5 Essential factors to Consider While Setting Up an Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Bank Account

Criteria to Look For When Choosing the Best Offshore Bank

  • Economic and Political Stability

For instance, Switzerland and Liechtenstein both have a stable history of political and economic certainty. They have low inflation, sound banking policies and have no recent use of capital controls. Not to mention they are regarded as being some of the best places in the world to open an offshore account.

  • Set up a Bank Account in Person or Remotely

Many banks now require in-person visits, as KYC rules are much tighter after the push toward greater global transparency. However, there are still a number of banks that allow quick and easy online registration in places like, Belize, Andorra, Marshall Islands and Nevis.

  • Privacy and Banking Laws

Places like Panama and Nevis, for instance, have strong secrecy laws that prevent people from revealing client information. If a bank or broker reveals a client's details it is a criminal offense.

If we look toward the US, we see that the government is very closely connected with the central banks, both of which run huge deficits.

We will explore some of the best offshore banking countries

  • Best Country for Tax Benefits – Cayman Islands.
  • Best Country for the Wealthy – Singapore.
  • Best Country for Asset Protection – Switzerland.
  • Best Country for Companies – Nevis.
  • Best Country for High Interest Rates – Belize.

5 Important Factors Regarding Offshore Business Accounts

  • Dilution

You don’t necessarily have to place all of your funds in offshore accounts, but diluting your risk by keeping money in several different types of accounts is wise, and offshore bank accounts can be part of that strategy. This is not only a smart financial move, but also a political one.

  • Asset Protection

One great reason to place money in domestic accounts is to gain Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protections against loss. Unfortunately, these measures don’t protect your money from lawsuits.

  • Minimum Deposits

Some offshore banking organizations do require minimum funds that smaller businesses will have trouble coming up with. However, this is not true in all cases, contrary to popular belief.

  • Remote Banking

The growth of online operations, including communications and security, has made remote banking not only possible, but relatively safe and reliable these days

  • Fees = Guarantees

Offshore banks make their money not from lending, but from transactions and monthly fees. As a client, you’ll pay for services, but because your money is not lent out, it is always available, in full, when you need it. That’s a guarantee you won’t get from standard banks.


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