7 Things to Do after Setting up a Company in Switzerland 2019

After the incorporation of your company, you might take a sigh of relief thinking that the job is now done, but if you think so then you cannot be more wrong. Setting up of a company is not the end of your duties but just the beginning of it. These duties are to be performed by the titleholders of the company within a month or you would not be able to reap the benefits for which the company was created.

These steps are very necessary to be performed after setting up the company in Switzerland so that you can avail the full benefits that the country’s government provides and also to make a foothold in the market.

This blog would discuss the various steps that you are required to take after setting up a company in Switzerland.

Essential Steps to be taken after Business Registration in Switzerland

These steps would ensure that you avail the full benefits of setting up a company in the long run.

1.Open Bank Account in Switzerland

As your business will be considered as a separate legal entity, it will be better to keep your personal account and the account of the business separate from each other. Having a separate bank account of the company will help you save time as all the transactions specific to your company would be recorded in a separate place and thus you will not have to separate transactions from your personal account. A separate bank account is also considered necessary to conduct business as it would provide confidence to the prospective clients that your company means business.

2.Registering for Taxes and VAT

The next order of affairs is to register for taxes in Switzerland. The taxes also include registering for Value Added Tax. Registering for taxes would keep your business compliant of all the regulations and laws of the government of the country and will also instil a sense of confidence among the clients as the respective government authority would know that the business is present in the market. This reason makes registration for taxation in Switzerland a very important step to be taken by the entrepreneurs and businessmen.

3.Trademark Registration

A trademark would comprise of any intellectual property (symbols, words or sounds) which are used to represent the company or its product or service. A trademark registration is quite a lengthy process therefore; a company should meet with a trademark consultant as soon as the company is incorporated.

4.Shareholder Meetings and Disclosure of Interests

In the annual general meeting, the heads of the company have to disclose what will be their goals to achieve in the specified time. These goals should be shared with every shareholder of the company.

5.Creating a Website

In the current times, if a company is not at par with the technological advancements, it would be very difficult for the business to make a foothold in the market. Creating a website is a very essential step as it would increase the reach of the business and let the potential clients and customers know about our company.

6.Making an Official Letterhead and Seal

As now the company is officially a legal entity, it would be needed that the entity stands out from the others. This would require you to have a letterhead of the company which will consist of important details such as the name of the company, Telephone Number, Email ID, CRN number, Etc.

7.Making a Budget

After doing all the functions, you will need to review all the funds you have left and according to it, you will have to allocate to the various different developmental activities of the company. This budget would be very important as this would establish how much can you spend for a particular activity.

The above-mentioned steps are very important and are to be done by the owner or the director of the company as soon as the company is setup in Switzerland. This will provide a purpose to the company after its set up and will guide the company towards a better future. If you are looking for a helping hand which will guide you throughout your business journey, then Business Setup Worldwide can help you.

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