All You Need to know about an Offshore Trust

Wealth generation is a continuous process that every individual looks forward to, but do you know that utilization and investment of the available wealth is an art that can fetch you higher returns.

For most business owners, tax payment turns out to be a significant concern, and thus they love to proceed for offshore destinations as they stand as tax-haven.

One of the finest choices that most investors prefer to proceed with is investing in offshore tools. A trust company is one such vehicle that grabs the attention of the international market players.

This treatise will feed you with the necessary information that you would require to understand the concept of a trust company and proceed forward.

Offshore Asset Protection Trust

Many business experts suggest that offshore trust is a great vehicle that offers the most vital asset protection in the history of offshore.

The structure of an offshore trust is very similar to that of a traditional trust organization, which involves: Settlor, Trustees and Beneficiary.

A Settlor is an individual who builds trust offshore. He is an individual who owns assets through an offshore trust they wish to protect.

A Trustee is the second party and is usually a legal entity. For the Settlor, this entity is the one that holds and manages the property in the offshore trust.

The Beneficiaries are individuals to benefit from the trust on the offshore.

Offshore trusts are generally established to transfer the assets to trustees to benefit a person, class or individual.

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Today, there are different types of offshore trusts that a business investor can opt for, which holds the following:

  • Revocable Trust: where the Settlor may alter or terminate at any time or after a specific date
  • Irrevocable Trust: where the Settlor cannot change or discontinue at anytime
  • Interest in Possession: where the beneficiaries receive income and capital from the offshore trust
  • Accumulation and Maintenance: where the beneficiaries stand minor at the initial stage

Who Needs An Offshore Trust?

Well, before we get into the other segments of an offshore trust, let's have a look at the categories of individuals who opt for the same, which involves:

  • Someone looking for a non-resident trust
  • Individuals looking to protect their wealth and asset
  • To open an offshore bank account
  • Dealing into immovable land holdings

Uses of An Offshore Asset Trust

Setting up an offshore trust can be used for the following uses:

  • To operate as a mutual fund
  • To operate as a trust unit
  • Used in the capital market for trade finance
  • Also used as non-governmental bodies

Apart from the uses stated above, one of the primary tasks to incorporate an offshore trust is Financial Management.

Best Offshore Trust Jurisdiction

Investing in offshore destinations has been one of the intelligent decisions that any investor can make to gather most of the returns made.

The main qualities to look for while selecting an offshore jurisdiction are:

  • Common-law
  • Tax and litigation law
  • Stability

Some of the best offshore trust jurisdiction involves the following:


The British Virgin Islands




Hong Kong





Incorporating an offshore unit in any of the above destinations will be fruitful for offshore asset protection. But, at the same time, you need to know that opening an offshore bank account is an added advantage to carry out business transactions smoothly.

How to Setup an Offshore Trust Asset Protection Company?

When it comes to offshore trust incorporation, a few points are to be connected accordingly, which involves:

Have a basic idea on the ground-level

Whenever you plan to establish a corporate entity or structure, it is always ideal for entering into a research phase, which will help you understand.

In the first or second level of research, you will get a gist of the essentials and get prepared accordingly.

Approach an expert

The second step is to get in touch with an expert as they are well-versed with the market scenario.

As you stand as a foreigner, you may not have a complete idea of the overall proceedings, and having a helping hand by your side can be a boon for you.

Enter into an in-depth discussion

Make sure to discuss the essential pointers with your guide. It is advisable to make necessary pointers not to miss any of them.

Do share your business idea, financial planning, and understand the basic requirements required to fulfil the needs.

Select the suitable jurisdiction

Next, you need to choose a suitable jurisdiction mentioned in the previous section. Finally, after finalizing your business jurisdiction, you need to check the business requirements and the process to complete the business setup proceedings.

Here's a complete list of the offshore jurisdictions you can choose from.

To complete the paper proceedings

You must complete the documentation process by submitting the relevant papers to the appropriate authorities to set up an offshore trust company.

  • Client assessment data form
  • Affidavit of solvency
  • Trust information document
  • The Money Laundering Control Act
  • Deed of Indemnity
  • A copy of passport or license certified by Notary Public
  • Orginal address proof
  • Bank reference letter

Open an offshore bank account

You need to open an offshore bank account to carry out the business transactions in the final step. To know more, here's a guide on Open Your Offshore Bank Account Online.

Finally, an offshore trust account is one of the safest investment vehicles you can count on to heighten your profits.

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1. Is offshore trust a safe option?

Incorporating an offshore trust is one of the safest means to protect the available assets and wealth

2. Do I need to pay tax on the money gained by an offshore trust?

Trust beneficiaries must pay tax on the income gained by an offshore trust. However, the same doesn't get implied on the returned principal.

3. What are the different types of assets held by an offshore trust?

An offshore trust company can hold moveable assets such as bank deposits, marketable securities, business stocks, LLPs and LLCs

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