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Company Formation Services in Bahrain

Company formation in Bahrain is the process of registering a business at Bahrain Investors' Center (BIC). As a result, the business becomes a distinct legal entity.

Why Does a Business Need Company Formation Services?

Company formation in Bahrain is the process of registering a business at Bahrain Investors' Center (BIC). As a result, the business becomes a distinct legal entity.

A business needs company formation services for the obvious benefit of personal financial protection. Apart from that, company formation forges a professional corporate image and enables business owners to manage their personal remuneration in a more tax-efficient manner. Moreover, company formation lends the impression of an established and reliable business. As a result, incorporated businesses are more attractive to investors, lenders, clients and suppliers.

Company formation is, thus, an effective and efficient way to further the potential of an emerging business, attract more favourable tax rates and appeal to a diverse audience.

How Does the Process Work?

For company registration in Bahrain, the following steps may be followed.

  • Find out what approvals are required for your specific business activity. We can aid you with any information you might need
  • Visit the Investors Services Center (BIC), and fill out a Commerce Registration application form
  • A BIC representative will direct you to the appropriate Ministry if prior approval is required for your business activity
  • Subsequent to receiving the requisite approvals, you must provide a fee of BD 2, and a copy of the following documents:
    • Passport
    • CPR (Central Population Registration card)
    • Résumé including educational credentials
    • Certificates corroborating training and experience
    • Statement of assets
  • It would generally take 1 to 5 business days for the company to get registered

Advantages and Disadvantages of Company Registration


  • The Government of Bahrain has liberalized Bahrain's economy sizably. In recent years, Bahrain has passed laws liberalizing foreign property ownership and tightening its anti-money laundering laws.
  • The Government of Bahrain has eased out trade and commerce with the US. The US-Bahrain Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) entered into force in May 2001. It provides benefits and protection to US investors in Bahrain, such as most-favoured-nation treatment and national treatment, the right to make financial transfers freely and without delay, international law standards for expropriation and compensation cases, and access to international arbitration.
  • The Government has a liberal approach to foreign investment and is all set to enhance Bahrain's attractiveness to international investors and businesses. New private firms, particularly in the information and communications technology, education and training services, tourism, financial services, business services, healthcare services and downstream industries, are welcome in Bahrain.
  • The country has hassle-free visa policies. Entry visas for American citizens can be obtained upon arrival at the Bahrain International Airport. Also, The General Directorate for Immigration and Passports has developed a user-friendly electronic visa website which aims to expedite the visa processing system of the airport.


  • The partition between government and private sectors is not pellucid in Bahrain, leading to potential conflicts of interest. In a few cases where entrenched local business interests are threatened, government decision-making becomes hazy.
  • Bureaucracy and poor coordination between ministries occasionally hinders new industrial developments. The government's priority of "Bahrainization" of the labour force – a quota system requiring employers to employ a minimum percentage of Bahrainis – can lead to delays and uncertainty over work permit issuance and renewal.

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you set up your business. Right from incorporation, registration and licensing to establishing your office space, we facilitate the formation of your company through expert counselling and incubation.

Strong commitment to high-quality professionalism, comprehensive capability across varied segments of disciplines, proactive and continuous learning in ever changing global environment and ability to conceive innovative strategies and provide comprehensive support in executing such strategies distinguish Business Setup, and provide the competitive edge in ensuring growth.

Business Setup Worldwide proprietary business design techniques, combined with its specialized industry knowledge and global reach, enable companies to anticipate changes in customer priorities and the competitive environment, and then design their businesses and improve operations to seize opportunities created by those changes.

Why Us?

Setting up a business in Bahrain free zones envisages huge earning potential, tax exemptions, world-class infrastructure, modern amenities, liberal government policies and free trade barriers. Business Setup Worldwide helps global investors, businessmen, and corporates set up company in Bahrain free zones while availing all the advantages that a developing economic trading hub provides. Our experts take care of the entire Banking, Visa, Legal, and Licensing formalities, and allow corporates to enjoy their company formation process without worrying about the bureaucratic red tape and legal formalities.

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