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7 Reasons to Setup an Offshore Foundation Company

When it comes to investing in offshore jurisdictions, business investors have got numerous investment opportunities that only helps them to earn handsome income but also enhance the brand image.

Today, an offshore tax haven is not limited to only high-net-worth individuals, but it turns out to be an open option to global business investors. One such move is to proceed ahead with the foundation company that is a separate legal entity.

This guide highlights the core reasons that are considered when it comes to the incorporation of an offshore foundation company.

What is an Offshore Foundation Company?

An offshore foundation company is a separate legitimate entity and is generally framed under civil law. The business entity doesn't have shareholders or members and is framed outside of the founder's nation of living.

Offshore foundation companies are hybrid, containing imperative highlights of the company (legitimate personality) and the trust (made for a reason or advantage).

Accordingly, offshore foundations are incredibly valuable as asset management and tax planning instruments but, in reality, are multi-purpose and can be incorporated across popular offshore jurisdictions.

Core Reasons to Incorporate an Offshore Foundation Company

Opening an offshore foundation company in a tax-haven jurisdiction is backed by the following reasons:

1.High-end Privacy

If you are searching for the most significant protection offshore, you ought to truly consider including a discretionary foundation as a feature of your global corporate structure. Like a discretionary trust, a discretionary foundation is a Private Interest Foundation ("PIF") wherein the foundation council has broad discretion.

2.Lower Tax Rates

Most offshore foundation companies can be found in tax havens, permitting you to appreciate incredible advantages from their adequate tax-free jurisdictions. When put in tax-haven countries, offshore foundation companies won't be liable to bring about local taxation, for example, income tax or capital additions produced from the foundation property.

So, could you set up your foundation offshore to get a more competitive tax rate? Absolutely!

3.Asset protection

This is a crucial advantage and a prime concern for why individuals lean toward setting up offshore foundation companies. Numerous specialists accept that offshore foundation can go about as one of the most grounded asset security vehicles on the planet as it offers more extra layers of assurance that are absent in many home nations.

Have a look at our latest guide on Asset Protection Trust Planning-Offshore Trust Strategies.

4. Beneficiaries are not restricted to family relations

It is a featured element that the offshore foundation companies' settlers can incorporate themselves as a beneficiary. The list of potential foundation advantage beneficiaries isn't restricted to the settlor's family relations.


Additionally, making wealthy people and organizations favouring offshore foundation companies is by dint of its flexibility. Nearly all sorts of assets – businesses, money, land, protections, gold, to name a few, can be moved to offshore foundation assets.

6.Preservation of family assets

Engage settlors to pass on foundation assets through accurate designations as per understanding. Opening an offshore trust company helps one protect their assets and wealth in the best possible way across national boundaries. One of the essential steps in this process is to open an offshore bank account to transfer the funds accordingly.

7.Wealth diversification

An investment fund run by different people from various locations may require a tax-neutral area to consolidate capital from multiple sources.

Thus, you have got a complete idea of the core drivers that provokes the business investors to come forward and incorporate their offshore business.

Now, the question that lies is “Where to Start?”

Well, here’s a guide on the best jurisdictions to start an offshore foundation company that will help you to get a stronghold on the same.

It is recommended to proceed ahead under the guidance of an expert who will help you in the legal process.

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