stand as one of the best business consultants and can contribute significantly towards building your business. Experts at our end take the initiative to understand your business and provide customized solutions accordingly. If you hold any doubt or want to have a word, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.


What are the documents required for starting a restaurant business in Dubai?

Below are the documents required for starting a restaurant business in Dubai
Clear scanned passport and visa copy of the owner/partners
Tenancy and Ejari contract
Engineering Layout
Fit out Company License
NOC from Sponsor (if a resident of UAE)
3-4 name options for the company

What is the cost of starting a restaurant business in Dubai?

The cost of starting a restaurant business in Dubai is around AED 18,942.

Do I need a trading license to start a restaurant?

Yes, you need a trading license to start a restaurant business in Dubai.

How many weeks does it take to incorporate a restaurant business in Dubai?

It takes 2 – 4 weeks to incorporate a restaurant business in Dubai.