Intellectual Property Services in Bahrain

Bahrain, a sovereign state located in the Persian Gulf, has been widening its reach to grab the attention of international investors. The region is a perfect business investment destination that allows different types of business owners to come forward and invest. With the continuous increase in business establishment, the demand for intellectual property has become a mandate that every business needs to hold.

This guide outlines the essential aspects that one needs to be transparent while starting a business, as they need to implement the Bahrain IP services.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to the safety of human intellect that commercial organizations use. It comprises ideas, logos, literary works, designs, inventions, names, etc. In the growing competitive market, both at the national and international level, it becomes extremely vital to safeguard the company's creations.

All You Need to Know about Bahrain IP (Intellectual Property) laws

The growth of business entities has been constantly rising in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which has also leveraged IP implementation in the region. 

Bahrain has been one of the leaders among the GCC nations, and this has strict regulations for the business entities to proceed with the implementation of the IP laws.

In order to know about the IP Bahrain laws, get in touch with a business setup consultant.

Types of IP Registration in Bahrain

Registering a Bahrain IP requires thorough knowledge, or else it may be troublesome. For a better experience, it is recommended to move forward with a business setup consultant who can assist you in the complete procedure. 

There are different types of IP registration in Bahrain, which includes:

The copyright law protects the authors of intellectual property such as books, paintings, photographs, radio/television programmes and software. The copyright in Bahrain is recognized by the Copyright Law No. 22 of 2006. 

Also, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a part of the Berve Convention that outlines the basic principles of copyright works. 

The copyright protection lapses, usually 50 years after the death of the author or, in the event of jointly owned intellectual property, 50 years after the death of the last surviving author.

Patents are granted to investors who deal with inventions. These can comprise anything ranging from equipment, tools, processes, chemicals, software, etc. The protection for a patent in Bahrain is 20 years from the date of application. The patent application needs to be submitted to the Patent Office. To qualify for a patent in Bahrain, an investor must generally create something that is:

  • Of patentable matter
  • Unique to patentee
  • Merited and can be utilized
  • Innovative
  • Non-obvious

Bahrain trademark is generally used to signify phrases, symbols, logos, slogans, etc., that are related to businesses and products. The protection period for a Bahrain trademark is ten years from the date of the application filed. Businesses, therefore, leave no stone unturned to have control over their trademarks. If any person is found infringing the same, legal action will be taken accordingly.

Why Avail Bahrain IP Services?

Implementation of Intellectual Property Services adds immense value to the business. By filing an IP, the following benefits can be availed.

Once the IP registration in Bahrain is filed, it saves the business assets by restricting competitors from copying it. In general terms, the company's creations are protected.

Upon filing the IP for one’s business, the owner of the business holds full ownership of the company's creations. This flexibility allows them to alter any changes in their respective properties.

One of the advantages of holding intellectual property is that it can be monetized at any point in time. Business owners can use the same to raise finance, apply for public or government funds, etc.

Intellectual properties can uplift brand recognition in the international market. This helps the business to grow and establish its presence in the national and international markets.

Why to Avail Professional IP Services?

Experts in any domain are knowledgeable about the in and out processes. After company registration in Bahrain, most business owners prefer to proceed with IP experts to avail the services. Some of the benefits of availing professional intellectual property services are highlighted below.

  • The documentation process will be carried out with ease
  • Experts are updated with the changes in the regulations
  • Implement any new law at the earliest
  • Company creations are handled in a professional manner

Why Choose Us?

Business Setup Worldwide is one of the top consulting firms focusing on providing hassle-free company registration in Bahrain. Our business advisors understand the intensity of the vital elements of a business and are well-versed in intellectual property rules and regulations. Holding years of experience, they can provide tailored solutions meeting the business requirements. To proceed further and implement the intellectual property services, please speak with our advisors. Contact us today, and we'd be happy to assist.


How is intellectual property IP protected in the Kingdom of Bahrain?

The intellectual property is protected for ten years from the date of application in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Where does a trademark application have to be filed?

A local agent has to file a trademark application before the Bahraini Trademark Office.

What rights are safeguarded by intellectual property laws?

The rights that are protected by intellectual property laws are copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

What is the most common sort of intellectual property?

Patents are the most common type of intellectual property used by individuals.