Different Types of Bahrain Visas and its Documentation Process

The business landscape of Bahrain is evolving at a rapid pace. The process of company incorporation is streamlined to benefit business people like you. To avail the benefits of company registration in Bahrain, first you are required to obtain a visa for entering and residing in the nation.

To learn more about the different types of Bahrain visas and their requirements, continue reading.

What is a Visa?

A visa is a document that helps you to gain access and reside in a country with ease. Depending on the purpose of applying, visas can be of different types that are best suited for your requirements. 

Types of Bahrain Visa and their Requirements

There are 4 types of visas available in Bahrain. Each of these have specific eligibility criteria, duration, and process of application. You can understand the steps involved by availing the assistance of our consultants at  Business Setup Worldwide.

The types of visas you can avail in Bahrain are -

  1. Domestic Visa

A domestic visa helps you extend your stay in Bahrain as a foreigner. Individuals such as maids, drivers, cooks, gardeners, babysitters and house security can obtain domestic visas.

The following documents need to be submitted for obtaining a domestic visa -

  • Filled application form 
  • Real-estate owners address proofs and rent contracts
  • Salary Certificate mentioning the duration of work and amount
  • Central Population Registry (CPR) copy of all family members (Husband, Wife, Children)
  • For a businessperson, three months' bank statement, car ownership and driving license must also be submitted
  • GCC national applicants should provide proof of residency for themselves and their family members in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • For Non-Bahraini (excluding Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)), the employer should have a residency permit valid for a minimum six-month period.
  1. Visit Visa and its Requirements

A Bahrain visit visa is issued to people who want to visit their family and friends in Bahrain or spend holidays there.

The Bahrain visit visa requirements are as follows:

  • Cover Letter stating the purpose of the visit
  • Proof of Travel Arrangements
  • Relative's CPR and RP (Residence Permit)
  • Passport that has a validity period of at least the following 6 months
  • Bahrain Visa Application Form must be submitted
  • Sponsor CPR (Commercial Registration Number), CR (Commercial Register)
  1. Business Visa

Bahrain is an ideal location for people wishing to set up their companies. The requirements you must fulfil are:

  • Letter of Invitation
  • Business Cover Letter
  • Visa Application Form
  • Proof of Travel Arrangements
  • The original, signed passport with 6 months validity
  1. Employment Visa

Employment Visa is a document that allows foreigners to work for an employer within Bahrain. The documents required to obtain an employment visa in Bahrain are:

  • Contract of employment as proof of employment in Bahrain
  • Passport that is valid for the following 6 months
  • The latest EWA (Electricity and Water Authority) Bill
  • Certificate from GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Certificate Association)
  • Clearance from LMRA (Labour Market Regulatory Authority) and SIO (Social Insurance Organization) payments

Depending on the activity you wish to perform in Bahrain, the above mentioned visas can be availed. To initiate the process of obtaining a visa in Bahrain and for other company incorporation services, contact our consultants at Business Setup Worldwide.