All You Want to Know About Opening an Account at an Offshore Brokerage

Opening an Account at an Offshore Brokerage

An Offshore account typically refers to an account or investment portfolio from outside the international bank. An offshore account can be used as an investment account that maintains and sells assets, such as a brokerage account or trading account, or as a personal private bank account that only retains assets. Before starting an offshore account it is important to know more about an offshore company and its formation. For more information on what is an offshore company, click here.

What is an Offshore Brokerage Account?

An offshore brokerage account is essentially a bank account that is opened at an offshore bank for investment and stock trading purposes. It is a tool that enables the offshore broker to access your money, which will then trade and produce returns for you. Such an account is called offshore because it is located in a jurisdiction outside your home country, and is often located far away.

Purposes of Offshore Brokerage Account

  • Diversify your investments and holdings of accounts in various institutions.
  • Protects against unscrupulous litigation and prosecutions.
  • Offers tax savings through account establishment in tax neutral jurisdictions.
  • Gives access to off-limits international and regional markets for certain domestic accounts, and
  • Has a liberal regulatory conceptual framework.

Documents Required to Open an Offshore Brokerage Account

  • A copy of your passport
  • Some Identification proof
  • Address proof
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility bills

Factors to be Considered Before Opening an Offshore Brokerage Account

  • Make sure the brokerage company you plan to open your Offshore brokerage accounts has a broker license.
  • Offshore brokerage accounts, just like normal bank accounts, have certain conditions and limits.
  • There are withdrawal limits each day, there are restrictions on the number of withdrawals you may make per day or month and there might even be a minimum requirement for balance.
  • Maintaining an offshore brokerage account costs the brokerage company some money, so it wants to recover those costs through operation on the offshore brokerage account.
  • Opening an offshore account does not mean you have to travel to that particular country. You can open an offshore brokerage account remotely.

Before thinking about the factors to open an offshore brokerage account, we need to be clear about the factors that we need to consider before opening an offshore company. To know more about the factors to be considered before opening an offshore company, click here

How does Brokerage Account Work?

A brokerage account is a facility that allows an investor to buy, sell and retain securities (shares, bonds, or derivatives), funds, and/or currencies deposited with a controlled brokerage that holds the assets on the investor's behalf. It is similar to how your bank stores your money in your name, allowing you to submit and receive money using their "system”. This is usually for hands-on investors who want to make their own investment decisions. Essentially, they allow you to invest in multiple stocks by buying and selling through an online platform, or by giving instructions to a trader via the phone or email. The method by which transactions are executed will vary depending on the provider selected. The reason a lot of people opt for offshore brokerage accounts is that you are more likely to see better returns compared to offshore savings accounts with low interest.

Benefits of Offshore Brokerage Account


You have the choice to invest in companies with brokerage accounts that you personally favor.

Instant Declarations

A big pro with brokerage accounts is that they can download your personal finance account. Your information is consolidated and is understandable easily.

Higher Returns

While there is a much greater risk involved, you are more likely to see a better return compared to offshore savings accounts with low-interest rates.

There are several advantages of starting an offshore company

How to Open an Offshore Brokerage Account?

To open an offshore brokerage account, you will have to fill out an application form and include some supporting documentation. Such records may be a notarized copy of your passport, any identity evidence, address evidence, bank statements, utility bills, etc. To order to ensure the validity of the documents that you send, you may be asked to provide notarized copies. In certain instances, you may even be asked to get an apostilles stamp, which is an internationally accepted certification mark. These additional requirements are primarily for the prevention of crimes such as money laundering and tax fraud. Next, you'll need to choose the currency to hold funds in your new offshore brokerage account. Do this carefully, because the account 's currency would have implications when you withdraw money and how you will get taxed in your home country.

Currency volatility is also a factor since if the exchange rates go against you, you may lose out on returns. Then, you'll be asked to deposit some money into the newly opened account. Different brokerages/banks may have specific minimum balance requirements that need to be held on the account for offshore brokerage. The money can be electronically transferred through wire transfer. Such wire transfers can require other fees so search for the lowest rates. In most cases, check-deposits are not possible.

Final Insight

You may use the brokerage accounts to hold cash and precious metals. In addition to the core basic features, some offshore brokerage accounts may also provide additional features such as the use of credit cards, wire transfers, and checkbooks. When you use checks provided by an offshore bank account, however, the account's confidentiality can be breached. Offshore brokerage accounts can also issue a debit card you can use to withdraw from the account. Opening an offshore account doesn't mean traveling to that specific country. You can remotely open an Offshore brokerage account. The account may also be opened in the name of an offshore company. In case you hold any query, do contact us, we will be glad to assist you.