Spa License in Dubai

Dubai, a renowned city in the UAE, is regarded as the fashion epicenter of the region. In addition, Dubai has long been the hub of MENA trade, commerce, and finance, luring foreign employees, businesspeople, and investors into the Emirate. The high level of life in the city, which is home to ex-pats from all over the world, reflects the region's increased economic expansion in terms of wealth.

Due to the region's reputation for tourism, leisure activities, and a chic way of life, Dubai is the ideal location to launch a spa business. Additionally, as relaxation and leading a healthy lifestyle are valued highly, salons and spas that pamper clients are a necessary part of existence. In this light, by reading on, we can learn more about the requirements for setting up a successful spa business in Dubai by obtaining a spa license.

What is a Spa License?

A spa license is necessary to establish a wellness centre since it grants your company permission to provide wellness services. To receive a spa license in Dubai, you must adhere to health and safety laws and uphold industry standards. The spa license is also subject to expiration; therefore, you must renew it with the appropriate authorities while maintaining the same standards and abiding by the rules established by the governing bodies.

Reasons to Start a Spa Business in Dubai

People have a mindset toward consuming more high-end goods for a living, leisure, travel, and fashion. However, Dubai inhabitants don't mind spending on luxuries and wellness despite the city's reputation as one of the costliest places to live due to the way of life there.

  • Posh Luxury Lifestyle
  • High Standards of Living
  • Spending Power
  • Positive Attitude to Luxury
  • Massive Expat Population

Along with the reasons to set up a business, know about the benefits of starting a business in Dubai.

How to Obtain a Massage Center License in Dubai?

To obtain a spa license in Dubai, the following steps are to be followed accordingly:

Submit the Necessary Documents

The first phase is to fill out the application. After filling out the application, submit the documents to the governing authority. Once the papers are submitted, wait for the approval.

Decide a Name and Get an Approval

The next stage is choosing a unique name for your spa business. The salon name is mandatory for obtaining a license from the respective authority.

Obtain the DED Approval

Once the papers and names have been submitted to the respective authority, they will be verified accordingly. After the verification, the DED will authorize the plan.

Draft the MOA and AOA

The next procedure is to draft the MOA and AOA. It contains the roles and responsibilities that will be carried out on the premise and needs to be signed accordingly.

Specific Approvals

Dubai's salon and spa business need special approvals from the Planning Section and Health & Safety Division of Dubai Municipality. Get the respective approvals from the authority and obtain your license on time.

Paperwork Required to Obtain a Spa License in Dubai

Several certificates and documents are required to obtain a spa license in Dubai. Obtaining your spa license is no longer a one-step process. It requires proper documentation from beginning to end to meet the requirements mandated by the licensing authorities.

  • Copies of passport and visas
  • An approved copy of the Spa name
  • Initial approval from DED
  • A valid Dubai Health Authority License 
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Tenancy Contract and the Ejari Number
  • Copy of approval from the planning section of Dubai Municipality

However, a Spa license in Dubai is a bureaucratic process, and it takes some time to register. So, we've created a solution for spas that want to start their business without wasting time. We have done our research and done all the hard work for you. So, follow the abovementioned steps and get your spa license today. Also, if you want to start a business in Dubai, explore the company formation in Dubai.

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1. Are there any particular guidelines that need to be followed for spa business in Dubai?

Yes, there is a proper guideline for the spa business.

2. Can anyone open a spa business in Dubai Mainland?


3. How much does it cost to obtain a spa license in Dubai?

Between AED 1000 to AED 5000

4. Where to obtain the spa planning section and health and safety approval?

Dubai Municipality.