5 Reasons for Outsourcing Payroll Services in Ireland

Ireland has assimilated a young and diversified workforce of next-generation individuals that stretch beyond the ideologies of the current age groups of employees that constitute the Irish Human Capital Resource. Due to the versatile skills of these competent yet cohesively functioning individuals, employers look towards human resource services that can simplify the strain for managing large groups of modernized workforces. A significant part of this changing spectrum in Human Resource management happens to be the incentive processing and payroll services that most companies have to manage considering their insecurity to delegate control. Since the year 2017, there has been a growing demand in the Irish market for more compatible Human Resource outsourcing services such as employee consultancy and training, productivity analytics services, payroll outsourcing services, and recruitment outsourcing services.

Payroll outsourcing service initially was a concept developed in the early 1950s wherein a third party entity such as an agency would collect employee work hour data and company remuneration policy from the employer and would accordingly calculate the monthly salary and annual package for existing employees as well as for new recruits. Throughout the years, the concept has further developed and currently as we speak, payroll outsourcing agencies do not only work on employee reimbursement but also analyze and develop incentive packages, develop retirement pension plans and conduct employee tax filing and stock option deduction services on behalf of the employees. The major advantages of this service are that it helps newly establishing companies to focus more on the core business activities rather than to spend an expansive amount of time on internal employee analytics and reimbursement. Thus the major reasons for outsourcing payroll services in the Republic of Ireland for the year 2019 are –

1. Regulatory Compliance in the Irish Legislation

The Republic of Ireland has a flexible business atmosphere but because of the major business crisis' that have shaped the history of the corporate world, the Irish Government has imposed strict regulations on companies regarding taxation payments, work permits and so on. Thus, companies face issues with managing both business activities as well as government-related administrative activities. To solve this issue, many companies approach payroll outsourcing services so that these companies can make timely tax payments on behalf of the company and employees and; can therefore, ensure regulatory compliance simplifying the stress for the company as well as preventing the company from falling into unnecessary trouble with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and Office of Revenue Commissioner appointed by the government of the Republic of Ireland.

2. Accuracy in Payroll Processing

An organization with even a minimal of 100 employees has to do a lot of calculation with respect to Payroll processing as all the employees will have varying work hours and timing, different pay scales for different positions, fluctuating performance-based incentives and on top of that a highly systematic taxation system. Calculating all these factors and dropping to an accurate number for determining employee salaries is a highly tasking job for any company which consumes incremental amount of time and monumental amount of resources, which is why it is always a much wiser decision to outsource the task from a professional agency or consultancy that has years of experience and prowess in this field. The appointed payroll processing agency also ensures that the employer company will be able to pay accurate salaries with respect to the government’s general wage policies and the affordability of the employer company.

3. Human Resource Expenditure Analysis

Most companies find it difficult to convert their fixed costs into variable costs during times of cash crunches, financial crisis, economic breakdowns, and recessions. In times of these crises when saving single cents becomes a bare necessity for a company, Payroll Outsourcing comes in handy as these agencies also help in cutting down the fixed expenditure of a company by meeting the minimum wage rates at certain times of economic backdrops. The agency reduces salaries for employees during recessions and provides lay off quotations during recessions as a suggestion to the company on how many employees can be salary afforded based on the company’s current financial status.

4. Technical Advanced Methods

Many payroll outsourcing agencies have started using data analytics as a core instrument instead of following the traditional method of having different department wise individuals working with each other and giving a general analysis. Data analytics though being complexed in nature maintains proper documentation of records, gives accurate results and detects any anomalies in the data thereby showing additional information such as employee work patterns, employee growth rates and so on.

5. Necessary service for the Fast-paced Irish Market

A market where business takes place at a high rate velocity demands for the business owners to always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Such is Ireland, a potential mine of new emerging business opportunities thus, it is necessary for the initial years of business to maintain focus on the core business activities. In such scenarios, Human Resource managers need to focus majorly on employee acquisitions such as recruiting the best talents, training them and establishing a strong workforce. Extensive tasks of Payroll process calculations will end up reducing the productivity of the Human Resource teams, hence this needs to be outsourced to third parties so that companies can focus more on establishing the business in the market. Moreover, companies need not worry about their cash flow bifurcations as the third party agency provides a feasible quotation to the employer company before making necessary payments to employees post approval of quotation.

Ireland is an emerging force in the corporate world flaunting a unique workforce of versatile and skilled individuals that are prepared to add value to new businesses, thus payroll outsourcing becomes a trending need, therefore simplifying the process of business set up in Ireland. Contact us, to know more about the Irish business environment and let us assist you in the process of setting up your business.

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