Ahmed Bin Rashid Port & Free Zone

Ahmed Bin Rashid Port was formed to serve as a global trade center for local and foreign investors, and provides a comprehensive administrative and logistics support to tenants.

Ahmed Bin Rashid Port and Free Zone (ABR-FZ) was established under the patronage of Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Mu’alla, the Ruler of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain on the west coast of the United Arab Emirates in April 1998. This area comes under the direction of the Umm Al Quwain Free zone Authority along with the Ahmed Bin Rashid port acting as a key entry-exit, container and bulk cargo port for the extensive industrial areas and free zones in Umm Al Quwain and Northern part of UAE.

Ahmed Bin Rashid free market monetary free trade zone is the state investment project carried out to improve the economy of Umm-Al-Quwain Emirate. The main objective of the formation of this zone is the formation of a global trade center for the local and overseas shareholders. This zone plays an essential role in the progressive growth and development of the Umm Al Quwain region.

The Free zone complex has an 845-meter quay wall along the coastline on the west, with 400m section capable of servicing and handling ocean-vessels, and 118,000 sq. meter of reserved land for light industrial zone development. The infrastructure includes all necessary facilities such as water, electricity, labor accommodation, communications, and transport corridors are available in the free zone. Furthermore, the free zone offers a comprehensive administrative, technical and logistic support to the business tenant in the free zone.

Advantages of Starting a Business in Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Zero percent personal and corporate tax
  • Streamlined registration and licensing
  • Special concessions via Ahmed Bin Rashid seaport
  • High tech warehousing, and office spaces
  • Enhanced business support and extensive facilities for businesses
  • Accessibility to massive storage services
  • Availability of flexible offices
  • Import and export freedom for the distribution of goods and raw materials
  • Access to high-tech infrastructure, logistics, and technologies
  • Excellent access to deep sea port facility

The entire strategy of operating from ABR FTZ is based on the co-operation between private businesses and government authorities. As a result of such close co-operation required in this sector, the government has made favorable conditions such as nearly non-existent administrative barriers, lax tax rules, and granting licenses in short period of time, providing residence visa for investors and businessmen.

Types of Licenses in Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone

  1. General Trading License (International & Local Market)
  2. Manufacturing License (Special Business License)
  3. Management Services License
  4. Professional Consultancy License

How to Set Up your Business in Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone

  1. The company or organization interested in setting up business or base of operations in Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone must complete and submit the application form to the Free Zone Authority.
  2. After the submission of application, the free zone authority will consider the proposal from the individual. The provisional approval from the free zone authority will be given to the company and their legal representative will be called for a meeting to discuss the prospects of business and details of the project.
  3. When the project details are finalized the Authority shall prepare Lease and Transfer agreement for signature.
  4. The Lease agreement between the Authority and the applicant individual or company will be for a period of fifteen years with an optional renewal period to be agreed upon.
  5. According to this agreement the authority shall sponsor staff on behalf of the company. Applications for entry permits may be submitted once the lease agreements have been signed, the special license issued and construction is started. The staff sponsored by the authority and investor will be able to operate only in this free zone.

 All the client, partners, and tenants of the Ahmed Bin Rashid Umm Al Quwain free trade zone can rely on the maximum support in the administrative, material, technical support and assistance of the ABR FTZ Authority. The ABR FTZ is flexible, and decisive in granting access to businessmen, investors, and traders interested in taking the advantage and operating out of Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone.

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