5 Easy Steps for Starting Your Business in Cyprus

Setup Business in Cyprus

Cyprus, officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a country centered in an island which is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the third largest and also the third populous island in the Mediterranean. The nation has an advanced, high-income economy and a high human development index. It is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the European Union with the fastest-growing GDP of 1.6%.

Business Entities in Cyprus

For setting up a company in Cyprus, one should know the types of business entities the country offers. The different structure options available in Cyprus are:

1. Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietor in Cyprus has virtually the same rights and obligations as a general partner in a limited partnership. This type of business entity falls under the Cypriot Partnership and the Business Names Law. Sole proprietors must be resident in Cyprus for tax purposes, which in essence mean they must be physically present in the country for at least 183 days a year.

2. Partnership

General Partnership

A general partnership must be registered with the Registrar of Partnership within one month of formation, giving name, purpose, place of business; full particulars of the partners etc. a non-resident can also be a partner in a general partnership. They do not have to file accounts for auditing.

Limited Partnership

This type of business entity is similar to a general partnership, except, that they may have one or more general partners with unlimited liability, and one or more limited partners, whose liability is limited to the amount declared in the partnership return filed with the Registrar.

3. Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company by Guarantee

Here, each member who contributes capital can set their own limit to which they will be personally liable, subject to agreement.

Limited Liability Company by Shares

A public LLC by shares has a separate legal personality from its shareholders and may obtain a listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange

A private LLC by shares has restrictions on right to transfer its shares. The limit of members in company is 50 and they are prohibited to any public subscriptions to shares or debentures

4. Branch of an Overseas Company

An overseas company can establish its branch office in Cyprus. Companies with branches in Cyprus must file their accounts annually, together with certified Greek translations

5. Offshore Company

An offshore company is the one established outside the country the owner lives and pays taxes in. it can be established in one or more countries and the main grounds for setting up an offshore company in Cyprus are the protection of assets and tax reduction.

6. Shelf Company

A shelf company in Cyprus is one which is readily available and which has no assets or liabilities and has never conducted business as it is registered with the sole purpose of being sold.

Small Business Opportunities in Cyprus in 2019

The major industries which are fostering the growth of Cypru's economy are:

  • Tourism Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Clearing and Forwarding Sector
  • Shipping Industry
  • Property Rental Market
  • Construction Firms

Procedure for Cyprus Company Incorporation

Here’s how you can register your business in Cyprus.

1. Name Approval

Get the approval of the company name from the Cyprus Company Registrar. An application for the name approval is examined within one week under the normal procedure or 2-3 business days under the accelerated procedure.

2.Submit the Documents

After securing the name approval, the relevant documents for the registration of an entity must be submitted according to the legal form of the entity. It includes Memorandum and Articles of Association. It must be submitted to the Department of Registrar and Official Receiver along with a sworn statement from the lawyer and details of the registered office, all the directors and secretary, making the relevant fee payment.

3.Get the Certificate of Incorporation

Once all the documents are submitted and approved by the authorities, the next thing that you need to do is get the certificate of registration which is an important document for further process

4.Obtain the Value Added Tax number

Obtain the VAT number by registering the company with the Tax Department. The tax system in Cyprus says that, VAT registration is only compulsory for the companies that perform activities that are subject to the Value Added Tax, such as trading.

5.Obtain the Social Contribution Registration

Obtain the social contribution registration at the Ministry of Labor, Welfare, and Social Insurance if you decide to hire employees. A new company in Cyprus must hire employees. Recruitment is not a difficult process if you collaborate with job websites and recruitment agencies, especially since the workforce in Cyprus is so well-trained

Documents Required for Company Incorporation in Cyprus

  • Proposed name of the company
  • Description of the activities performed by the company
  • Personal details of shareholder(s) or beneficial owner(s) in case of a nominee
  • Personal details of director(s)
  • Personal details of company secretary
  • A reference letter from a bank
  • A current valid (signed) full passport
  • Proof of residence by providing a utility bill or bank statement

Why Forming an Offshore Company in Cyprus Is Advisable?

The perks of establishing an offshore company in Cyprus are:

  • Stable economy and political background
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Efficient banking sector
  • Well-connected communication system
  • Favorable tax system
  • No tax on the disposal of security
  • A substantial list of double tax treaties
  • Reputable jurisdiction
  • No withholding on taxes on payment of dividends, interest, and royalties outside Cyprus

Why Invest in Cyprus?

There are many advantages to setting up a company in Cyprus. Some of them are stated below:

  • Company formation in Cyprus permits entrepreneurs to legitimately do business in Cyprus and outside Cyprus.
  • Cyprus has the lowest tax rate in the European Union.
  • Cyprus has ranked the world’s 20th freest economy in the Heritage Organisations 2012 Index of Economic Freedom.
  • Cyprus offers 100% foreign ownership.
  • The company’s shareholders and directors can be of any nationality.
  • Cyprus resident company offers corporate tax exemption on payment of dividends.
  • Cyprus Company benefits from double taxation treaties from over 60 countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Let Cyprus be your dream place for business. Our advisors at Business Setup Worldwide commit to giving you the best advice and assisting you with the hectic company formation procedure. Trust us; we will help you establish your dream business and conquer the business industry exactly how you want!

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