5 Reasons for Outsourcing Payroll Services in Switzerland

Outsource Payroll Services in Switzerland

An entrepreneur needs to take decisions on the various services that the business would require for the proper functioning of the company. One such important function is the performance of the payroll functions. It is not only a bookkeeping task and has a major role in the advancement of the company. It actually tracks all the necessary details of the employees along with their remuneration, their leaves, and any other detail which could affect the workings of the company in any way.

Companies usually had in-house departments which would take care of all the processes regarding payroll, but nowadays the trend of outsourcing the payroll function is prevalent in the market. This provides a lot of benefits to the company and is far easier to manage than the in-house departments. Let’s take a deeper look at the meaning of outsourcing the payroll functions.

What Do You Mean by Outsourcing Payroll Services?

In general, payroll services are a non – core function meaning that it does not add any visible value to the product or service produces by the company. When these payroll activities are transferred to a third party by the company, it is said that the company has outsourced the payroll function. The service of the third party would depend on many factors such as the type of service availed, the nature of the business and the number of employees in the business. The number of companies which are using the outsourced payroll services is gradually increasing as they have understood the various benefits of availing such a service. Let’s understand the various benefits that outsourcing the payroll services would provide.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

The various benefits that a company can avail by outsourcing its payroll functions are:

1.Cost Reduction

A huge cost can be reduced by ditching the age-old method of having a separate payroll department in the company. This can only have afforded by the big companies having very deep pockets. A company would have to spend in infrastructure, training, hiring, etc. of the people in the payroll department and this amount would be reduced if the company decides to outsource the payroll functions. Outsourcing the payroll function is a very good option for upcoming businesses which have a comparatively low number of employees.

2.Productivity Increase

The company would have a lot more time as the payroll function would have been outsourced. There would also be many employees who will not be that busy as a very big and repetitive work will be out of their system and will be handled by a separate entity.  This would greatly increase the productivity of the company and would allow for the proper allocation of the available human resource to achieve the maximum potential of the company.

Similarly, it is very difficult to keep a track all the new hires, terminations in the business and also any amendments in the federal and state laws. A business needs to be compliant to the rules and regulations or it may be penalized.


In this era of a dynamic business environment, one can expect the laws of a country to be amended every now and then. These changes can very deeply affect the company and even the smallest mistake in understanding the change could lead to huge penalties for the company. Thus taking the services of an outsourced payroll service provider would be recommended as he would keep a very close track of all the changes in the financial and legal sphere of business and will provide with any remedial actions to be taken. This would also help in the accounting and auditing of the company.

4.Secure Data

The chances of any kind of data theft or fraud with these third parties are next to zero as the outsourced payroll service provider would be dedicated to only providing such services and any bad reputation would be bad for the goodwill of the company. Also, they have all the state of the art security systems to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands and use various payroll and accounting software.

5.Expert Advice

The dedicated outsourced payroll service provider would provide the expert advice for the handling for any kind of situation which the company faces regarding the payroll of a company. They would be continuously updated about the various rules and regulations and would provide a deep understanding of any change that occurs in the business environment.

We can see that outsourcing the payroll functions will help the company in many ways as the management would receive comprehensive reports about the employees. The above-mentioned benefits have persuaded many companies to outsource payroll services of a business.

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