Abu Dhabi plans to Invest AED 500 Million to boost Tourism

If things weren’t booming enough in the Alpha Emirate of the tourism industry, it seems that things could get more adventurous especially for tourism-based companies in Abu Dhabi as the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Abu Dhabi is on the verge of investing AED 500 Million for boosting the tourism industry. The department wants to ensure that the trajectory of Abu Dhabi's visitor count keeps increasing to more significant numbers in the coming years. This enthusiasm and optimism is a residue of the successful run in the year 2018 when Abu Dhabi was ranked as the 3rd most visited location in the world with a record-crushing number of 10.3 Million visitors. The aftermath this massive visitor influx economists bringing out shocking revelations that the tourism growth leads to an annual increase in GDP of 2.7% which expected to continue rising till 2025.

Versatile Tourism Marketing

It seems that Abu Dhabi does not want to settle for bronze and thus the DCT investment aims to dominate the top spot for the global tourism giant. Thus, it fabricates a whole new plan to expand towards aggressive tourism marketing to attract more international tourist to Abu Dhabi. The Department of Culture and Tourism announced that it would be targeting key continental markets such as India and China in Asia, USA and Canada in Northern America and the United Kingdom in the European region. As potential customers lie in these key markets with high- competition; therefore, it becomes a mandate for Abu Dhabi to craft a plan worthy enough of action for implementation if the Emirate wishes to host more number of tourist year by year. The result of which will be continuous infrastructure development, increase in the number of employment opportunities, raise in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), new business opportunities and an ever-lasting festive mood across the beautiful Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Currently, the DCT has been devising various PR campaigns and professional digital outreach methods to connect with numerous partners through online platforms to reach a wider audience across the globe. Some traditional marketing methods that the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi adopts is as follows; localized parades in highly populated regions of target markets to create a trend thereby creating a chain of busting activity in and around Abu Dhabi region. Various industry specialists have gone on record to state that generating connectivity with the audiences of different nations through these conventional tactics genuinely motivates the viewers into experiencing the unique culture that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

A Coalesced Economy

Coalition in itself is a term that refers to the amalgamation and functional of multiple elements in a combined mixture. This is the current situation of Abu Dhabi’s economy at the core of innovation. The government’s decision to boost tourism through public outreach simplifies the job for travel companies to make arrangements for the tourists that will be travelling to different locations in turn creating the necessity to arrange for accommodation facilities. Therefore, accommodation service providers such as hospitality companies' are starting to expand. Sharing the joy wagon with them are cultural entertainment partners that want to expose the multi-national guests to the in-house Arabic culture. The result of this industrial teamwork is a booming economy with significant increase in the amount of production, fresh job opportunities, more businesses eyeing the market setting up an overall win-win situation for all involved parties from the tourists to the businesses and the government. Moreover, the talk of the moment for many economists happens to be the speculations of launching six new mega projects including business hubs, tech parks and public, commercial areas in the Abu Dhabi region.

Subsidized Services for Tourists

Now even the government realises that vacation planners who prefer to visit new countries have only one regret at the back of their heads and that is the incremental outflow of money from their initially planned budget. In this case, even though one may enjoy the vacation, they may consider neglecting a detour. In order to solve this specific problem, the government plans to reduce the prices for many of its tourist-related services such as municipality hotel accommodation rates, tourism fees and extended visit fees. The prices for these services are expected to be reduced between 6 to 3.5 per cent for tourist fee and a total of 33 per cent discount on Municipality hotels on per nightly basis. These price cut-offs also claim to benefit larger businesses by influencing their sales through government collaborative ventures. Moreover, like any other market, first movers are always gifted with the first advantage.

Whether Abu Dhabi's market-shaking decision to make a juggernaut investment is beneficial to the economy or not, well that is still a standing question. However, the indisputable fact of the matter is the robust tourism market and brand name of the Alpha Emirate will definitely benefit large and small businesses that wish to set up their business. If you are a future business tycoon and want more assistance and analysis on the Emirati market, do Contact us and allow us to simplify your journey to glory.

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