6 Things You Need To Do After Your Company Setup in Qatar

 Company Setup in Qatar

The peninsular nation of Qatar is an ambitious, thriving country that is open to foreign businesses and companies around the world. The rich seafaring tradition of the nation has made the people more accustomed to welcoming foreigners for fruitful collaboration and partnerships into the country giving them an opportunity to succeed with extensive support through sustainable development policies that encourage foreign direct investment in Qatar. Besides, it offers a boost to the businesses in the country through low corporate taxes, customs duties exemptions and low energy costs which significantly improves the competitive edge of your company in the international market.

Qatar with its unique culture, independent foreign policy, robust financial sector, the effective legal system has developed itself into an excellent location for business and prominent international player with trade ties to major economies of the world. With the wise planning and visionary leadership under His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani the State of Qatar is emerging as stronger nation with immense potential to become the front-runner in the field of finance, international trade and business growth due to the supportive environment offered by the legislation which has played an instrumental role in encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of the businesspeople and investors around the world.

Qatar Advantage for your Business

  • 100% of foreign direct investment
  • Lowest corporate tax in the world
  • Supportive legislation for international companies
  • Availability of international talent pool
  • Lesser restriction on employing foreign labour
  • A stable political government that supports Foreign Direct Investment
  • Multi-cultural English speaking environment
  • Excellent infrastructure with special industrial zones for companies

Qatar’s Competitive Edge

  • Qatar is one of the highly developed economies in the Middle East
  • Robust financial sector handled by Qatar Central Bank secures the country’s economic wealth
  • Largest producer of Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Major port facilities with sea-link to major ports of the world
  • Significant trade ties with USA, Turkey, Iran, India, China, Japan and Singapore
  • A self-reliant economy with very low external risk factors
  • The government encourages small businesses and Small Manufacturing Enterprises (SME's)

6 Things you need to do after Starting your Company in Qatar

  1. Take advantage of the incentives offered by the government by filing the annual corporate tax returns
  2. Registering your business with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce Qatar shall grant you special permits in Free zones and incentives such as tax holidays & customs exemptions if your business sector is within the list of special industries which contribute to the development of Qatar according to the government strategy. Some of the listed special industry segments are advanced technology, data sciences, biotechnology, research, medical research, aerospace and Artificial intelligence etc.
  3. Engage with the business community in Qatar and create a good reputation as Qatar is a place where the reputation of the business owner speaks volumes about the services offered by the company
  4. Create and maintain a good reputation throughout your operations by having fair business deals, maintaining courtesy to the customers, punctuality and quality service through your business. Such a company can reach great heights in Qatar with these intangible assets as the Qataris trust information from a close-knit circle of friends and relatives through word of mouth which shall be an impressive boost for your business
  5. Always stay on the look-out for contracts from the government of Qatar and allied organizations, as a part of the broader initiatives taken governmental organisations to increase participation of local firms in national engineering and construction projects. By acquiring and completing the contracts at such moderately high levels can successfully enhance your company's image in the society as the trust developed through the project is more likely to stay with the company and give you access high-level projects with huge profits.
  6. Look out for the possibility to export products made from your company in Qatar as the State does not levy taxes on the goods and services manufactured in Qatar; these exemptions are offered for all the products except oil & gas. By taking advantage of this setup, you can quickly increase your profits while decreasing your taxes and customs in the country

How to Succeed in Qatar?

Qatar is the home to several major international companies and industries; there are numerous opportunities in Qatar to expand, grow your business in a more refined way. The highly developed economy, political stability and state-of-the-art infrastructure offer you with extensive support while creating a modern, diversified economy with its wealth which is wisely maintained by the government of Qatar by investing into its people and nation.

Starting a business in Qatar can serve as the bestvehicle for you to succeed in your Qatari dreams. While initialising the journey towards achieving your goal in Qatar you are likely to face obstacles in realising your dreams through lack of guidance and support by experienced professional. By investing and starting your business in Qatar you can take the leap now and grab the opportunities that arise in Qatar, you have the time on your side by establishing yourself to be a big player in Qatari business environment you can gain valuable contacts that help your business grow and expand in the future.

Business Growth

In terms of business growth and profitability, Qatar is destined to become a centre for business, trade and finance in the Middle East region with its booming economy, highly developed infrastructure and promising governmental policies which have put the country on the limelight of the investors all around the world. Furthermore, the state is focusing on drastically diversifying the economy by encouraging foreign direct investment and continue to aggressively upgrade the infrastructure interconnecting specialised zones within the country to accelerate growth, while helping the businesses, communities in Qatar to expand and flourish with all the resources.

Qatari Business Environment

The business environment in Qatar open, casual and meetings are conducted in English and Arabic, most of the people in the industry speak English fluently as Qatar is home to the largest expatriate population from all over the world. The meetings are conducted as per the Arabic culture where utmost importance is given to getting to know the clients, partners and customers so people new to the country might take some time to adapt, interestingly the people of Qatar are warm, adaptable & friendly people to foreigners and take pride in teaching their customs to the newcomers to help them succeed in their ventures in Qatar.

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