Company Secretarial Services in Bahrain

The business establishment has been continuously rising in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Foreign investors are keen to invest in the location as it provides multiple benefits when it comes to business incorporation. Company Secretarial service is one of the vital elements that need to be adopted to make sure that the company is compliant with the regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC), Bahrain. Failure to do so might bring down legal procedures for the business entity to deal.

This guide outlines the complete structure of company secretarial services and the implementation of the same in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Holding knowledge on the same will help you to deal with business processes efficiently and ethically.

What is the Company Secretarial Service?

The company secretarial service encompasses services like holding company statutory records, maintaining shareholder’s register, and filing audited financial statements. The end goal for any business behind implementing the Company Secretary service is to make sure that the processes are conducted in an ethical way and is streamlined with the instructions stated by the governed authority.

Company Secretarial Services in Bahrain

Once the company formation services have been initiated, the Bahraini Government expects the business owners to take a step ahead and implement the company secretarial services to make sure that it meets the compliance requirements. Starting a business in Bahrain is a profitable move, and the rapidly evolving business landscape does witness its fair share of regulatory changes which are influenced by compliance requirements. As a result, it is required of companies that they are up to speed with regulatory protocols. This will help the business owners to simplify their accounting and bookkeeping records in a hassle-free manner.

Why Avail Company Secretarial Services?

Company secretarial services are one of the vital elements that are opted by the organizations at some part of their business cycle. Opting for these services turns out to be a mandate because it complies with the company compliances concerning financial and legal front. Some of the benefits of availing the CS services are:

  • Accurate dealing with the administrative requirements
  • Easy company process
  • Ease in the company liquidation process
  • Ease in transfer or issue of shares
  • Approval of annual accounts and appointment of an auditor

Why Avail Professional Company Secretarial Services?

Joining hands with experts helps in simplifying the processes to a great extent. Experts are well-versed with the relevant techniques that are to be implemented accordingly. Some of the advantages that you will be availed by hiring experts are:

1.No Burden

Outsourcing the company secretarial service is one of the favourable options of global investors because it reduces the burden to a great extent. The complete process involves numerous micro-stages that needs to be dealt with carefully and handling them without proper knowledge might turn out to be troublesome.

2. Tasks are Handled Professionally

Once the company secretarial services are outsourced to the experts, the jobs are handled and maintained professionally. This helps the business investors and the experts to understand the process quite quickly and get a gist of the scenario prevailing in the entity.

3.Accurate Results

As stated in the earlier point, the assigned tasks are handled professionally, and it is also to be understood that experts are dedicated to delivering actual results. Handling the same in-house might hold a probability of error to a certain extent.


When it comes to hiring an expert, the task can be completed by paying the relevant fee. However, if one chooses to implement the same in-house, that would involve a series of training to the employees, which is an additional cost. However, there still exist a doubt on the quality of service that will be delivered. On the other hand, hiring an expert can save time and the available resources can be utilized effectively.

5.Expert’s Advice boost Company Growth

An experienced company secretary will not only help you to deal with the required government compliances but will also pave out growth strategies and opportunities for business growth. Properly maintaining this will help the business to deal with audit and tax services in Bahrain smoothly at a later part.

6.Boosts the Company Goodwill

Proper implementation of the company secretarial services helps a business entity to boosts its goodwill in the market. This ultimately enhances the growth opportunities, backed by the presence of a strong brand in the national and international market.

7.Paves out a way for Investors

A clear financial picture of a business entity helps the business investors to get clarity regarding the investments made. At the same time, it paves out ways for other investors to come forward and invest in the entity.

Business Setup Worldwide fortifies your company with the whole range of company secretarial services to aid support. Our corporate secretarial services include:

  • Company incorporation
  • Branch and office registration
  • Assistance in the opening bank account
  • Legislation and notarization
  • Filing statutory forms with government authorities
  • Holding statutory meetings
  • Developing corporate strategy
  • Deal with conflict rising situations of interest
  • Assisting in business planning
  • Assist in preparing the financial reports
  • Provision of nominee company secretary
  • Compliance and maintaining statutory records
  • Share allotment, buyback and transfer
  • Office de-registration
  • Minimizes the possibility of operational risk

To understand the flexibility in a better way, check this guide on six reasons to outsource the company secretarial services in Bahrain.

How Can We Help?

Business Setup Worldwide has been one of the top business consultants in the UAE, which has been continuously helping the business entities and growing business owners to start their business. With a team of experts, we stand in a position to cover complete business setup solutions. Our CS experts and business advisors are well-versed with the relevant process and can guide you at every step.

Right from company incorporation, registration, and licensing to establishing your office space, we facilitate the formation of your company through expert counselling and incubation. If you are looking forward to implementing company secretarial service in your premise, do have a word with our experts. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.