Expo City Dubai: Pedestrian-Friendly Area

Attended Expo 2020 Dubai?

Well, then you must be eager to know the future development of the expo site.

Continue reading to see all the highlights of the new developments planned for the Dubai Expo site.

With a significant revamp to its legacy plan, the world Expo Dubai site is being rebuilt and will be known as Expo City Dubai.

According to Ahmed Al-Khatib, the chief development and delivery officer for Expo 2020 Dubai, the entire Expo City will be pedestrianised, and tenants will be able to use soft transportation options like bicycles, scooters, and buggies as an alternative to heavy cars.

Al-Khatib added that 80% of the infrastructure built for the Expo would be kept up and used again.

With 10 kilometres of bike paths, 5 kilometres of jogging paths, and 45,000 square meters of parks and gardens planned for the city, Al-Khatib also prioritizes health.

Additionally, the new Expo City Dubai is encouraging businesses specializing in innovation, technology, education, and healthcare to locate there.

The first phase of Expo City Dubai is slated to debut in September 2022.

The first "anchor tenants" in Expo City Dubai, a new free zone destination that makes use of the sizable site of the global expo event that finished in March, are revealed to include essential companies, including DP World, Siemens, and Terminus Group.

Both businesses were significant sponsors of the six-month Expo event. Senior official Ahmed Al-Khatib stated that the two firms have already begun to furnish their offices in the city, which will officially open in September of this year.

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According to Al-Khatib, the chief development and delivery officer of Expo 2020 Dubai, the city, which will keep 80% of its current structure, will also be transformed into a free zone site where enterprises can access contemporary infrastructure, "including access to a 5G-enabled network."

Al-Khatib claims that other companies have already indicated an interest in opening shops in Dubai's newest free zone and that they have a "careful selection" procedure in place to ensure that any incoming tenants would be in line with the goals of the community.

 The use of green technology in city administration has received a lot of attention. According to the officials, the property already has more than 120 Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certified buildings, the world's most popular green building grading system.

Not only Dubai but the whole UAE also plan to become a global hub for alternative energy. 

The IT giant's MindSphere platform, which employs smart metering and sensors to track energy usage and efficiency for powering, lighting, water, and climate control systems, will also remain installed throughout the city.

The location is also redesigning its parking choices, using the enormous parking lots for off-plan developments for the following stage of the significant transformation. According to the officials, new parking places will be located closer to the property itself.

Expo City will also present a wide range of fascinating activities, businesses, recreational amenities, dining establishments, entertainment venues, workout facilities, and shopping opportunities.

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1. Does it cost money to enter Expo City Dubai?

Expo City Dubai will be free to enter. However, there will be a cost to access the attractions. The price of the tickets will be revealed later.

2. Will the Dubai Expo site have any new exhibits?

There will be a brand-new exhibit called Stories of Nations. In addition, the Dubai Museum for Expo 2020 will replace the Opportunity Pavilion.

3. In what ways does Expo City Dubai prioritize wellness?

The first WELL-certified community in the area, Expo City Dubai, will specialize in developing a setting that is supportive of health and wellbeing.

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