5 Ways to Protect Your Startup from Copycat Competitors

Protect Your Startup

Cutthroat competition is everywhere and in every field. If you are a startup owner, you will know what it takes to face out from the gang and be unique as a corporation. More prominent companies have their way of working because they need an excessive amount of resources. In contrast, smaller companies and main startups have to be quick on their feet so that no one can copy what they are doing.

5 Ways to Preserve Your Startup from Copycat Rivals

1. Make customer support a priority

If you’re operating a business in a crowded space, one of the best ways to differentiate your company from the copycats and the bigger players is through top-notch customer support and responsiveness.

“The best way to outcompete your competition is to better understand your customers—which means you have to provide service better than anyone else,” explains Steli Efti, founder and CEO of Close.io

Instilling a focus on excellent customer support from the early days will help ensure that your team maintains this focus as your startup grows.

Offer customer support through the channels that your customers use—it is often live chat, social media, or a mixture of options—and your customers will notice.

2. Always keep innovating

The key to the success of any business is its ability to keep its products and services fresh. In other words, you must be innovating all the time. In an immense sea of competition, the businesses that do best are ones that continuously identify new opportunities.

When your company can make small changes to your product and service on an ongoing basis, you’ll have a better chance of securing your spot in the marketplace.

3. Build up your brand fast

When you’re up against an excellent competition, your best customers will also be the most important defenders of your business. When customers are emotionally connected to your business, they are more likely to stay with you and defend your product or service to others, whether online or in person.

To stay before your competitors, believe how to build up your personal brand around your company as early on as possible. It can take a long time to establish yourself as a new thought leader in a saturated space, but what’s important is you’re making an effort to offer your unique perspective.

4. Focus on a specific vertical or niche

Many startups try to be the best at everything, and the truth is, it’s almost impossible to do. Successful businesses find a niche and offer the best solution to the problems consumers face in that niche.

Focusing on a niche is so crucial because it makes it much easier to describe solutions to potential customers. That is, you can quickly and easily explain what it is you do and what you trade.

5. Choose the best location

We should choose the best location so that copycat should not know what is our next move towards our positive business growth.

Why Protect Your Star-Ups?

  1. Cutthroat competition is everywhere and in every field. If you are a startup owner, you will know what it takes to face out from the gang and be unique as a corporation. However, it is not something that should demotivate you in any way.
  2. You should be proud that you have an opportunity to compete with others in the market, and since it’s a startup, no one would even care about your existence (if you fail, in any scenario). That is a huge advantage.


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