Restaurant License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the best places that can always be counted for foodies. A wide range of restaurants is available in Dubai, which caters to all the global cuisines and preferences. In addition, the city is filled with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars that offer delicious food items and a great ambiance to enjoy meal times with your friends, partners, or family. 

However, if you are planning to start your own restaurant business in Dubai, then you should be aware of getting a restaurant business license in Dubai.

The Necessity of a Restaurant License in Dubai

A Restaurant License in Dubai is one of the most important licenses you need if you are operating any restaurant in the UAE. It's a compulsory requirement and must be obtained before your restaurant's grand opening. 

A restaurant license in Dubai will allow you to run your restaurant with permission from the government. To get a restaurant license, you need to fulfill several requirements, which vary depending on whether your business is located within a free zone or in the emirate of Dubai outside the free zones.

Additionally, along with the necessity of a restaurant license, know about the business license in Dubai

Procedure to Obtain a Restaurant License in Dubai

Obtaining a restaurant license is not an easy process. However, if you follow the procedures, it should be straightforward.

 1. Acquiring the Food and Restaurant License

The first and foremost step is getting a food and restaurant license in Dubai, which gives you the power to run your business.

 2. Choose a Strategic Location

The next action is picking a wise location. A company's location is a key component of its success. Millions of tourists visit Dubai annually, so this fact must be considered when building up the company. Your business won't expand if it doesn't appeal to the public. So, the ideal option is to analyze and then fix a strategic location with the targeted audience, as it will help drive the business.

 3. Outline the Business Plan

The business strategy must be prepared after the location has been determined. This process involves creating a draft version of the business plan and determining whether or not it will be implemented. The process of outlining will assist you in comprehending the actions and initiatives required to move the firm forward. Every person in this process will make a significant contribution to your company.

 4. Determine the Business Cost

The last step involves finalizing the business cost. After creating the outline, you can calculate the cost of your business based on where it will be located and how big it will be. 

 5. Invest in the Right Technology

One has to invest in the right technology to do their work in simpler forms. Modern equipment is available to assist the workers with various tasks, including cooking, maintaining, and even billing the goods and services. However, it is important to recall that a financially sound investment in the appropriate technology will be needed when starting a restaurant business.

 6. Hire Qualified Staff

The last thing is to hire qualified staff. It's a common saying in business that employees represent their employers. If your team is organized, your company's chances of growth will grow more quickly. On the other hand, your business will suffer if they lack expertise or training.

Documents Required to Restaurant Setup in Dubai

Now, to set up a restaurant business, certain essential is to be provided to the Government Authorities, including:

  • Trading License
  • Food and Safety License
  • No-Objection Certificate from the Municipality of Dubai

Some of the other permits include:

  • Ramadan Permit
  • Liquor Permit
  • Pork Permit
  • Delivery Permit

While reading the above content, you should know that a license is mandatory for business in Dubai. This Dubai restaurant license is what everyone must acquire for the restaurants. As a result, the world has opened up for restaurateurs to invest in Dubai, one of the best playgrounds to start their business. Moreover, if you want to start a business in Dubai, then know about the company formation in Dubai.

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What are the documents required for starting a restaurant business in Dubai?

 Below are the documents required for starting a restaurant business in Dubai

  • Clear scanned passport and visa copy of the owner/partners
  • Tenancy and Ejari contract
  • Engineering Layout
  • Fit out Company License
  • NOC from Sponsor (if a resident of UAE)
  • 3-4 name options for the company

How much does the restaurant license cost in Dubai?

The cost of getting a restaurant license in Dubai is around AED 18, 000.

Do I need a trading license to start a restaurant?

   Yes, you need a trading license to start a restaurant business in Dubai.

How many weeks does it take to incorporate a restaurant business in Dubai?

 It takes 2 – 4 weeks to incorporate a restaurant business in Dubai.