3D Printing in SRTIP Free Zone-The Emerging Business Culture

3D Printing in SRTIP Free Zone

The Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation (SRTIP) is a technology-focused free zone in Sharjah. It aims to enhance the innovation ecosystem, research & development by incorporating a dedicated free zone. 

SRTIP assists start-ups and technology companies in successfully evaluating their goods and services. 

The goal of the SRTIP free zone is to attract companies that want to expand into the MENA region with a clear focus on renewable, environmental, digitalization, architecture /industrial 4.0 & life sciences.

STRIP's innovations were never-ending. Despite this, it stretches its wing to expand and attracts worldwide enterprises focusing on 3D printing.

SRTIP- The Incubator of Futuristic Technologies

The Sharjah Research and Innovation Park is on its way to becoming the region's largest and most advanced 3-D technology platform.

It primarily connects with start-ups and big corporations. Furthermore, it lures entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate with 3D printing technology. 

Additionally, the SRTIP park has vast multifunctional laboratories to attract investors and businesses in the field of 3d printing. 

Knowing the free zones in Sharjah would give an in-depth understanding of the various opportunities in different sectors. 

Sharjah Technology and Innovation Park- Lure the Multinational Companies

Among the international players, the American industrial and technology giant runs numerous innovative equipment within SRTI's additive manufacturing business.

Meanwhile, for several years, 3DTIV Tech, a Modest Company Group branch, has delivered various goods and services to enterprises in the MENA area, including clients in the oil, gas, and construction sectors.

Moreover, the Sharjah Open Innovation Lab at SRTI Park is the first applied incubator for start-ups and innovative companies to create prototypes.

In addition, the Middle East Center for 3D printing was founded to assist the UAE in achieving its objective. 

3D printing-Revolutionizing the Global Manufacturing Process

According to the news conference with His Excellency Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, he stated that 3D printing is revolutionizing the industrial sector throughout the world.

As a result, organizations must innovate to adapt to this technology. Therefore, SRTI Park is striving hard to establish itself as a world leader in 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing). 

Why is 3D Printing in Sharjah?

3D printing is one of the most sophisticated technologies in today's world. It provides several answers to a variety of business problems.

Furthermore, its innovative approach to industrial manufacturing allows for developing components and systems that are less expensive, more customized, lighter, and stronger.

Consequently, including new-age businesses and start-ups in the SRTI Park to conduct their activities would be a huge success.

Meanwhile, it would be good to acquire more about the business setup services in Sharjah.

A Glance at 3D Printing Evolutions in Business Sectors

3D printing involves producing an object one layer at a time. This technology contrasts with moulding and sculpting systems, which lose more than 90% of the material used in production, and 3D printers, which are often faster, more cost-effective, and easier to operate than other manufacturing technologies.

 In addition, 3D printers are used to make parts for power generation, transmission, and distribution in the power and utility industry.

Features of medical equipment, personal protection equipment, and ventilators are also made via 3D printing.

In the automobile business, 3D printing is in high demand since it innovates in creating components and patterns for metal castings, parts, and other vehicle components. 

Moreover, 68% of engineering businesses utilised 3D printing in 2021. Below the tabular column is the prediction of 3D printing growth conducted by an international survey in February 2022.

Percentage Reach Year prediction
24% 44.5 billion 2026

While considering the whole thing in a nutshell, it is visible that 3D printing is a thriving sector in SRTIP.

Investors or entrepreneurs wishing to start a business in SRTIP would be a suitable time. In addition, considering Sharjah free zone company formation would benefit the research or industrial-related businesses.

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What are the benefits of setting up a business in Sharjah Research Technology and innovation park?

The benefits of SRTIP are,
Cost-efficient business setup
Affordable leasing and licensing options
Free from income tax
Complete ownership
Complete repatriation of capital and profits
Quick registration process
Free from import and export tariffs

Who issues a license in SRTIP?

The respective free zone authority issues a license in SRTIP.

Which is one of the industries thriving in 3D printing?

Health care is one of the industries thriving in 3D printing.

What are the types of legal entities in STRIP?

The types of legal entities in SRTIP are Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZC).

What are the types of business licenses in Sharjah innovation park?

The types of licenses in SRTIP are commercial license, industrial license, and professional license.

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