An Overview of Bahrain's Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Gulf nations are notable for their advancement and improvement. Bahrain, being one of them, has set its norm of progress on a worldwide level. It is continually one of the top 10 most visited areas in the Middle East.

With the recently presented eco-accommodating submerged amusement park Bahrain has made a massive stride towards the world of the travel industry. Bahrain is known for being vacationer agreeable with its liberal culture, cordiality and adaptable religious milieu for guests. However, the island state has confronted some trying financial and political occasions.

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Tourism Industry in Bahrain

The travel industry assumes a noticeable part in adding to the economy of a country. Bahrain, the travel industry, is available to an assortment of encounters on the planet. It's the place where there are noteworthy, religious, archaeological sculptures, logical and current creations with the conservation of creativity and local embodiment.

Albeit the occupant populace of the nation is just 1.5-1.6 million individuals, the complete number of sightseers who visited Bahrain was 11.5 million every 2017 and assessed to arrive at 15 million by 2020. Specialists have assessed that continuously 2019, the travel industry area is to contribute 7-8% to the absolute GDP.

These are five basic things that give an idea on the primary level of what Bahrain tourism is all about.

  • The kingdom of Bahrain witnessed many daily travellers who visited the country for a single day from different parts of Saudi Arabia. Hence, there are chances that these visits can turn into a longer stay with the purpose of visiting many tourist attractions sites nearby.
  • Experts have estimated that revenue from the tourism market in Bahrain will rise to 1billion US dollars by the year 2021.
  • Bahrain has 2 UNESCO world heritage sites; Qal'at Al Bahrain, also known as the Bahrain Fort, is famous for its antiques found in various excavations and Bahrain Pearling Trail, a historical UNESCO site dating back to 2000 BC, has a 3.5 km long pathway. It is situated on Al Muharraq Island. Archaeologists claim that pearl divers used the coastline pathway in the ancient era of Bahrain history.
  • The BTEA (Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority) is aiming towards creating an eco-friendly atmosphere for the visitors by implementing sustainable development principles and at the same time not compromising the original essence of its nativity, cultural & religious factors as well.

Hospitality Industry in Bahrain

Bahrain is the smallest country among the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), is home to 33 natural islands. The tourism industry of Bahrain attracted millions of tourists in 2017, but its hospitality industry experienced a slow performance; occupancy rates decreased by 1.1%, and room rates dropped by 8.5% as the revenues in the hotels took a hit the same year.

But BTEA took some effective and serious measures in the business sector of the hospitality and tourism industry by implementing flexible and durable regulations. As a result, surprisingly high development and progress were recorded in the middle of 2018, and its consistency is maintained until now.

Bahrain's hospitality industry is a growing opportunity for investment in the field of hotel management because of the healthy boost in revenue, and the tourism of Bahrain is at its peak.

The hospitality industry in Bahrain is made of different factors. A few of them are mentioned below, explaining how the industry works.

  • Bahrain hospitality industry is investment friendly because there is an ease in doing business in Bahrain. Bahrain is open to all standards of hotels and resorts, including three to five-star ones with high demand.
  • There is a continuous demand for three-star hotels and serviced apartments as the choice for accommodation in larger families or a group of visitors. But the kingdom of Bahrain has also classified a need of the travellers and tourists with business purposes towards mid-range high-quality such as three-star accommodation choices.
  • If we are talking from the Investment point of view about overall employment opportunities in Bahrain, there are plenty. First, the percentage of unemployment is surprisingly low compared to other parts of the Middle East. It was 4.3% as recorded in 2016. According to some statistics, the percentage of unemployment will drop down to 2.80% by the year 2020.

As the number of tourists who visit Bahrain increased in millions, the congestion on the road became chronic. So to relieve the pressure of hectic local travel of the residents and tourists, the country is all set to render its first Metro with the length of 104km for the smooth movement of domestic transport in 2019, which will be built over four years.

Bahrain is much more than just a country in the Middle East. It is one of the very few locations that cover almost all aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry. Bahrain makes an effort to ensure that all the credible expectations are met in respective fields.

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