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Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is one of the world’s most highly urbanized countries. Bordered to the west by the Indian Ocean and to the east by the South Pacific Ocean, Australia is famous for its beaches, wide open spaces, and deserts. Australia is an important exporter of agricultural goods like wool, wheat, beef, fruit, and wine. The country is also rich in minerals and metals and is the world's fourth largest producer of gold. It is a unique and diverse country in every way – culture, population, history, climate and geography.

Business Incorporation in Australia

For setting up a company in Australia, one can choose from among the following business entities:

1. Sole Trader

This is one of the least expensive options as it involves just one person who controls all business-related decisions. A company’s income (including capital gains and dividends) is taxed at the rate of 30% in Australia. A tax-free threshold doesn’t apply. And all the business documentation must be maintained for 5 years. The new financial year in Australia starts on 1st of July, therefore, the tax returns must be submitted before June 30th. If your business’s annual turnover exceeds 75k AUD, you need to get registered for paying the Goods and Services Tax.

2. Limited Liability Partnership

This type of business entity allows one to join hands with multiple people and share income. However, all the partners are personally responsible for business debts and actions against the partnership. And before registration, the agreement should involve role specification, measures of liability, and authorities of all the partners.

3. Trust

It is a business formation whose profit is given to the beneficiaries. It implies a trustee (either an individual or a company) who manages trust’s assets, does business and distributes profits in the favor of beneficiaries according to the written document called the trust deed. If the trust does business under a name other than its own, the name must be registered as a business name with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

4. Private Limited Company

This type of entity can be formed in Australia with only one shareholder, one director and no minimum paid-up capital and foreigners living outside Australia have to appoint at least one director living in Australia. Also, the PLC must appoint a public officer who is responsible for paying taxes and dealing with the country’s tax office.

5. Branch

Foreign corporations can register a local branch of their overseas company. Setting up a foreign company in Australia is simple as it only requires (i) appointment of a local agent allowed by the foreign company to accept services on behalf of the foreign company and (ii) a registered address in Australia. The annual financial statement of the branch must be submitted to the Australian Companies Registrar (ASIC).

6. Representative Office

If a foreign company located in Australia does not intend to carry on business in Australia may seek an Australian Representative Office. Such an office must however only engage in activities which will not amount to carrying on the business.

Benefits of Incorporating a Company in Australia

A company in Australia enjoys the following advantages:

  • With over two decades of uninterrupted economic growth, Australia provides a safe, low-risk environment for trade and business.
  • The Australian labor force is one of the most educated, skilled, multicultural and multilingual in the world.
  • For six years in a row, Australia has been ranked third on the Index of Economic Freedom.  It is ranked 10th for ease of doing business and fourth when compared to economies with a large population.
  • Due to its strategic geographical location, the nation has a longstanding trade, investment, and cultural links with the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region.
  • The government of Australia is pro-business and has numerical support services for start-ups.

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