Sharjah Media City (Shams) Free Zone

Sharjah Media City emerged in 2017 with an aim to uplift creative entrepreneurs and expand media industry for business growth.

Sharjah, one of the 7 Emirates in the UAE, ranks 3rd, after Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in terms of business setup. It is a lively city known for its rich culture. The UAE trade free zone attracts foreign investors from around the globe every year.

Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City, often shortened to Shams, emerged in 2017 with an aim to uplift creative entrepreneurs and expand media industry for business growth. Shams free zone, a platform designed for start-ups, SMEs and established companies to grow and expand their business at an international level. A bundle of opportunities has been provided by free zone Sharjah for investors to form different kinds of companies.

Why Sharjah Media City?

Sharjah Media City invites foreign investors from every corner of the world. Let’s have a quick glance on few of the benefits that it provides.

1. Simple Company Setup

Shams opens the door for investors to build their business foundations at a very low cost. It starts from AED 9,050 per year inclusive of all taxes.

2. Wide Business Options

Sharjah Media City free zone provides a variety of different business options, with an aim to increase and develop every division.

3. Multiple Visa Options

The Media City has removed the barriers that one needs to go through for a business visa. It has provided an excellent opportunity to avail the benefits of receiving 6 visas.

4. No Age Restriction

The age bar for investor visa has been removed.

5. Exemption from Corporate and Personal Tax

This is one factor driving investors to free trade zones in the UAE. They don’t need to burden themselves for individual income tax or any kind of corporate tax.

6. No Deposits Required

Entrepreneurs can set up their business in Shams without the prerequisite of nay paid-up capital deposit. It helps them not to hold back their business ideas due to lack of finances. They can initiate their business idea at any point in time.

Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation

As discussed above, we can see how Sharjah Media City Free Zone is providing benefits galore to its investors. It also offers different trading license types. Now, let’s have a look at the types of companies that can be formed in Sharjah Media City Free Zone:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership Company
  • Local Services Agent or Business Partnership
  • Foreign Company Branch
  • Local Company Branch
  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Company Branch
  • Private and Public Shareholding Company

Types of Licenses in Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City offers different types of licenses to carry out specific activities. It also helps one to avail the benefit of getting a license by applying for it online.

1. Service License

Allows production, reproduction, transformation, distribution of services.

2. Trading License

Allows import and export, wholesale, retail sale of goods.

3. Industrial License

Allows production, re-production, manufacturing of goods.

4. Holding License

Is required to hold patents, trademark, assets, and stocks.

Sharjah Media City aims to be the hub of media management companies and help them expand globally.

How to Start a Business in Sharjah Media City

To set up a business in Shams free zone, you need to go through the following process:

  1. Register your trade name
  2. Get an approval for commercial lease
  3. Apply for special approvals or permits, if required
  4. Apply for a company license
  5. Get your company signboard approved
  6. Apply for Establishment Labor Card
  7. Apply for Immigration Card

Are you an investor? Are you planning to carry out your business activities and perform them without the burden of tax? Then grab on the excellent opportunities that Sharjah is providing to multiple investors irrespective of their nationality. Grow your business in Sharjah tax-free zone.

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