A Guide on Home Based Business in the UAE

A Guide on Home Based Business in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is ideal for establishing a business or expanding an existing one. The UAE government fosters the startup culture and home-based businesses to enhance the economy. Like any other type of business, home-related businesses play a significant role in the UAE.

If you are a daughter, wife, or mother passionate about pursuing your ambition, you may start a home-based business without hesitation.

Similarly, home-based businesses are not just for women but also men. Additionally, people who want to work from home might choose a home-based business.

The Scenario of Home-Based Business in the UAE

In the earlier days, people used to undertake several types of home-based businesses to leisure their time and obtain income. However, when the covid 19 hit the world, every organization encountered several challenges. People who had previously worked from an office were allowed to work from home.

Millions of people have started home-based enterprises since the advent of the work-from-home option. As a result, home-based enterprises have grown worldwide in recent years. In the United States and the United Arab Emirates, billions of individuals operated enterprises from their homes to demonstrate the importance of home-based business.

In addition to the flexibility, the UAE business also profited people from the low tax environment and streamlined incorporation procedure.

Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Business

Doing any business might be a startup or expanding business, or home-based business; one should have thorough research on the type of business you choose.

Everyone likes to be their ruler; in that case, ruling your business and succeeding in that might take some time.

So, if you are thinking of starting a home-based business, knowing the benefit is advantageous.

  • Availability of work from home
  • Time flexibility
  • Exempted from paying the office rent
  • Exempted from travel cost

What are the Home-Based Ideas One Should Have?

Do you know what kind of home-based businesses are popular today? Continue reading the blog if you want to learn more and ambition to be a successful businessperson.


During the covid epidemic, one of the finest home-based business possibilities was teaching. You do not need to invest any amount in taking an online class. 

Many free online modes, such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, may be used to take classes. There will be hope to continue the online lesson once the pandemic has been eradicated.

The current generation is more engaged in internet activities, and educating youngsters online may be a lucrative business.

Social Media Influencer 

The second one is the social media influencer. As we all know, most individuals used to spend their free time on various social networking sites. For example, during the covid pandemic, people used social media as a stress reliever to pass the time and get away from a dull day.

Consequently, most individuals, including foodies, homemakers, and children, began making and uploading entertaining connected videos on social media platforms. You can excel on those platforms if you are an expert in cooking, drawing, or producing hilarious memes.

As the number of people who follow you grows, your revenue increases; you may also earn money by promoting other products and businesses.


Freelancing is one of the significant options flourishing in today's current world. You may connect with different clients and market what you have to offer as a freelancer. You can write content or work on photoshop projects, video editing, music editing, and other similar tasks. 

So, if you like to start a freelancing business, you can do that without a doubt. In addition, reading about a freelancing license in Dubai would help you build your business.

Home-Baked Food Items

Are you an expert in cooking? Do you have a passion for cooking?

If yes, then this home-based idea is especially for you.

While starting your career in home-baked food items, it is preferable to initially concentrate on one particular item, cookies, cakes, or bread. However, once you have cemented your identity as a prominent baker, you may also expand to other products.

Additionally, look around your neighborhood and speak with bakeries and eateries about selling the products. Selling over the internet is a realistic option.

Selling Through E-commerce

Entrepreneurs nowadays make a lot of money by owning many e-commerce shops. Depending on your ability to obtain items, you can open either a niche or a general store. Everything sells, from artisan crafts to commercial products. This is a highly successful company to consider if you have the skills to handle product procurement, inventory management, and order management.

If you wish to start an e-commerce business, know about does DED Issue the Ecommerce License?

How to Setup a Home-Based Business in the UAE?

Starting a home-based business, like any other business, has specific prerequisites. As a result, to establish a home-based business in the UAE, one needs to follow the procedures below.

Decide on a Successful Idea

The first step in beginning a home-based business is deciding what type of business you want to start. Of course, there are many other home business ideas out there, and some industries have considerably more home business opportunities than others.

So, how do you pick the best (and most successful) home-based company idea?

  • With this in mind, consider the following while making this critical decision:
  • What skills or abilities do you possess?
  • How might these abilities or talents be turned into a business concept?
  • Is it possible to manage this business from home?

Write a Business Plan

After deciding on a lucrative home business concept, the next step is to prepare a business plan.

Your business schedule should include all of the information you'll need to start a home-based business. Although there are several approaches to drafting a business plan, you should consist of the following in your plan:

  • A high-level overview
  • A summary of your company
  • A market evaluation
  • Describe your product or service in detail
  • A strategy for marketing and sales
  • Financial estimates and a plan

Choose a Business Name

After you've completed your business plan, you'll need to choose an official name for your company. Once you've decided on a name, check whether it's available. Also, check whether you've picked any insulting phrases for your company.

Get a Business License

Once you've completed the necessary registration with the UAE government, obtaining an e-trader license from the respective authority is the next step. Your business licensing requirements as a home-based business may differ from those of other enterprises.

I hope the above details have given you complete knowledge about starting a home-based business. After reading the blog, if you consider starting a business in UAE, business setup services in UAE will assist you.

Our Role

Business Setup Worldwide offers you the most effective and appropriate option for your business setup. Our long presence in the UAE has made us experts in business settings. In addition, our contacts extend outside the UAE to help you start a lucrative business. If you want to know about company incorporation, contact us for more details.


Is it possible to start a business from home in Dubai?

After receiving an e-trader license, home-based enterprises in Dubai can engage in any trading operations.

Who issues the home-based business license in UAE?

Sharjah Department of Economic Development (SADD) issues the home-based business license in UAE.

What exactly is an e-trader license?

E-Trader license permits UAE and GCC citizens residing in Dubai to do business through various social media networks

How can I obtain an e-trade license in the United Arab Emirates?

The process for obtaining an E-trade license in Dubai is straightforward and quick.
Apply for the license on the DED Trader website
Make a DED Trader account, register and complete the payment
Provide adequate information about your social media accounts when registering for the license
Wait for the confirmation

What is the cost of getting an e-trader license in the UAE?

The cost of obtaining an e-trader license in the UAE is around AED 1070.

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